Teaching basic lab skills
for research computing

Our Workshops

A Software Carpentry workshop is a hands-on training that covers the core skills needed to be productive in a small research team. Short tutorials alternate with practical exercises, and all instruction is done via live coding. All workshop participants are required to abide by our code of conduct to ensure that all attendees to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

To help us improve our instruction, we have prepared a pre-assessment questionnaire for learners that can be used to ensure instruction is at the right level, a post-assessment questionnaire for learners to help us determine how well the workshop went, and a second post-assessment questionnaire for instructors for calibration. Please contact us if you are organizing a workshop for help delivering and evaluating these questionnaires.

Future Workshops

For more information about any workshop below, please contact the person listed on that workshop's webpage. For all general inquiries please email us.

Past Workshops

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swc logo us Michigan Technological University
Instructors: David Yakobovitch, Zebulun Arendsee
Dec 11 - Dec 12, 2023
swc logo us Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Instructors: Phoebe Ayers, Ye Li, Paxton LaJoie, Alejandro Paz, Daniel Sheehan, Mark Szarko, Ece Turnator, Barbara Williams
Jan 23 - Jan 26, 2024
swc logo gb Computing Cluster 2.40, 2nd Floor Barbara Strang Teaching Centre
Instructors: Jannetta Steyn, Fatih Cigirci
Helpers: Ruxandra Neatu
Jan 30 - Jan 30, 2024
swc logo us University of Georgia
Instructors: Natalie Cohen
Helpers: Lucy Quirk
Mar 4 - Mar 5, 2024
swc logo gb King George VI Building, Service Cluster - LAWN.PC 2.33
Instructors: Jannetta Steyn, Dave Horsfall
Helpers: Ruxandra Neatu
Mar 19 - Mar 19, 2024
swc logo gb Computing Cluster 2.40, 2nd Floor Barbara Strang Teaching Centre
Instructors: Jannetta Steyn, Rebecca Osselton
Helpers: Ruxandra Neatu
Apr 23 - Apr 23, 2024
swc logo gb Henry Daysh Building 6.19 PGR Learning Lab
Instructors: Jannetta Steyn, Imre Draskovits
Helpers: Ruxandra Neatu
May 21 - May 21, 2024

** Workshops marked with asterisks are based on curriculum from The Carpentries lesson programs but may not follow our standard workshop format.

globe image Workshops with a globe icon are being held online. The corresponding flag notes the country where the host organization is based.

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