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Previous Material

Version 5

Previous releases of the current materials are listed below.

Lesson Version 2015.08
(August 2015)
Version 2016.06
(June 2016)
Version 2017.02
(February 2017)
Version 2017.08
(August 2017)
The Unix Shell
Version Control with Git
Version Control with Mercurial
Using Databases and SQL
Programming with Python
Programming with R

Version 4

This material was created in 2010-11, and is no longer being maintained. You can view its source on GitHub.

Using Subversion The Unix Shell Programming in Python Testing
Sets and Dictionaries Regular Expressions Databases Using Access
Data Management Object-Oriented Programming Program Design Make
Systems Programming Spreadsheets Matrix Programming with NumPy MATLAB
Multimedia Programming Software Engineering Essays

The Version 3 lessons (circa 2007) are also available on GitHub.

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