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Capetown Workshop 2014

The Software Carpentry Foundation oversees all aspects of Software Carpentry's operations. It has four components:

  • The Membership includes every instructor who has taught at least twice in the past two calendar years, anyone who has done 30 days or more work for the SCF in the past calendar year, and anyone who has, in the opinion of the Steering Committee, made a significant contribution in the past year. Members elect the Steering Committee, and may also seek election to it.

  • The Steering Committee makes all significant strategic and financial decisions for the Foundation. Its members are elected annually from and by the membership.

  • The Advisory Council includes representatives of organizations that support the Software Carpentry Foundation's mission. The Steering Committee must consult with it when making significant strategic, contractual, or financial decisions. Partner organizations in Silver, Gold or Platinum tiers may appoint a representative, and the Steering Committee may co-opt additional persons to the Advisory Council from the wider community.

  • The Executive Director is appointed by, and answers to, the Steering Committee. He or she is a paid employee of the Foundation, and is responsible for overseeing its day-to-day operations.

The SCF also employs a Program Coordinator to match instructors to workshops, handle requests for instructor training, and so on. For more information on the SCF, please see this GitHub repository.


Executive Director

Jonah Duckles is the Executive Director of the Software Carpentry Foundation. He has had various career trajectories including, long-term strategic planning, landscape ecology research, monitoring of global agricultural production and collaborating on the computational workflows of scientists. Now he helps scientists to more effective in their data-driven analysis by spreading the practices of Software Carpentry to organizations around the world.
Executive Director

Program Coordinator

Maneesha Sane has a background in education and nonprofit management. She has taught and managed school- and community-based educational programs for all ages in domains including cultural studies, literacy, and art. Maneesha is a self-taught programmer, skilled in Python, SQL, and VBA, among other technologies. She is the organizer of the Philadelphia Python Users Group and has taught several Python boot camps in Philadelphia, and is the Program Coordinator for Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry.

Emeritus Executive Director

Greg Wilson co-founded the Software Carpentry project in 1998. He has been a professional software developer, an author, and a university professor. Greg received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh in 1993.
Director of Instructor Training
Instructor Trainer
Maintainer: Instructor Training

Steering Committee (2016)

Belinda Weaver works for the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation, which provides eResearch infrastructure, including cloud resources, to Queensland universities. Based at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, she leads a team of nine eResearch Analysts statewide. Belinda tweets as @cloudaus.
Steering Committee (2016 Member)
Instructor Trainer

Rayna Harris is a graduate student at the University of Texas in Austin. She studies the neuromolecular basis of social behavior and is involved in several initiatives to enhance training in the life sciences.
Instructor Trainer
Steering Committee (2016 Member)

Karin Lagesen has a PhD in bioinformatics and has since focused on the processing of high throughput sequencing data in various forms. With a background in both computational science and molecular biology, she has taught programming and computational analysis to both master and PhD students and believes that this should be an integral part of any biologist's toolbox.
Instructor Trainer
Steering Committee (2016 Vice-Chair, 2015 Secretary)

Jason Williams Jason is Assistant Director, External Collaborations at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s DNA Learning Center (www.dnalc.org) and is the Education, Outreach, and Training lead for CyVerse. Jason organizes, instructs, and speaks at more than dozen bioinformatics workshops annually. In addition to Cold Spring Harbor, Jason is faculty at Yeshiva University in New York, where he created and instructs a research program for their Girl's High School. Jason also serves on committees and boards for several projects that advance science and science.
Steering Committee (2016 Chair, 2015 Member)

Bill Mills is a freelance scientific software developer and open science advocate, currently at TRIUMF, Canada's national lab for nuclear and particle physics. Bill sits on the 2016 Software Carpentry Steering Committee, and has been teaching for SWC since early 2014. He divides his time between Vancouver and New York City.
Steering Committee (Treasurer)

Kate Hertweck is an assistant professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Texas at Tyler. Her general research interests include evolutionary biology, phylogenetics, and comparative genomics, although she is particularly fond of transposable elements, plant systematics, and next-generation sequencing analysis. She is an alumna of Western Kentucky University (B.S), University of Missouri (Ph.D.), and NESCent/Duke University (postdoctoral fellow).
Steering Committee (2016 Member)

Raniere Silva has a BSc (Applied Mathematics) from the University of Campinas. He works for the Software Sustainable Institute and the University of Manchester trying to create a community around "Better Software, Better Research".
Steering Committee (2016 Secretary, 2015 Member)
Maintainer: tools

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A summary of all Steering Committee resolutions can be found here.

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