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Community Service Awards

The Software Carpentry Foundation relies on volunteer efforts to achieve many of its goals. Its Community Service Award are a way for its Steering Committee to recognize work which, in its opinion, significantly improves the Foundation’s fulfillment of its mission and benefits the broader community. The intention of these awards is to demonstrate that service to our community does lead to recognition and reward, rather than to provide a direct incentive to contributors.

Recognition will take the form of an award certificate plus a public announcement. The outgoing Steering Committee will normally make up to two awards during the last three months of its term, although in exceptional circumstances the Steering Committee may choose to make awards at other times, or to make more than two awards in a single year.

Any SCF member is entitled to propose an award at any time, stating the reasons for which the award is merited. Recipients need not be SCF members (though receiving an award may be an indication that consideration for membership is appropriate). While a single individual will normally not receive multiple awards, this may occasionally be done to acknowledge ongoing contributions.

Awards will be considered in the order in which they are received. In the event that more than one award is proposed in a given period the Steering Committee may elect to hold over a proposal.

Proposals should be made confidentially to the Board by sending email to nominations@software-carpentry.org. The nomination must include:

  • the name of the person being nominated
  • a short explanation of what they have contributed and how it has helped the community (no more than 200 words)
  • where appropriate, a small set of links to specific examples of their contributions (e.g., links to mailing list discussions, pull requests, or workshops)

The minutes of award considerations will not name the individuals concerned unless an award is made. The Steering Committee will contact proposers to keep them informed of the status of their proposals (such as when the proposal will receive consideration).

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