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swc logo us globe image UC Santa Cruz (online)
Instructors: Jeffrey Weekley Weekley, Phredd Groves, Rion Parsons, William Walker, Xiao Li
Helpers: Stephanie Nielsen, Alejandra Sicairos
Feb 23 - Mar 1, 2024
swc logo us University of Miami
Instructors: Cameron Riopelle, Erica Newcome, Francisco Cardozo
Helpers: Charles Brown-Roberts, Catalina Canizares Escobar, Timothy Norris, Michele Serita Mayne
Feb 28 - Mar 29, 2024
swc logo mx globe image LNATCG UNAM (online)
Instructors: Alejandro Sanchez, Jérôme Verleyen, Karel Estrada, Karla Leslie Matias Valdez, Veronica Jimenez-Jacinto
Helpers: Karina Verdel-Aranda, Gabriel Alarcon, SONIA DAVILA, Mayra del C Fragoso Medina
Feb 29 - Mar 1, 2024
swc logo us University of Georgia
Instructors: Natalie Cohen
Helpers: Lucy Quirk
Mar 4 - Mar 5, 2024
swc logo us University of Pennsylvania
Instructors: Hao Ye
Mar 7 - Mar 8, 2024
swc logo de globe image Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy
Instructors: Daniel Morillo Cuadrado, Jia Qi Beh, Shashank Shekhar Harivyasi, Paul Czechowski
Mar 11 - Mar 12, 2024
swc logo us University of Vermont
Instructors: Emily Curd, Zebulun Arendsee
Mar 14 - Mar 15, 2024
swc logo de Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology
Instructors: Carsten Fortmann-Grote, Nikoleta Glynatsi
Helpers: Beate Gericke, Octavio Reyes-Matte
Mar 18 - Mar 26, 2024
swc logo gb King George VI Building, Service Cluster - LAWN.PC 2.33
Instructors: Jannetta Steyn, Dave Horsfall
Helpers: Ruxandra Neatu
Mar 19 - Mar 19, 2024
swc logo de University of Stuttgart, Germany
Instructors: Matthias Braun, Ioannis Iglezakis, Björn Schembera
Helpers: Dorothea Iglezakis, Michael Stegmüller
Mar 19 - Mar 22, 2024
swc logo us University of Chicago
Instructors: Vivaswat Shastry
Helpers: Katya Della Libera, Saideep Gona, Temi Adeluwa, Xinyi Li
Mar 22 - Mar 22, 2024
swc logo gb Computing Cluster 2.40, 2nd Floor Barbara Strang Teaching Centre
Instructors: Jannetta Steyn, Rebecca Osselton
Helpers: Ruxandra Neatu
Apr 23 - Apr 23, 2024
swc logo gb Henry Daysh Building 6.19 PGR Learning Lab
Instructors: Jannetta Steyn, Imre Draskovits
Helpers: Ruxandra Neatu
May 21 - May 21, 2024

** Workshops marked with asterisks are based on curriculum from The Carpentries lesson programs but may not follow our standard workshop format.

globe image Workshops with a globe icon are being held online. The corresponding flag notes the country where the host organization is based.

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