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A Member Organization is an organization that has made a commitment to the growth and spread of Software Carpentry & Data Carpentry. Members receive priority access to instructor training and guidance with capacity building at their organization. With local instructors, Members can readily run low-cost local workshops as needed. Community developed lessons enable our instructors to globally share the effort for developing impactful lessons on technical topics. Memberships provide a sustainable revenue stream for The Carpentries to ensure the ongoing development and maintenance of lessons demanded by research communities. We work to give your local instructors support, mentorship and a forum for community lesson development.

Membership Tiers

We offer several levels of Memberships, based on training activities expected annually. Fees listed below are for not-for-profit organizations. We also provide these and Platinum Memberships for for-profit organizations. Please contact us for more information.

  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
# of Coordinated Workshops 2 4 6 negotiable
Discount for additional
coordinated workshops
20% 33% 50% negotiable
Self-organized workshops
at partner organization **
no-charge no-charge no-charge no-charge
Number of instructors
trained ***
0 6 online 15 with possibility
for in-person^
training event
Seat on the
SCF Advisory Board
No Yes Yes Yes
Train an in-house instructor
trainer at partner org
No No No Available
Lesson development
No No No Available
Membership Dues (annual) $5,000 $7,500 $15,000 Contact us


* For Coordinated workshops, we will find instructors for the workshop, set up and handle registration, support instructor logistics and coordinate and share assessment results with the member organization. A designated contact approves coordinated workshop requests for that organization. Instructor travel expenses are the responsibility of the member and are not covered in membership fees.

** For Self-organized workshops the organization is responsible for finding local instructors and handling the logistics of the workshop coordination, including registration and registering the workshop with Software and Data Carpentry. As long at least one instructor is certified and the Software or Data Carpentry content is taught, it can be labeled a Carpentry workshop.

*** Any instructor training includes the instructor mentorship and support of the instructors through the instructor development program.

^ in-person instructor trainings require an available trainer and travel funds to support instructor trainer(s) travel.

We are always interested in new members, and in participating in grants and other proposals. To reach us, or to find out more, please send us email

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