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ca globe image ACENET: Programming Workshop: Unix Shell, Version Control and Python
Instructors: Ross Dickson, Oliver Stueker, Mathew Larade
Helpers: Grace Fishbein
Sep 21 - Sep 30, 2020
au globe image Macquarie University
Instructors: Richard Miller, Belinda Fabian, Evan Matthews
Helpers: Paula Andrea Martinez, Vince Polito, Sara King, Hume Winzar, Lucie Semenec, Jon Mifsud, Ly Tong, Alex Southern, Maria Korochkina, Natalie Wall
Sep 21 - Sep 25, 2020
us globe image Flatiron Institute (online)
Instructors: Melissa Fabros, Rohit Goswami, Elnaz Amanzadeh Jajin, Yuanxi Fu
Sep 24 - Sep 25, 2020
gb globe image University College London
Instructors: David Perez-Suarez, Thomas Dowrick, Matthew Gillman, Timothy Spain
Helpers: Tuomas Koskela, Aasiyah Rashan, Alessandro Felder, Nisha Lad
Sep 30 - Oct 2, 2020
us globe image NOAA
Instructors: Thomas Guignard, Hamid Mokhtarzadeh, David Yakobovitch, Annajiat Alim Rasel
Oct 5 - Oct 8, 2020
us globe image University of Washington (online)
Instructors: Bryna Hazelton, Chad Curtis, Jacob Deppen, Noah Benson
Helpers: Emilia Gan, Bernease Herman, Rob Fatland, Noah Benson
Oct 5 - Oct 8, 2020
nl globe image October 2020 SWC Workshop @TU Delft (online)
Instructors: Heather Andrews, Nicolas Dintzner
Helpers: Kees den Heijer, Santosh Ilamparuthi, Yan Wang, Masha Rudneva, Lora Armstrong
Oct 7 - Oct 14, 2020
de globe image Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Instructors: Peter Steinbach, Fredo Erxleben
Helpers: Christian Hüser
Oct 7 - Oct 8, 2020
us globe image
Instructors: Alice Harpole, Michael Zingale, Marijane White, Elnaz Amanzadeh Jajin
Oct 10 - Oct 11, 2020
us globe image Carpentries @ MIT: Intro to UnixShell/Python/Git (online)
Instructors: Ye Li, Ece Turnator, Madeline Wrable, Daniel Sheehan, Christine Malinowski
Helpers: Ye Li, Madeline Wrable, Daniel Sheehan, Christine Malinowski, Phoebe Ayers
Oct 13 - Oct 16, 2020
au globe image Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation
Instructors: Jason Bell, Stéphane Guillou, Dag Evensberget
Helpers: Masami Yamaguchi, Toan Phung, Mathew Fletcher
Oct 26 - Nov 3, 2020
gb globe image Software Sustainability Institute (online)
Instructors: Antonia Mey
Helpers: Aleksandra Nenadic
Nov 10 - Nov 11, 2020

** Workshops marked with asterisks are based on curriculum from The Carpentries lesson programs but may not follow our standard workshop format.

globe image Workshops with a globe icon are being held on line. The corresponding flag notes the country where the host organization is based.

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