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Admin Checklist

Admin is the staff at Software Carpentry's (virtual) headquarters who support workshop hosts by finding instructors, setting up registration and assessment, and other tasks.


Before the workshop host has committed to holding a workshop, Software Carpentry admin helps them decide when and where the workshop should be, advises on likely cost, and provides other guidance.

Initial Setup

  • Find instructors. This should be done before the workshop is publicly announced.

  • Ask the lead instructor to create a GitHub web page for the workshop and email its URL to team@carpentries.org.

  • Add the URL for that GitHub Pages website to AMY.

  • Set up an Eventbrite event if required.

  • Add the host administrator permission for the Eventbrite event.

  • Add the Eventbrite event ID to the internal database.

  • Announce the workshop on the Software Carpentry Twitter feed and the discussion list.

  • Discuss the hosting institution's intent and ability to make a contribution to support Software Carpentry development.

  • Confirm that funding is available for instructors' travel expenses.

Before the Workshop

A Week Before

  • Check in with the instructors and hosts to be sure they are ready for the workshop.

  • If there are cancellations, offer tickets to people on the waiting list.


  • Check with the host and instructors by email on the first day to see how it's going.


  • Make sure the instructors are included in debriefing.

  • Record the names and email addresses of attendees and helpers in our internal database. (If names and email addresses are unavailable, record the number of attendees.)

  • Make sure other details about the workshop (date, location, instructors, helpers, etc.) are recorded correctly in the internal database.

  • Collect post-workshop assessment questionnaire responses.

  • Make sure the instructors have filled in their post-assessment questionnaire.

  • Invite attendees to join our mailing lists.

  • Make sure that instructors, hosts, and helpers are awarded the appropriate badges.

  • If there are any people on the waiting list who didn't get a space at the workshop, add them to a list of people to contact when we run another workshop in the area.

  • Two months after the workshop, remind the host to send out the long-term post-workshop assessment form.

Dialogue & Discussion

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