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A Software Carpentry workshop is taught by at least one trained and badged instructor. Over two days, instructors teach our three core topics: the Unix shell, version control with Git, and a programming language (Python or R). Curricula for these lessons in English and Spanish (select lessons only) are below.

You may also enjoy Data Carpentry's lessons (which focus on data organization, cleanup, analysis, and visualization) and Library Carpentry's lessons (which apply concepts of software development and data science to library contexts).

Please contact us with any general questions.


Our lessons are developed collaboratively on GitHub. You can check the status of each lesson on our dashboard, or look at older releases. Our Curriculum Advisors are part of a team that provides the oversight, vision, and leadership towards lesson development.


All of our lessons are freely available under the Creative Commons - Attribution License. You may re-use and re-mix the material in any way you wish, without asking permission, provided you cite us as the original source (e.g., provide a link back to this website).


If you have questions about contributing to our lessons, visit each lesson's GitHub repo to submit an issue or to get the link to join that lesson's Maintainers' discussion on Slack. For general information on how to contribute to our lessons, see our contributors guide. To learn more about how our lessons are structured, and why, please see the example lesson.

Our Core Lessons in English

Lesson Site Repository Reference Instructor Notes Maintainer(s)
The Unix Shell Gabriel Devenyi, Colin Morris, Will Pitchers, Gerard Capes
Version Control with Git Ivan Gonzalez, Daisie Huang, Nima Hejazi, Katherine Koziar, Madicken Munk
Programming with Python Trevor Bekolay, Valentina Staneva, Anne Fouilloux, Maxim Belkin, Lauren Ko, Mike Trizna
Plotting and Programming in Python Nathan Moore, Allen Lee, Sourav Singh, Olav Vahtras
Programming with R Katrin Leinweber, Diya Das, Rohit Goswami
R for Reproducible Scientific Analysis Thomas Wright, Naupaka Zimmerman, Jeffrey Oliver, David Mawdsley

The lesson template (used to build each lesson page) and the workshop template (used to build each scheduled workshop's website) are available on GitHub.

Our Core Lessons in Spanish

Lesson Site Repository Reference Instructor Notes Maintainer(s)
La Terminal de Unix Ivan Gonzalez, Clara Llebot, Verónica Jiménez, Silvana Pereyra, Heladia Salgado
Control de versiones con Git Ivan Gonzalez, Rayna Harris, Clara Llebot
R para Análisis Científicos Reproducibles Rayna Harris, Verónica Jiménez, Silvana Pereyra, Heladia Salgado

The lesson template and the workshop template are available in Spanish. If you are interested in getting involved with our Spanish lessons contact us.

La la plantilla de lección y la plantilla de taller están disponibles en español. Si está interesado en participar en nuestra lección de español contáctenos.

Additional Lessons

These lessons are not part of Software Carpentry core lessons but can be offered as supplementary lessons. Please contact us for more information.

Lesson Site Repository Reference Instructor Notes Maintainer(s)
Automation and Make Gerard Capes
Programming with MATLAB Gerard Capes
Using Databases and SQL Rémi Rampin, Henry Senyondo, Jane Wyngaard

Community Developed Lessons

The Carpentries also shares The Carpentries Community Developed Lessons. This includes The Carpentries Incubator (lessons under development and seeking peer review), and The CarpentriesLab (lessons that have been vetted by The Carpentries but are not part of our standard offerings).

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