Teaching basic lab skills
for research computing

Reading Material


Practical Computing for Biologists Practical Computing for Biologists aims to teach scientists of all types essential computational skills for data analysis. It assumes no pre-requisites other than motivation, features the most useful tools that can benefit researchers almost immediately, and explains how to use these tools together. With a background level of comfort, researchers can then go on to reap even more benefit from Software Carpentry and other educational sites and courses.
Contact: Steve Haddock

Effective Computation in Physics Effective Computation in Physics is a manual of programming and software skills aimed at researchers in the physical sciences and engineering. This field guide to effective scientific computing in Python covers: programming in Python, important Python packages such as NumPy and Pandas, interaction with the command line, software testing, version control, build systems, documentation, publishing using LaTeX, how to manage collaborative software development with GitHub, and even how to license your software.
Contact: Katy Huff, Anthony Scopatz