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Upcoming Workshops

us Rutgers University - Camden
Jul 23 - Jul 24, 2019
Instructors: Heather Ciallella, Liam Sharp, Daniel Russo, Sunil Shende
Helpers: Ruchi Lohia, Linlin Zhao
au James Cook University
Jul 24 - Jul 25, 2019
Instructors: Daniel Baird
au Macquarie University
Jul 24 - Jul 25, 2019
Instructors: Richard Miller, James Tocknell
us University of Arkansas
Jul 24 - Jul 24, 2019
Instructors: Lora Lennertz, James McCartney
Helpers: Michael Gibbs, Joe Paparo, Stephanie Pierce, Nick Salonen, Mary Leverance
us University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Robert M. Bird Library
Jul 29 - Jul 30, 2019
Instructors: Claire Curry, Jim Ferguson, Dawn Nekorchuk
Helpers: Mahbobeh Lesan, Amanda Schilling, Rebecca Silver
au Griffith University
Aug 6 - Aug 8, 2019
Instructors: Amanda Miotto
fi Los Alamos National Laboratory
Aug 8 - Aug 13, 2019
Instructors: Andy Fraser, Cameron Bates, Austin McCartney
Helpers: Stephen Andrews, Chris Malone
us New Mexico State University
Aug 13 - Aug 14, 2019
Instructors: Shelley Knuth, Diana Dugas
nz VUW Kelburn Campus
Aug 19 - Aug 20, 2019
Instructors: Andre Geldenhuis, Wes Harrell
Helpers: Matt Plummer
us Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Aug 19 - Aug 23, 2019
Instructors: Daniel Guest, Henry Schreiber, Samuel Meehan, Dan Guest, Matthew Feickert, Giordon Stark, Lukas Heinrich, Nils Krumnack, Henry Schreiner, Karol Krizka, Adam Parker, Kunal Marwaha, Kelly Rowland
Helpers: Shih Chieh Hsu, Zachary Marshall
us Buttrick Hall 102
Aug 19 - Aug 20, 2019
Instructors: Eric Appelt, Meredith Broadway, Lindsey Fox, Elisabeth Shook
Helpers: Jamen McGranahan, Jesse Spencer-Smith
us Old Dominion University
Aug 21 - Aug 22, 2019
Instructors: Wirawan Purwanto, Terry Stilwell, Dan Barshis, Sophie Clayton
gb University of Edinburgh
Sep 4 - Sep 5, 2019
Instructors: David McKain
au University of Southern Queensland
Oct 2 - Oct 3, 2019
Instructors: Francis Gacenga, Richard Young
au Griffith University
Oct 16 - Oct 17, 2019
Instructors: Amanda Miotto
de Computing Skills For Reproducible Research: Software Carpentry - EMBL, Heidelberg
Oct 16 - Oct 18, 2019
Instructors: Malvika Sharan, Toby Hodges, Thomas Schwarzl, Mike Smith, Holger Dinkel, Frank Thommen
Helpers: Thea Van Rossum, Georg Zeller
au Griffith University
Nov 20 - Nov 22, 2019
Instructors: Amanda Miotto
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