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Help Wanted

Burma 2015

Software Carpentry is an open project. Like all such projects, it needs your help to grow:

  • Our core lessons have outstanding issues; contributions are very welcome. Please note that if you're proposing an addition of content, we'd be grateful if you could suggest something to take out to make room.

  • You can also help improve the styles we use to style our lessons and build templates for lessons and workshops. Both include validation tools to check conformance, and improvements to those are always useful.

  • We maintain a web-based tool called AMY for managing workshops.

  • We'd like to support translations into other languages. Lots of open source projects have wrestled with this issue before; what we need is someone with lots of personal experience to guide us.

  • We need more material on quality assurance for the average scientific coder. We now have one that talks about testing and continuous integration, but we would like at least half a dozen examples like Ian Hawke's. This is a big job—it will take many days of writing and revising, spread out over weeks—but would immediately help thousands of scientists.

  • ipythonblocks and skimage.novice will let us adopt a media-first approach to teaching programming in Python. Enhancements to either of these are very welcome.

  • Several of our team are experimenting with a pure HTML replacement for screencasts called Browsercast. We are already using it in some of our slideshows, but we think it has much wider application.

  • A follow on from nbdiff, nbdime is a tool for diff and merging of Jupyter Notebooks.

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