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May 2018

2018-05-26 Pariksheet Nanda Git lesson using worksheets
2018-05-07 Erin Becker, Belinda Weaver Meet the Members of the Software Carpentry CAC

April 2018

2018-04-25 Tracy Teal, Belinda Weaver Launching The Carpentries Website
2018-04-13 Belinda Weaver, Toby Hodges, Anelda van der Walt Running workshops on limited budgets
2018-04-11 Tracy Teal, Maneesha Sane, Belinda Weaver Launching our New Handbook
2018-04-11 Tracy Teal, John Chodacki, Chris Erdmann Building Library Carpentry Community and Development
2018-04-05 François Michonneau Developing GitHub labels for The Carpentries lessons
2018-04-04 Kari L. Jordan Mentoring Groups Open for Multiple Timezones
2018-04-03 François Michonneau How to be involved in the Bug BBQ?

March 2018

2018-03-23 Belinda Weaver Who Belongs at CarpentryCon 2018? You Do!
2018-03-23 Christina Koch Software Carpentry: Considering the Future
2018-03-20 Marianne Corvellec, Karen Word Webinar with Rochelle Tractenberg: Debrief
2018-03-14 Karen Word, Erin Becker Welcome to New Trainers
2018-03-13 Caroline Ajilogba, Mesfin Diro, Erika Mias, Lactatia Motsuku, Kayleigh Lino, Juan Steyn, Katrin Tirok, Anelda van der Walt Revival of the African Task Force
2018-03-12 Paula Andrea Martinez, Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran Carpentries para Latinoamerica
2018-03-12 Kari L. Jordan Mentoring Groups are Back!
2018-03-12 Paula Andrea Martinez, Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran, Rayna Harris Carpentries for Latin America
2018-03-08 Kari L. Jordan, Tracy Teal, Erin Becker Call for Code of Conduct Committee Volunteers
2018-03-08 François Michonneau, Erin Becker Announcing the first joint Carpentries Bug BBQ
2018-03-06 Martin Dreyer First African Carpentries Instructor Training of 2018.
2018-03-06 Erin Becker, Christina Koch Call for Contributions: Data Carpentry Ecology and Software Carpentry Curriculum Advisory Committees

February 2018

2018-02-28 Raniere Silva Lesson Infrastructure Subcommittee 2018 February meeting
2018-02-28 Belinda Weaver, Fotis Psomopoulos CarpentryCon - Hotel Accommodation Options
2018-02-27 Erin Becker State of the State: Instructor Checkout
2018-02-20 Belinda Weaver Library Carpentry Governance - An Update
2018-02-19 Kari L. Jordan Mentoring Groups Showcase their Accomplishments
2018-02-15 Mark Woodbridge My Favorite Tool - Docker
2018-02-14 Belinda Weaver Valerie Aurora to Keynote at CarpentryCon 2018
2018-02-08 Belinda Weaver Making the Case for CarpentryCon
2018-02-07 Belinda Weaver Unveiling Our New Logo
2018-02-07 Jonah Duckles Carpentry Champions Call

January 2018

2018-01-30 Tracy Teal, Gina Helfrich Carpentries Transition From Fiscally Sponsored Project to NumFOCUS Community Alliance Member
2018-01-24 Belinda Weaver Be our Advocate
2018-01-23 Belinda Weaver Foundations and Funders: Why Should You Sponsor CarpentryCon 2018?
2018-01-18 Belinda Weaver Why Should You Sponsor CarpentryCon 2018?
2018-01-16 Raniere Silva Workshop Template Enhancement Proposal
2018-01-14 Colin Sauze My Favorite Tool - Midnight Commander
2018-01-14 Maneesha Sane How do instructors get placed at workshops?
2018-01-10 Belinda Weaver The Centrality of the Code of Conduct
2018-01-09 Greg Wilson Teaching Statistics in the 21st Century
2018-01-08 Belinda Weaver My Favorite Tool - Twitter
2018-01-08 Belinda Weaver Fourteen and Counting - People's Favorite Tools
2018-01-03 Tania Sanchez A Successful 2nd RSE Conference
2018-01-02 Simon Waldman My Favorite Tool - QGIS


December 2017

2017-12-21 Richard Vankoningsveld My Favorite tool - A Coding Sandbox
2017-12-14 Belinda Weaver Green Stickies for 2017: Report from the Happy Holidays Green Sticky Party Calls
2017-12-13 Christina Koch, Kate Hertweck Our 2017 Community Service Award winner: Anelda van der Walt
2017-12-12 Kate Hertweck Announcing the 2018 Executive Council for the Carpentries
2017-12-11 Karen Word When Do Workshops Work? A Response to the 'Null Effects' paper from Feldon et al.
2017-12-11 Auriel Fournier My Favorite Tool - Todoist
2017-12-11 Belinda Weaver Poster Competition Now Open
2017-12-11 Marianne Corvellec, Kari L. Jordan Challenges Assessing Data Science
2017-12-07 Belinda Weaver CarpentryCon 2018 - Website is Live!
2017-12-05 Belinda Weaver Celebrate the Wins of 2017: Join the year's final community call
2017-12-04 Belinda Weaver Upcoming Membership Webinar
2017-12-04 Raniere Silva Lesson Infrastructure Subcommittee 2017 November meeting
2017-12-03 Jon Calder satRday Cape Town 2018
2017-12-01 Jessica Upani Jessica Upani: Nomination for 2018 Steering Committee

November 2017

2017-11-30 Belinda Weaver OpenCon in Berlin - Impressions
2017-11-30 Jonah Duckles, Belinda Weaver Community Building Catchup
2017-11-29 Belinda Weaver People's Favorite Tools
2017-11-28 Greg Wilson My Favorite Tool - Asking for Help
2017-11-26 Belinda Weaver Our Steering Committee Candidates
2017-11-21 Marian Schmidt, Jamie Hadwin Call for Applicants: Mentoring Subcommittee Co-Chair
2017-11-20 Samantha Ahern Samantha Ahern: Steering Committee Nomination
2017-11-20 Marian Schmidt, Jamie Hadwin Work first-hand on developing our ever growing instructor community
2017-11-20 Amy Hodge Amy Hodge: Nomination for 2018 Steering Committee
2017-11-16 Raniere Silva Raniere Silva: Nomination for 2018 Steering Committee
2017-11-16 Martin Callaghan Martin Callaghan: Nomination for 2018 Steering Committee
2017-11-14 Lex Nederbragt Lex Nederbragt: Nomination for 2018 Steering Committee
2017-11-13 Belinda Weaver Nominating for 2018 Steering Committee
2017-11-13 Rayna Harris My Favourite Tool - Videoconferencing
2017-11-12 Elizabeth Wickes Elizabeth Wickes: Nomination for 2018 Steering Committee
2017-11-09 Nicola Anthony, Katy Morgan, Courtney Miller, Anelda van der Walt CAB-Alliance Bioinformatics Workshop in Franceville, Gabon
2017-11-09 Auriel Fournier Auriel Fournier: Nomination for 2018 Steering Committee
2017-11-09 Juan Steyn Juan Steyn: Nomination for 2018 Steering Committee
2017-11-08 Belinda Weaver Running effective online meetings with Zoom (or Google Hangouts, or ...)
2017-11-07 Clifton Franklund My Favourite Tool - RStudio
2017-11-07 Erin Becker Apply to Become a Carpentry Maintainer
2017-11-06 John Chodacki Skills Training for Librarians: Expanding Library Carpentry
2017-11-06 Bianca Peterson My Favourite Tool - R
2017-11-03 Francesco Montanari My Favorite Tool - Emacs
2017-11-02 Fotis Psomopoulos, Belinda Weaver Pack Your Bags for Dublin!

October 2017

2017-10-30 Juliane Schneider My Favourite Tool: OpenRefine
2017-10-28 Thomas Arildsen My Favourite Tool: Jupyter Notebook
2017-10-27 Kellie Ottoboni My Favourite Tool: IPython
2017-10-25 Jeff Oliver My Favourite Tool: Git/GitHub
2017-10-18 Kari L. Jordan, Tracy Teal, Erin Becker, Karen Word Our long-term assessment results are in!
2017-10-18 Karen Cranston Call for Nominations to Joint Board
2017-10-17 Kate Hertweck, Karen Cranston RFCs and lessons learned
2017-10-16 Paula Andrea Martinez My Favourite Tool: R
2017-10-16 Belinda Weaver Blogging for the Carpentries - We Want to Hear From You
2017-10-12 Erin Becker, Kari L. Jordan, Tracy Teal, Christina Koch Carpentries Mentorship Program - 2.0
2017-10-08 Belinda Weaver All about Membership
2017-10-05 Kari L. Jordan, Belinda Weaver Mentoring is Back! Round Two of the Carpentries Mentoring Program begins October 25th
2017-10-03 Karen Word Trainer Training Announcement
2017-10-03 Christina Koch Maintaining Lessons - Community Perspectives
2017-10-02 Martin Dreyer 1 - 30 September, 2017: Future of the Carpentries, New Staff Members, Community Service Awards, CarpentryCon

September 2017

2017-09-29 Danielle Robinson Toads in Vancouver: using Stencila to teach SQL and R at UBC
2017-09-25 Heladia Salgado, Paula Andrea Martinez, Sue McClatchy Invitación a Participar / Invitation to Participate
2017-09-19 Christina Koch Software Carpentry Lesson Maintenance: Be Part of the Conversation!
2017-09-19 Kate Hertweck Request for Comment: Share your thoughts on the future of The Carpentries
2017-09-19 Tracy Teal, Elizabeth Williams, Karen Word Introducing Elizabeth Williams and Karen Word
2017-09-18 Christina Koch Community Service Awards - 2017 Edition
2017-09-13 Tracy Teal New Staff Member
2017-09-12 Raniere Silva Lesson Infrastructure Subcommittee 2017 September meeting
2017-09-10 Jessica Upani, Gabriel Nhinda Reporting on the Second Software Carpentry Workshop in Namibia
2017-09-10 Anelda van der Walt, Bryan Johnston Software Carpentry Introduces Mauritian HPC Users to Tools for Data Analysis
2017-09-10 Lactatia Motsuku, Glenn Moncrieff, Margereth Gfrerer, Anelda van der Walt The First Ever Data Carpentry in Ethiopia
2017-09-02 Rayna Harris, Tracy Teal Joint future for Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry

August 2017

2017-08-31 Brian Ballsun-Stanton Waxing poetical in a Software Carpentry workshop
2017-08-30 Belinda Weaver All About CarpentryCon
2017-08-24 Kate Hertweck, Rémi Emonet Publishing our lessons, Version 2017.08
2017-08-24 Belinda Weaver Feedback of Champions
2017-08-18 Martin Dreyer 15 July -15 August, 2017: Writing a blog post, Instructor Training Curriculum, Merger, League of Champions.
2017-08-17 Juliane Schneider The Totally Bearable Lightness of Being an Instructor ... So Finish that Training!
2017-08-14 Belinda Weaver Instructor Curriculum Updated
2017-08-07 Rayna Harris Motions approved for Data Carpentry & Software Carpentry Merger
2017-08-07 Belinda Weaver The Champions League

July 2017

2017-07-25 Belinda Weaver Keep Calm and Write a Blog Post
2017-07-20 Belinda Weaver Feedback on feedback
2017-07-17 Martin Dreyer 1 - 15 July, 2017: Learner Impact, Instructor Training, Community Building, Author Information.
2017-07-16 Kate Hertweck Credit for lesson contributors
2017-07-11 Peter Evans First time for everything
2017-07-11 Erin Becker Help Update the Instructor Training Materials
2017-07-11 Ryan Avery, Kunal Marwaha, Katie Moore, Kelly Meehan Two Workshops at NASA DEVELOP (or, Python De-Fanged)
2017-07-10 Kari L. Jordan Analysis of Software Carpentry Workshop Impact
2017-07-06 Belinda Weaver Open Channels
2017-07-01 Belinda Weaver Why be a helper at Software Carpentry workshops?

June 2017

2017-06-30 Martin Dreyer 15 - 30 June, 2017: Reorganisational Timeline, HPC-in-a-day, Good Enough Practices for Scientific Computing, Opensource Survey.
2017-06-26 Belinda Weaver Job Posting: Workshop Administrator
2017-06-22 Greg Wilson Good Enough Practices in Scientific Computing
2017-06-20 Belinda Weaver Instructor Training at Macquarie University
2017-06-20 Peter Steinbach HPC in a day?
2017-06-20 Rayna Harris New monthly updates from the secretary
2017-06-19 Martin Dreyer 1 - 15 June, 2017: Steering Committee retreat, Community Development Lead, Library Carpentry Instructors,CarpentryCon.
2017-06-17 Karen Cranston, Rayna Harris, Kate Hertweck, Hilmar Lapp Timeline for the Data Carpentry & Software Carpentry Reorganization
2017-06-10 Fotis Psomopoulos The road to CarpentryCon 2018
2017-06-07 Belinda Weaver The Endless Sprint
2017-06-07 Jonah Duckles, Tracy Teal Announcing Belinda Weaver as our Community Development Lead
2017-06-06 Belinda Weaver New Community Development Lead
2017-06-06 Erin Becker, Jonah Duckles, Kari L. Jordan, Maneesha Sane, Tracy Teal Instructor Access to Workshops

May 2017

2017-05-31 The 2017 Steering Committee Summary of the 2017 Software Carpentry Steering Committee Retreat
2017-05-31 Erin Becker Apply to Become a Carpentry Instructor Trainer!
2017-05-19 Kate Hertweck Summary of May Community Call: Restructuring the Carpentries
2017-05-17 Juliane Schneider Three Instructors, Two Coasts and One Spatula
2017-05-15 Martin Dreyer 1 - 15 May, 2017: Lesson Printing, Instructor training, Successes of the Carpentries.
2017-05-14 Rayna Harris What is the reward for empowering others?
2017-05-14 Kate Hertweck May Community Call: Restructuring the Carpentries
2017-05-09 Aleksandra Pawlik, Kari Jordan, Anelda van der Walt Instructor Training in South Africa 2.0
2017-05-08 Raniere Silva How to print our lessons?
2017-05-04 Raniere Silva Plans for Windows Installer

April 2017

2017-04-30 Martin Dreyer 1 - 30 April, 2017: Library Carpentry, Instructor training, relevant to Learning.
2017-04-26 Belinda Weaver Library Carpentry sprint in June
2017-04-24 Rayna Harris, Sue McClatchy, Tracy Teal Instructor Training in Puerto Rico
2017-04-14 Kate Hertweck Software tools for unix shell: Survey and April community call
2017-04-07 Anelda van der Walt Optimised for Learning
2017-04-06 Belinda Weaver What's new in Library Carpentry

March 2017

2017-03-26 Erin Becker Our first work cycle - Prometheus
2017-03-08 Christina Koch Get Involved With Mentoring

February 2017

2017-02-28 Martin Dreyer 1 - 28 February, 2017: Inclusivity, Career Pathway Panel, Community Development Lead, BaseCamp.
2017-02-22 Matthew Collins, François Michonneau, Brian Stucky, Ethan White A Year to Build a Software and Data Carpentry Community at the University of Florida - The Impact of a Local Instructor Training Workshop on Building Computing Capacity
2017-02-22 Kate Hertweck, Rayna Harris Beginning the conversation: Potential merger with Data Carpentry
2017-02-22 Lauren Michael Carpentries Career Pathways Panel - Marianne Corvellec, Bernhard Konrad, Aleksandra Pawlik
2017-02-21 Tracy Teal, Jonah Duckles Job Opportunity: Community Development Lead
2017-02-16 Erin Becker How we're getting things done
2017-02-02 Carpentries Staff and Steering Committees Standing for Inclusivity

January 2017

2017-01-31 Erin Becker Moving Forward
2017-01-31 Martin Dreyer 15 - 31 January, 2017: JupyterCon, Steering Committee 2017, North West University, Programming skills .
2017-01-30 Jonah Duckles Announcing the 2017 Steering Committee
2017-01-20 Lauren Michael Carpentries Career Pathways Panel: Raniere Silva, Geneviève Smith, Tiffany Timbers
2017-01-20 Anelda van der Walt South Africa's North-West University Becomes Software and Data Carpentry’s first African Partner
2017-01-15 Jonah Duckles Software Carpentry Steering Committee Candidates 2017
2017-01-15 Martin Dreyer 1 - 15 January, 2017: CarpentryCon, Steering Committee Elections, Rubic for online Instructor training, TalkPython.
2017-01-13 Raniere Silva Announcing for Lesson Infrastructure Subcommittee
2017-01-05 Raniere Silva Software Carpentry on TalkPython
2017-01-04 Alix Keener, Rayna Harris, Greg Wilson Announcing the CarpentryCon Proposal
2017-01-03 Greg Wilson Rubric for Open Instructor Training


December 2016

2016-12-31 Martin Dreyer 1 - 31 December, 2016: Instructor Training, Community Service Awards, Career paths, Steering Committee Elections.
2016-12-28 Lauren Michael, Christina Koch, Erin Becker Career Pathways Panel Discussions
2016-12-23 Belinda Weaver 2017 Election: Belinda Weaver
2016-12-23 Karin Lagesen 2017 Election: Karin Lagesen
2016-12-23 Mateusz Kuzak 2017 Election: Mateusz Kuzak
2016-12-22 Christina Koch 2017 Election: Christina Koch
2016-12-22 Aleksandra Pawlik Instructor Traininig Intercontinental
2016-12-22 Raniere Silva Christmas Instructor Discussion
2016-12-19 Rayna Harris Rayna Harris's Year in Summary 2016
2016-12-19 Kate Hertweck 2017 Election: Kate Hertweck
2016-12-19 Wolfgang Hayek, Aleksandra Pawlik Software Carpentry workshop in severe conditions
2016-12-19 Rayna Harris 2017 Election: Rayna Harris
2016-12-15 Ben Waugh Teaching Support IT Job at UCL Physics and Astronomy
2016-12-14 Greg Wilson Next Steps
2016-12-13 SCF Steering Committee Community Service Awards 2016
2016-12-12 Kate Hertweck Don't forget to submit your post to stand for the 2017 Steering Committee
2016-12-12 Tracy Teal, Erin Becker Feedback on Communications
2016-12-08 Greg Wilson Instructor Training for Library Carpentry
2016-12-08 Eleanor Lutz Making art with Python: Projects after Software Carpentry
2016-12-05 Sue McClatchy 2017 Election: Sue McClatchy

November 2016

2016-11-30 Ariel Deardorff UCSF is Hiring
2016-11-30 Martin Dreyer 15 - 30 November, 2016: Instructor Training, UCSF Library, Code of Conduct, Announcement List, Steering Committee minutes.
2016-11-21 Raniere Silva Minutes of Steering Committee Meeting
2016-11-19 Erin Becker, Greg Wilson Open Instructor Training
2016-11-18 Alexander Konovalov Programming with GAP
2016-11-15 Sue McClatchy Software engineer position at The Jackson Laboratory
2016-11-04 Sue McClatchy Systems Biology Postdoc Position with The Jackson Laboratory
2016-11-04 Sue McClatchy Research Scientist Position at The Jackson Laboratory
2016-11-04 Sue McClatchy Computational Genetics Postdoc Position with The Jackson Laboratory
2016-11-02 Greg Wilson RStudio Training and Consulting Directory
2016-11-01 Greg Wilson A Reproducibility Reading List
2016-11-01 Greg Wilson Tracy Teal on Research in Action

October 2016

2016-10-30 Greg Wilson Close Cousins
2016-10-29 Greg Wilson New Book: Tidy Text Mining with R
2016-10-29 Greg Wilson The Rest Is Yet To Come
2016-10-26 Daniel Chen What the Carpentries Mean To Me
2016-10-24 Kate Hertweck Call for Candidates for the 2017 Steering Committee
2016-10-23 Greg Wilson Programming as Theory Building
2016-10-22 Greg Wilson Library Carpentry is One Year Old
2016-10-22 Rayna Harris A Comparison of Online and In-person Instructor Training Workshops
2016-10-20 Greg Wilson Ten Simple Rules for Digital Data Storage
2016-10-20 Kari L. Jordan Community Call on Assessment
2016-10-20 Steve Crouch, Laurent Gatto, Karin Lagesen, Greg Wilson Cambridge Instructor Training 19-20 September 2016
2016-10-19 Jamie Hadwin Software Carpentry at Oklahoma State
2016-10-17 Greg Wilson Machine Learning with Python
2016-10-13 Kate Hertweck October 2016 Maintainers' Meeting
2016-10-11 Greg Wilson In Memoriam: Hans Petter Langtangen
2016-10-10 Kate Hertweck Vote Next Week to Amend Steering Committee Election Procedures
2016-10-10 Greg Wilson Beth Duckles on the Practice of Measuring
2016-10-05 Greg Wilson Request for Review: ESIP's Software Guidelines
2016-10-04 Greg Wilson Python as a Second Language
2016-10-04 Greg Wilson Congratulations to Our New Instructor Trainers
2016-10-04 Greg Wilson And Now There Are Three

September 2016

2016-09-30 Greg Wilson Two Studies of Online Communities
2016-09-30 Andrew Rohl, Matthias Liffers, Andrea Bedini Perth Software Carpentry - A Tale of Three Trainers
2016-09-28 Tom Kelly, Mik Black, Sung Bae, Wolfgang Hayek, Aleksandra Pawlik Software Carpentry Workshop Attendance: a New Zealand Perspective
2016-09-28 Leo Browning SWC: First Impressions
2016-09-23 Greg Wilson Teaching Programming to the Blind
2016-09-20 Chris Hamm Teaching at the Board
2016-09-19 Sue McClatchy Systems Biology Postdoc Position with The Jackson Laboratory
2016-09-18 Greg Wilson Show Me Your Model
2016-09-10 Greg Wilson The Discussion Book
2016-09-10 Greg Wilson Community Service Awards
2016-09-09 Tracy Teal, Kate Hertweck September Carpentries Community Call
2016-09-09 Martin Dreyer 17 August-12 September, 2016: Steering Committee, Google Summer of Code, rOpenSci, Small Teaching, Ten Simple rules.
2016-09-07 Karthik Ram Post-doc Position with rOpenSci
2016-09-05 Greg Wilson We Still Can't Have Nice Things Together
2016-09-05 Greg Wilson Small Teaching
2016-09-05 Raniere Silva Google Summer of Code 2016 ended
2016-09-02 Greg Wilson Feedback Sought on Two Papers
2016-09-01 Kate Hertweck Election Announcement: Amending Steering Committee election procedures

August 2016

2016-08-19 Greg Wilson Ten Ways to Turn Off Learners
2016-08-17 Juliane Schneider Teaching Library Carpentry to Librarians at UCSD
2016-08-15 Martin Dreyer 1 -16 August, 2016: Assessment Deputy Director, Policy Subcommittee, Code of Conduct, Workshop Resources, Bug BBQ, and Vacancies.
2016-08-15 Tiffany Timbers 2016 Bug BBQ Summary
2016-08-10 Greg Wilson Training Coordinator Position at NCSA
2016-08-08 Erin Becker Resources for Running Workshops
2016-08-08 Erin Becker Code of Conduct and Call for Volunteers for Policy Subcommittee
2016-08-02 Greg Wilson Seymour Papert 1928-2016
2016-08-02 Greg Wilson NumFOCUS Project Director
2016-08-02 Greg Wilson How Well Do Developers Understand Open Source Licenses?
2016-08-02 Greg Wilson Heuristic Evaluation for Novice Programming Systems
2016-08-02 Greg Wilson Data Carpentry's New Deputy Director of Assessment

July 2016

2016-07-30 Greg Wilson Library Carpentry in Toronto
2016-07-29 Jay van Schyndel Library Carpentry workshop at James Cook University, Townsville
2016-07-28 Martin Dreyer 1 - 28 July, 2016: Lesson Publication, Instructor Training Open, Creating New Material, Revamped Lesson Template, and Instructor Testimonial.
2016-07-27 Marco Fahmi How Software Carpentry can help you switch careers
2016-07-26 Greg Wilson More on Instructor Training
2016-07-26 Matthias Liffers, Andrea Bedini Software Carpentry at Curtin
2016-07-25 Greg Wilson Reopening Instructor Training
2016-07-25 Robin Wilson Showing Changes When Teaching
2016-07-25 Dan Jones, Vicky Fan Genomics R Software Carpentry workshop at the University of Auckland, New Zealand
2016-07-22 Belinda Weaver A Tale of Two Workshops
2016-07-20 Juliana Osorio-Jaramillo, Teererai Marange, Chen Wang, Kaitlin Logie Software Carpentry workshop at the University of Auckland - Winter bootcamp, New Zealand
2016-07-19 Greg Wilson Publishing Our Lessons, Version 2016.06
2016-07-19 Greg Wilson Lesson Incubation
2016-07-08 François Michonneau Using RMarkdown with the new lesson template
2016-07-06 Carrie Andrew Why attend a Software & Data Carpentry instructor training workshop?
2016-07-05 Greg Wilson Instructor Training Completion Times
2016-07-04 Mik Black, Tom Kelly, Murray Cadzow Software Carpentry workshop at the University of Otago, New Zealand
2016-07-01 Raniere Silva Three workshops in Brazil

June 2016

2016-06-30 Bianca Peterson 1 - 30 June, 2016: Efficacy and Usefulness, Minutes, Discussions, Onboarding Documents, Teaching Undergraduates, and Library Carpentry Material
2016-06-30 Richard Clare, Paul Gardner, Constantine Zakkaroff Software Carpentry workshop at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand
2016-06-23 Raniere Silva Minutes of Steering Committee Meeting
2016-06-22 Belinda Weaver Workshop Satisfaction Survey
2016-06-22 Belinda Weaver Teaching Library Carpentry
2016-06-20 Greg Wilson Ongoing Discussions
2016-06-18 Christian T. Jacobs, Gerard J. Gorman, Huw E. Rees, Lorraine E. Craig Teaching Python to undergraduate geoscientists: A summary of our approaches and experiences over the years
2016-06-16 Ben Jolly, Hannes Calitz, Markus Mueller, Wolfgang Hayek Software Carpentry and HPC class hits Palmerston North (New Zealand)
2016-06-13 Kally Chung Workshop at Unicamp
2016-06-06 Belinda Weaver Updating Library Carpentry

May 2016

2016-05-31 Bianca Peterson, Anelda van der Walt 9 - 31 May, 2016: The First Bimonthly Report, Instructor Data Analysis, R Instructor Training, Measuring the Right Stuff, RSE Conference, and a Bug Barbeque
2016-05-31 Greg Wilson Further Analysis of Instructor Training Data
2016-05-30 Kathy Chung What Digital Humanists Also Do
2016-05-25 Kathy Chung What Digital Humanists Do
2016-05-23 Paula Andrea Martinez Darwin Data Carpentry at Charles Darwin University
2016-05-20 Greg Wilson First Analysis of Instructor Training Data
2016-05-18 Greg Wilson Looking for a Model
2016-05-18 Christopher Lortie A Common Sense Review of a Software Carpentry Workshop
2016-05-16 Greg Wilson, Laurent Gatto R Instructor Training Applications Open
2016-05-14 Belinda Weaver Software Carpentry in Brisbane
2016-05-11 Raniere Silva First bimonthly report from 2016 Steering Committee
2016-05-10 Simon Hettrick First Conference of Research Software Engineers: Call for Participation
2016-05-09 Bianca Peterson, Anelda van der Walt 24 April - 4 May, 2016: Subcommittees and Task Forces, Partnerships, Instructor Training, A Vacancy, Lab Meeting, Bug Barbeque, Discuss, and New Videos and a Book
2016-05-09 Jonah Duckles, Tracy Teal Our Code of Conduct
2016-05-04 Amanda Miotto Software Carpentry with R at Griffith University
2016-05-04 Bill Mills, Tiffany Timbers Software Carpentry Bug BBQ
2016-05-03 Bill Mills Save the Date: Software Carpentry Lab Meeting May 10
2016-05-02 Tracy Teal, Jonah Duckles New Joint Partnerships with Data Carpentry

April 2016

2016-04-29 Jeff Leek Buy This Book and Support Data Carpentry
2016-04-29 Greg Wilson Summarizing Our Lesson Discussion Sessions
2016-04-24 Greg Wilson Data Carpentry is Hiring a Deputy Director of Assessment
2016-04-24 The 2016 Steering Committee Call for Software Carpentry Foundation Subcommittees and Task Forces
2016-04-24 Greg Wilson Questions, Answers, and Lessons
2016-04-23 Raniere Silva Welcome to Google Summer of Code Students
2016-04-21 Aleksandra Pawlik Instructor Training in South Africa
2016-04-20 Lex Nederbragt 10 tips and tricks for instructing and teaching by means of live coding
2016-04-13 Caleb Hattingh So You Want to Make a Screencast
2016-04-12 Lex Nederbragt Carpentry week 2016 at the University of Oslo
2016-04-12 Sarah Stevens Installation Video Tutorials
2016-04-11 Raniere Silva Changes on Mentoring Subcommittee
2016-04-10 Greg Wilson Designing a New Novice Python Lesson
2016-04-04 John Blischak Maintaining a Lesson
2016-04-03 Piotr Banaszkiewicz AMY release v1.5.1

March 2016

2016-03-29 Greg Wilson rOpenSci is Looking for a Community Manager
2016-03-28 Laurent Gatto An R-based Instructor Training Sponsored by the R Consortium
2016-03-28 Leah Wasser Hello, Spatio-temporal Data Carpentry
2016-03-28 Christina Koch Announcing the Open Science Grid User School 2016
2016-03-23 Adina Howe 2015 Annual Report
2016-03-23 Andrea Zonca Python Education Summit at PyCon 2016
2016-03-18 Anelda van der Walt, Bianca Peterson 4 - 18 March, 2016: Instructor Trainee Mentoring, Debriefing vs Lesson Sessions, Version Control, Big Data in Biology Summer School, New Lessons
2016-03-18 Anelda van der Walt, Aleksandra Pawlik Software and Data Carpentry Instructor Training Comes to Africa
2016-03-17 Greg Wilson New Maintainers
2016-03-10 Rayna Harris, Sheldon McKay, Raniere Silva, Tiffany Timbers, Belinda Weaver 2016 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefings, Rounds 04 and 05
2016-03-08 Greg Wilson Should We Combine Debriefing and Lesson Discussion?
2016-03-08 Belinda Weaver A Proposal for Helping Instructor Trainees Finish
2016-03-08 Rayna Harris 3rd Annual Big Data in Biology Summer School
2016-03-05 Greg Wilson Complexity vs. Subtlety
2016-03-03 Anelda van der Walt 16 February - 3 March, 2016: New Steering Committee, Software Carpentry Value Proposition, Webinar, Vacancies, Community Building, Instructor Training, and Modern Scientific Authoring
2016-03-01 Jonah Duckles Communities: The Foundation of Impactful Workshops

February 2016

2016-02-26 Ariel Rokem Applications due March 1st: 2016 eScience Data Science for Social Good summer program
2016-02-22 Greg Wilson Bioinformatics Training Impact Coordinator
2016-02-20 Jonah Duckles Welcome to the 2016 Steering Committee!
2016-02-19 Greg Wilson More of a Difference Than You Realize
2016-02-17 Greg Wilson Building Software, Building Community: Lessons from the rOpenSci Project
2016-02-16 Anelda van der Walt 2 - 16 February, 2016: Election Week, University Courses, New Lessons and a Shell Co-Maintainer, An Interview, and Teaching Strategies
2016-02-16 Greg Wilson Our New Instructor Pipeline
2016-02-16 Greg Wilson A Counterpoint to Collaborative Lesson Design
2016-02-16 Greg Wilson Checking the Balance
2016-02-15 Greg Wilson Designing Lessons Collaboratively
2016-02-14 Greg Wilson NGS Summer 2016: Analyzing Next-Generation Sequencing Data
2016-02-12 Christina Koch, Ashwin Srinath Announcing New Unix Shell Maintainer
2016-02-11 Rayna Harris, Raniere Silva 2016 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 03
2016-02-11 Ian Hawke Context when teaching Numerical Methods
2016-02-09 Greg Wilson Open Science Radio Podcast
2016-02-09 Greg Wilson A New Lesson on GAP
2016-02-08 Greg Wilson Correlations
2016-02-07 Greg Wilson Come a Long Way, Got a Long Way to Go
2016-02-05 Daniel Chen Software Carpentry as a University Course
2016-02-05 Rayna Harris, Christina Koch, Bill Mills, Raniere Silva 2016 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 02
2016-02-02 Greg Wilson Two Pages of Evidence
2016-02-02 Greg Wilson Active Workshops
2016-02-01 Anelda van der Walt 17 January - 1 February, 2016: SCF Election Candidates, Lessons Learned, Instructor Survey Results, and an Intermediate R Lesson
2016-02-01 Aleksandra Pawlik SSI is hiring a Communications Officer!

January 2016

2016-01-29 Greg Wilson Elsewhere on the Web
2016-01-28 Greg Wilson A New Version of 'Lessons Learned'
2016-01-27 Jonah Duckles Instructor Survey Report
2016-01-21 John Blischak, Emily Davenport, Greg Wilson Our Introduction to Git Has Been Published
2016-01-21 Jonah Duckles Meet the 2016 Election Candidates
2016-01-18 Scott Ritchie Presenting Materials for Intermediate UseRs
2016-01-18 Greg Wilson What Are Your Favorite Cartoons?
2016-01-16 Anelda van der Walt 6 January - 16 January, 2016: Election Candidates, SCF Strategic Plan, New Book, Pre-Workshop Help Sessions, AMY Version 1.3, Mistakes, and Recorded Lessons
2016-01-15 Jonathan Guyer 2016 Election: Jonathan Guyer
2016-01-15 Anelda van der Walt 2016 Election: Anelda van der Walt
2016-01-15 Greg Wilson 18 Months of Progress
2016-01-15 Giacomo Peru 2016 Election: Giacomo Peru
2016-01-14 Bill Mills 2016 Election: Bill Mills
2016-01-14 Raniere Silva 2016 Election: Raniere Silva
2016-01-14 Lauren Michael 2016 Election: Lauren Michael
2016-01-14 Rayna Harris 2016 Election: Rayna Harris
2016-01-14 Karin Lagesen 2016 Election: Karin Lagesen
2016-01-14 Jason Williams 2016 Election: Jason Williams
2016-01-14 Dhavide Aruliah 2016 Election: Dhavide Aruliah
2016-01-13 Kate Hertweck 2016 Election: Kate Hertweck
2016-01-13 Kate Hertweck Pre-workshop help sessions for 2016
2016-01-13 Greg Wilson A New Book from Mark Guzdial
2016-01-13 Greg Wilson Archiving Videos
2016-01-12 Leanne Wake 2016 Election: Leanne Wake
2016-01-12 Katy Huff A Strategic Plan for the Software Carpentry Foundation
2016-01-12 C. Titus Brown Online Workshops from UC Davis
2016-01-12 Rayna Harris, Kate Hertweck 2016 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 01
2016-01-09 Greg Wilson What the Data Says About Novice Programming Mistakes
2016-01-09 Greg Wilson Good Communities (Kinds Of)
2016-01-09 Greg Wilson Change Strategies in STEM Education
2016-01-08 Cam Macdonell 2016 Election: Cam Macdonell
2016-01-06 Hugh Shanahan Announcing the Data Science Journal
2016-01-06 Anelda van der Walt, Maia Lesosky, Adrianna Pińska A Year Of Software Carpentry in South Africa
2016-01-05 Piotr Banaszkiewicz AMY Version 1.3
2016-01-04 Anelda van der Walt 17 December,2015 - 5 January, 2016:Steering Committee Election, New Website, Updated Assessment Forms, Mentoring Meetings, Instructor Training, and First Lab Meeting For 2016
2016-01-03 Greg Wilson A Data Programming CS1 Course at the University of Washington
2016-01-03 Greg Wilson Lessons as Lab Protocols
2016-01-02 Raniere Silva Discussion Sessions
2016-01-01 Raniere Silva Welcome to 2016


December 2015

2015-12-28 Greg Wilson Plans for 2016
2015-12-26 Greg Wilson New Words Needed
2015-12-22 Jason Williams Assessment Update - 2015
2015-12-20 Greg Wilson Pushing Ahead in Puget Sound
2015-12-18 Stephen Crouch, Christina Koch, Karin Lagesen, Aleksandra Pawlik, Fiona Tweedie, Greg Wilson Three Flavors of Instructor Training
2015-12-18 Greg Wilson Instructor Training Checkout Procedure
2015-12-16 Anelda van der Walt November 11 - December 16, 2015: 2016 Steering Committee Election, Projects, Instructor Training and More, Lessons, Workshop Feedback, and Data Carpentry is Hiring.
2015-12-16 Warren Code More on Educational Engineering
2015-12-15 Belinda Weaver 2016 Election: Belinda Weaver
2015-12-15 Greg Wilson Educational Engineering
2015-12-10 Greg Wilson Teaching For Loops
2015-12-10 Raniere Silva Community Calendar Available
2015-12-09 Roman Valls Guimera Software and Data Carpentry Workshop in Stockholm
2015-12-09 Damien Irving Introducing the Research Bazaar
2015-12-09 Karin Lagesen Feedback on Practicum Proposal
2015-12-08 Maneesha Sane Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry on Podcast.__init__
2015-12-08 Jonah Duckles Call for Candidates for the 2016 Steering Committee
2015-12-08 Aleksandra Pawlik Bank of America Merrill Lynch to sponsor the first Workshop for Women in Science and Engineering in the UK
2015-12-07 Greg Wilson Announcing Instructor Training Materials
2015-12-04 Raniere Silva Launching Pre Workshop Help Session
2015-12-03 Aleksandra Pawlik Intel to sponsor the first Workshop for Women in Science and Engineering in the UK
2015-12-03 Francisco Palm First Workshop in Venezuela
2015-12-02 Bartosz Teleńczuk Software Carpentry workshop at EITN in Paris
2015-12-01 Ariel Rokem, Micaela Parker, Sarah Stone, Anissa Tanweer Data Science for Social Good: an Experiment in Data Science Training
2015-12-01 Greg Wilson Software Sustainability Institute Funding

November 2015

2015-11-30 Raniere Silva December Instructor Training - Announcing Selected Groups
2015-11-30 Tracy Teal Assistant Director Position with Data Carpentry
2015-11-25 Jonah Duckles December Instructor Training Selection Debrief
2015-11-24 Tiffany Timbers 2015 Software + Data Carpentry Instructor and Helper Retreat
2015-11-24 Kate Hertweck, Christina Koch 2015 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 22
2015-11-22 Greg Wilson A New Lesson on Testing
2015-11-20 Greg Wilson The Morea Framework
2015-11-20 Greg Wilson Applications for December Instructor Training Are Now Closed
2015-11-19 Greg Wilson Test-Driven Data Analysis
2015-11-19 Karthik Ram rOpenSci Announces $2.9M Award from the Helmsley Charitable Trust
2015-11-15 Matt Davis Python Lesson Rewrite
2015-11-15 Steve Haddock A Practical Computing Course
2015-11-15 Greg Wilson Miscellaneous Projects
2015-11-15 Greg Wilson CourseSource: A(nother) New Hope
2015-11-13 Kate Hertweck, Tiffany Timbers 2015 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 21
2015-11-12 Tracy Teal Data Carpentry Instructor Certification for Software Carpentry Instructors
2015-11-10 Anelda van der Walt October 27 - November 10, 2015: Maneesha Sane, Retreat Activities, Instructor Training, Code Review Revisited, and a WiSE Workshop.
2015-11-08 Kara Woo R Foundation Announces Code of Conduct Policy
2015-11-06 Raniere Silva Clarification about December Instructor Training
2015-11-05 Daniel Chen Teaching Bimodal Workshops with a Large Range
2015-11-02 Maneesha Sane Introducing Maneesha
2015-11-01 Kate Hertweck, Raniere Silva, Rayna Harris 2015 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 20

October 2015

2015-10-29 Peter Steinbach, Cam Macdonell Pulling In Those Left Behind
2015-10-28 Anelda van der Walt October 19 - 26, 2015: 500 Workshops and 16,000 Participants, Retreat, Debriefing Sessions, Digital Data Storage, and A Science Competition.
2015-10-28 Bill Mills Site Planning for the Instructor and Helper Retreat
2015-10-28 Raniere Silva 2015 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 19
2015-10-28 David Pérez-Suárez Code Review - a Needed Habit in Science
2015-10-28 Aleksandra Pawlik Software Carpentry for Women in Science and Engineering UK
2015-10-27 Greg Wilson Visualizing Repository Activity
2015-10-26 Raniere Silva Call for Applications to December Instructor Training
2015-10-25 Jonah Duckles Recent Statistics
2015-10-24 Raniere Silva Debriefing Sessions and Winter Recess
2015-10-23 Greg Wilson Ten Simple Rules for Digital Data Storage
2015-10-21 James Baker Programming Historian Live
2015-10-21 Greg Wilson Open Science Prize
2015-10-19 Damien Irving Inserting Software Carpentry Graduates into Coding Communities
2015-10-18 Anelda van der Walt October 5 - 18, 2015: Jonah Duckles, Instructor/Helper Retreat Still Growing, Peer Reviewed Lessons, Data Management, and AMY 1.0 Released.
2015-10-17 Greg Wilson Journals as Repositories
2015-10-15 Raniere Silva, Sheldon McKay 2015 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 18
2015-10-14 Adrianna Pińska Feedback from a Software Carpentry workshop at PyConZA 2015 in Johannesburg
2015-10-10 Rayna Harris Assessing Assessment
2015-10-10 Piotr Banaszkiewicz AMY 1.0 Released
2015-10-08 Alistair Walsh A Summary of Debriefing Feedback on Our Python Lesson
2015-10-07 Rayna Harris Data Management Plans: A Role for Software and Data Carpentry
2015-10-07 Belinda Weaver A Workshop in Brisbane
2015-10-06 Jonah Duckles More About Jonah Duckles
2015-10-04 Anelda van der Walt September 20 - October 4, 2015: A New Executive Director, Instructor and Helper Retreat, Data Visualisation Lesson, Teaching, and Lesson Citations
2015-10-02 Isabell Kiral-Kornek, Robert Kerr A Case for Online Data Visualization
2015-10-01 Greg Wilson Please Welcome Our New Executive Director

September 2015

2015-09-30 Greg Wilson Citation Format
2015-09-28 Greg Wilson Thinking About Teaching
2015-09-22 Bill Mills Announcing the 2015 Instructor and Helper Retreat
2015-09-19 Anelda van der Walt September 6 - 19, 2015: A Retreat, New Mentors, Instructor Training Update, Preparing Researchers, Interactive Excercises, and a Student's Experience.
2015-09-18 Shoaib Sufi Software Credit Workshop in London, 19 October 2015
2015-09-16 Greg Wilson Software Engineering Practices in Science
2015-09-15 Naupaka Zimmerman Teaching to the Workflow
2015-09-14 Greg Wilson Rebooting Instructor Training
2015-09-14 Christina Koch Not Quite Lesson Material
2015-09-13 Greg Wilson How Teaching Knowledge Is Transferred
2015-09-13 Uwe Hilgert Workshop at the University of Arizona
2015-09-09 Joshua Ryan Smith Reporting on a Commercial Workshop
2015-09-09 Rayna Harris, Kate Hertweck 2015 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 17
2015-09-05 Anelda van der Walt August 27 - September 5, 2015: Lessons Published, ReScience, SSI Fellowships Open, Interview, and Mailman Threads as GitHub Comments.
2015-09-05 Greg Wilson Our Lessons Have Now Been Published
2015-09-03 Konrad Hinsen Announcing ReScience
2015-09-02 Shoaib Sufi SSI Fellowship Applications Open
2015-09-02 Terri Yu Running a Code Retreat
2015-09-01 Greg Wilson Better Teaching Practices

August 2015

2015-08-31 Greg Wilson Three Graphs I Would Like to See
2015-08-30 Raniere Silva GSoC 2015 Finished
2015-08-28 Kate Hertweck 2015 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 16 (morning)
2015-08-26 Anelda van der Walt August 18 - 26, 2015: Instructors' Retreat, Applying Discounts, Adding Lessons, Be a Mentor, Undergraduate Training, and Improving RStudio.
2015-08-24 Raniere Silva Fee Waivers and Discounted Fees
2015-08-24 Tiffany Timbers Virtual Instructors Retreat
2015-08-22 Will Fyson What Is ORCID?
2015-08-22 Raniere Silva Join the Mentoring Subcommittee
2015-08-21 Greg Wilson Feedback on Math with Python for Undergraduates
2015-08-20 Noam Ross Improving RStudio as a Teaching Tool
2015-08-20 Mike Jackson Experiences Adding a Lesson on Make
2015-08-18 Greg Wilson Stickers
2015-08-17 Anelda van der Walt August 3 - 17, 2015: Data Carpentry Funded, Citations, Improving Our Lessons, and Lab Data Management.
2015-08-17 Sarah Mount Science Track at PyCon UK 2015
2015-08-16 Greg Wilson Prepping for the Python Lesson
2015-08-14 Areej Alsheikh Teaching in Bali
2015-08-14 Greg Wilson Checking What We Teach
2015-08-13 Greg Wilson Trimming the Python Lesson
2015-08-13 Greg Wilson Data Carpentry Receives Grant from the Moore Foundation
2015-08-12 Greg Wilson Publishing, Metadata, and Being Ahead of the Curve
2015-08-07 Kate Hertweck, Tiffany Timbers 2015 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 15
2015-08-06 Kunal Marwaha A Workshop for Undergraduates at UC Berkeley
2015-08-04 Sheldon McKay 2015 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 14
2015-08-02 Anelda van der Walt July 23 - August 2, 2015: Online Survey Still Open, Recorded Lessons Available, and Another WiSE Workshop Coming Up.

July 2015

2015-07-29 Matt Davis SciPy 2015 Workshop Videos
2015-07-28 Raniere Silva Solution for the Challenges
2015-07-23 Greg Wilson WiSE Workshop at UC Davis Aug 17-18
2015-07-23 Anelda van der Walt July 07 - 22, 2015: Hiring an Executive Director, Strategic Planning, SWC-inspired Book, Open Research Repository, AMY version 0.6, and New Team Members.
2015-07-23 Greg Wilson A Pair of Workshops
2015-07-20 Greg Wilson Changes to Workshop Administration Fees
2015-07-20 Greg Wilson Welcome Maneesha and Katarzyna
2015-07-18 Greg Wilson Top 10 Myths about Teaching CS
2015-07-18 Adina Howe Help Software Carpentry's Strategic Planning
2015-07-18 Raniere Silva, Sheldon McKay, Tiffany Timbers 2015 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 13
2015-07-18 Piotr Banaszkiewicz AMY Version 0.6
2015-07-16 Ross Mounce The Open Research Glossary
2015-07-14 Jessica Hamrick Teaching with Jupyter
2015-07-14 Katy Huff Software-Carpentry-Inspired Book: Released and On Sale!
2015-07-07 Belinda Weaver What I Learned in Brisbane
2015-07-07 Greg Wilson Congratulations to Project Jupyter
2015-07-06 Anelda van der Walt June 29 - July 06, 2015: Research Software Engineers, Not Changing Lesson Build Tools, and Moving to Python3.
2015-07-06 Greg Wilson Our Next Big Step
2015-07-06 Greg Wilson Hiring a New Executive Director for Software Carpentry
2015-07-01 Greg Wilson Pushing Back

June 2015

2015-06-29 Greg Wilson What is a Research Software Engineer?
2015-06-28 Anelda van der Walt June 17-28, 2015: A Lesson on Make, AMY 0.4 Released, Opportunities to Contribute, Practical Tips for Running Workshops, and Appointing a Program Coordinator.
2015-06-26 Greg Wilson Training Lessons
2015-06-26 Kate Hertweck 2015 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 12
2015-06-25 Raniere Silva Workshop at CERN
2015-06-24 Greg Wilson Using Jekyll for Lessons
2015-06-23 Daniel Chen Assessing Our Learners Part I
2015-06-23 Greg Wilson Another Good Workshop in Brazil
2015-06-22 Greg Wilson Program Coordinator Position Available
2015-06-21 Greg Wilson Splitting the Shell Window
2015-06-21 Greg Wilson Research-Based Course Design
2015-06-21 Greg Wilson Recycling Training Course Material
2015-06-19 Tiffany Timbers, Kate Hertweck 2015 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 11
2015-06-19 Piotr Banaszkiewicz Amy Version 0.4
2015-06-18 Greg Wilson Why I Am Not Excited About Julia
2015-06-18 Greg Wilson Software Development Practices in Academia
2015-06-18 Greg Wilson Adding a Lesson on Make
2015-06-17 Greg Wilson Get More Done in Less Time
2015-06-16 Anelda van der Walt June 10-16, 2015: Software Carpentry is Saving Time, Lessons Version 5.4, Greg's Time, Our Project List, and a Lesson on Reproducible Research.
2015-06-15 Greg Wilson Updating the Project List
2015-06-15 Greg Wilson A Lesson on Reproducible Computational Analysis
2015-06-14 Greg Wilson Where the Time Goes (Version 2)
2015-06-14 Greg Wilson Routinely Unique
2015-06-13 Laurent Gatto, Anelda van der Walt, David Merand Running a Remote Workshop in South Africa
2015-06-12 Greg Wilson Warming Up for Version 5.4
2015-06-11 Greg Wilson Why We Can't Have Nice Things
2015-06-11 Fan Yang Teaching at NIH
2015-06-10 Jeffrey Carver Call for Chapter Proposals: Software Engineering for Science
2015-06-09 Anelda van der Walt May 29 - June 9, 2015: New Lesson About Data, SWC at ScipPy 2015, Updating our Lesson Templates, and Amy 0.3.
2015-06-09 Sheldon McKay 2015 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 10
2015-06-07 Greg Wilson Updating the Lesson Template
2015-06-07 Greg Wilson An Update on Publishing Our Lessons
2015-06-07 Will Trimble, Asela Wijeratne Teaching at Monsanto
2015-06-07 Greg Wilson A Remote Workshop at the University of Campinas
2015-06-07 Greg Wilson Amy Version 0.3
2015-06-05 Matt Davis Software Carpentry at SciPy 2015
2015-06-03 Greg Wilson Teaching Biocomputing at UT
2015-06-01 John D. Corless Workshop at OU Libraries
2015-06-01 Greg Wilson Working With Data on the Web

May 2015

2015-05-28 Anelda van der Walt May 19 - 28, 2015: New Learner Assessments, Remote Instructor Training, Coding for Librarians, and Evolution of a Geoscience Computing Course.
2015-05-25 Greg Wilson A Few Articles on Education
2015-05-24 Greg Wilson ICSE 2015
2015-05-22 Greg Wilson Coding for Librarians
2015-05-21 Daniel Chen Plan to Assess Our Learners
2015-05-21 Greg Wilson Experiences with Geoscientists
2015-05-19 Greg Wilson Online Instructor Training Revisited
2015-05-18 Anelda van der Walt May 12 - 18, 2015: 79 New Instructors and Instructor Debriefing Round 9.
2015-05-16 Greg Wilson New Members of the Team
2015-05-13 Anelda van der Walt May 6 - 11, 2015: Lesson Prep for Publication, Capturing Instructors' Commands, and Instructor Debriefing.
2015-05-13 Raniere Silva, Kate Hertweck 2015 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 9
2015-05-08 Kate Hertweck, Rayna Harris 2015 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 8
2015-05-05 Anelda van der Walt April 28 - May 5, 2015: GSoC Projects, Nightly Rebuilds, Katy Huff, and a PhD Starter Kit.
2015-05-02 Greg Wilson Research in the Cloud in London
2015-05-02 Greg Wilson Achintya Rao's PhD Starter Kit
2015-05-01 Raniere Silva GSoC Projects for 2015

April 2015

2015-04-30 Amy Brown Getting to Know: Katy Huff
2015-04-27 Anelda van der Walt April 21 - 27, 2015: The People Behind Software Carpentry, Debating Scientific Software, Learning Objects, and Ally Skills Workshops.
2015-04-27 Amy Brown Getting to Know: Matt Davis
2015-04-25 Greg Wilson Van Lindberg's Keynote: Say Thanks
2015-04-25 Greg Wilson Ada Initiative's Ally Skills Workshop
2015-04-22 Greg Wilson The Paradox of Learning Objects
2015-04-21 Anelda van der Walt April 13 - 20, 2015: A DOI for Software Carpentry Lessons, Good Enough Scientific Computing Practices, Code Reviews, and Library Carpentry
2015-04-21 Greg Wilson Learning in Both Directions
2015-04-18 Azalee Bostroem AAS Reflections
2015-04-17 Greg Wilson Publishing Our Lessons
2015-04-17 Christina Koch Invitation to Millions of Compute Hours: Announcing the Open Science Grid User School
2015-04-17 Greg Wilson Library Carpentry
2015-04-17 Greg Wilson Close Enough Redux
2015-04-16 Victor (Kwangchun) Lee Korean Translation of Software Carpentry - version 5.2
2015-04-15 Greg Wilson Quality Is Free - Getting There Isn't
2015-04-14 Kate Hertweck 2015 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 7
2015-04-13 Anelda van der Walt April 6 - 13, 2015: The Steering Committee, Workshops for Companies, and a Discussion of WiSE Events
2015-04-13 Greg Wilson The Future Then and Now
2015-04-13 Raniere Silva How to Send a Pull Request to the Lesson Template
2015-04-13 Greg Wilson Good Enough Practices in Scientific Computing
2015-04-12 Nancy Soontiens, Karina Ramos Musalem, Tiffany Timbers, Daisie Huang Reflections Following a Women in Science Workshop
2015-04-12 Karin Lagesen The Steering Committee has Landed!
2015-04-11 Greg Wilson A Project Inception Deck for Research Coding
2015-04-09 Matt Davis Workshops for Companies
2015-04-06 Anelda van der Walt March 31 - April 6, 2015: A Lab Meeting, a LinkedIn Group, Two New Capstones, and Ideas for Instructors
2015-04-03 Greg Wilson April 2015 Lab Meeting
2015-04-01 Tiffany Timbers 2015 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 6

March 2015

2015-03-30 Anelda van der Walt March 23-30, 2015: A Lab Meeting, a Dataset, NGS Course at MSU, and Postdoc Positions at BIDS
2015-03-25 Ben Marwick Teaching in Yangon
2015-03-22 Anelda van der Walt Weekly Update: March 16 - March 22, 2015
2015-03-20 Greg Wilson April 2015 Lab Meeting
2015-03-17 Anelda van der Walt Weekly Update: March 7 - March 15, 2015
2015-03-17 Uwe Hilgert Workshop at iPlant
2015-03-17 Greg Wilson And Now We Are Three
2015-03-15 Tiffany Timbers What Do People Want to Learn?
2015-03-15 Greg Wilson Teaching Tips
2015-03-13 Sheldon McKay, Rayna Harris 2015 Post-workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 5
2015-03-11 Greg Wilson What's In Your Bag?
2015-03-09 Anelda van der Walt Weekly Update: Feb 28 - March 6, 2015
2015-03-05 Katy Huff Shape The Future of Software Carpentry in an SCF Standing Subcommittee
2015-03-04 Leszek Tarkowski Workshop in Krakow
2015-03-04 Noam Ross Funding Software Carpentry Workshops
2015-03-03 Raniere Silva NumFOCUS Accepted as Google Summer of Code Mentoring Organization
2015-03-03 Greg Wilson The Most Viewed PLOS Biology Paper of 2014
2015-03-02 Greg Wilson Ten More Instructors
2015-03-02 Victor (Kwangchun) Lee The First Software Carpentry in Korea
2015-03-02 Greg Wilson Adding a Contributor Covenant
2015-03-01 Anelda van der Walt Weekly Update: Feb 21 - Feb 27, 2015

February 2015

2015-02-28 Greg Wilson Eleven New Instructors
2015-02-27 Greg Wilson Wrong Is Useful: Lessons as Packages
2015-02-27 Sheldon McKay 2015 Post-workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 4
2015-02-27 Greg Wilson Improving Instruction
2015-02-22 Anelda van der Walt Weekly Update: Feb 14 - Feb 20, 2015
2015-02-21 Raniere Silva Applying to Google Summer of Code
2015-02-21 Damien Irving Software Carpentry Set to Explode in Australia and New Zealand
2015-02-20 Noam Ross Managing GitHub Notifications
2015-02-16 Thomas Guignard, Jeramia Ory Workshop at the University at Albany, SUNY
2015-02-13 Anelda van der Walt Weekly Update: Feb 07 - Feb 13, 2015
2015-02-12 Greg Wilson Online Scientific Collaboration: The Sequel
2015-02-12 Greg Wilson NeSI Becomes Software Carpentry Affiliate
2015-02-12 Greg Wilson Science Educator/Evaluator Position at NEON
2015-02-11 Greg Wilson 2015 Post-workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 3
2015-02-10 Daniel Chen Cookie Cutter
2015-02-09 Anelda van der Walt Weekly Update: Jan 31 - Feb 06, 2015
2015-02-09 Greg Wilson Plot This
2015-02-08 Greg Wilson Scientific Coding vs. Software Engineering
2015-02-07 Chris Bogart Rewarding Software Sharing by Mapping Scientific Software
2015-02-05 Sheldon McKay 2015 Post-workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 2
2015-02-03 Neal E. Davis Workshop in Illinois
2015-02-03 Greg Wilson Welcome Our Newest Instructors
2015-02-03 Greg Wilson University of Washington Becomes Software Carpentry Partner
2015-02-03 Shoaib Sufi Software Sustainability Institute's Collaborations Workshop 2015
2015-02-02 Greg Wilson Workshops in March at Lawrence Berkeley Lab
2015-02-02 Anelda van der Walt Weekly Update: Jan 24-30, 2015
2015-02-02 Greg Wilson Lab for Data Intensive Biology at UC Davis Joins Software Carpentry as an Affiliate
2015-02-02 Greg Wilson rOpenSci Unconference in March 2015
2015-02-02 Greg Wilson Our First Workshop in South Korea
2015-02-02 Greg Wilson Nouns and Verbs
2015-02-02 Greg Wilson iPlant Becomes Software Carpentry Affiliate

January 2015

2015-01-31 Greg Wilson Announcing 2015 Steering Committee
2015-01-30 Greg Wilson Interim Steering Committee Meeting: Dec 16, 2014
2015-01-28 Tracy Teal Data Carpentry Genomics and Assessment Hackathon
2015-01-26 Greg Wilson Cast Your Vote
2015-01-24 Greg Wilson Welcome Our First New Instructors of 2015
2015-01-24 Greg Wilson The Other Ninety Percent
2015-01-22 Greg Wilson University College London Becomes Software Carpentry Affiliate
2015-01-22 Greg Wilson Improving the Balance
2015-01-22 Aleksandra Pawlik Call for ELIXIR Node Coordinators
2015-01-21 Aleksandra Pawlik Workshops in Oxford
2015-01-21 Sheldon McKay Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 1
2015-01-20 Diego Barneche Feedback from Workshop at UFSC
2015-01-17 Greg Wilson Orwell, Dickens, and How We'll Know We're Done
2015-01-16 Adina Howe 2015 Election: Adina Howe
2015-01-16 Ivan Gonzalez 2015 Election: Ivan Gonzalez
2015-01-16 Jonah Duckles 2015 Election: Jonah Duckles
2015-01-16 Tim Cerino 2015 Election: Tim Cerino
2015-01-15 John Blischak 2015 Election: John Blischak
2015-01-14 Jason Williams 2015 Election: Jason Williams
2015-01-14 Jeramia Ory 2015 Election: Jeramia Ory
2015-01-14 Sheldon McKay 2015 Election: Sheldon McKay
2015-01-14 Karin Lagesen 2015 Election: Karin Lagesen
2015-01-14 Greg Wilson Practical Computing for Biologists (and Other Scientists)
2015-01-14 Greg Wilson Language Wars and Others
2015-01-13 Greg Wilson Thanks to RStudio
2015-01-13 Aleksandra Pawlik 2015 Election: Aleksandra Pawlik
2015-01-13 Greg Wilson Introducing Software Carpentry
2015-01-12 Raniere Silva 2015 Election: Raniere Silva
2015-01-12 Greg Wilson January 2015 Lab Meeting
2015-01-12 Greg Wilson Instructor Training at UC Davis
2015-01-09 Katy Huff 2015 Election: Katy Huff
2015-01-09 Matt Davis 2015 Election: Matt Davis
2015-01-06 Aleksandra Pawlik Research Software Engineer Position at the Oxford e-Research Centre
2015-01-05 Greg Wilson 2015 Election Nominations
2015-01-05 Damien Irving 2015 Election: Damien Irving
2015-01-04 Greg Wilson The Future and Funding of Science


December 2014

2014-12-28 Greg Wilson Projects, Projects, Projects
2014-12-23 Greg Wilson Welcome Aboard
2014-12-19 Greg Wilson Interim Steering Committee Meeting: Dec 2, 2014
2014-12-18 Greg Wilson Standing for Election
2014-12-18 Greg Wilson All I Want for Christmas is a Pull Request...
2014-12-15 Greg Wilson Who Are We?
2014-12-15 Aaron O'Leary Guidelines for Extracting History
2014-12-13 Aleksandra Pawlik Feedback from WiSE in Krakow
2014-12-13 James Hetherington UCL Research Software Dashboard Developer
2014-12-13 Rachel Slaybaugh UC Berkeley Postdoctoral Position in Nuclear Engineering
2014-12-13 Greg Wilson Results of Software Sustainability Institute Survey
2014-12-13 Aleksandra Pawlik Feedback from the MSc Clinical Bioninformatics Workshop
2014-12-09 Greg Wilson Templates: We Live, We Learn
2014-12-08 Mike Jackson Software Carpentry Returns to Edinburgh
2014-12-05 Greg Wilson New Accessibility Guidelines
2014-12-05 Aleksandra Pawlik Google to Support WiSE Poland
2014-12-05 Raniere Silva, Andy Boughton Announcing the Lesson Validator
2014-12-04 Greg Wilson International Workshop on Software Engineering for High Performance Computing in Science
2014-12-04 Jonah Duckles Cape Town South Africa Workshop
2014-12-04 Andrew Walker An Advanced Short Course in Leeds
2014-12-03 Greg Wilson Summarizing the News
2014-12-03 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry Foundation: Workshops
2014-12-03 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry Foundation: Organizational Membership
2014-12-03 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry Foundation: Governance
2014-12-03 Greg Wilson Plans for 2015: Workshop Organization
2014-12-03 Greg Wilson Plans for 2015: Mentorship and Assessment
2014-12-03 Greg Wilson Plans for 2015: Lessons
2014-12-03 Greg Wilson Plans for 2015: Instructor Training
2014-12-03 Greg Wilson Our First Election
2014-12-02 Greg Wilson What About MOOCs?
2014-12-01 Greg Wilson Reminder: Lab Meeting on Thursday
2014-12-01 Greg Wilson Goalposts for the Digital Humanities

November 2014

2014-11-27 Greg Wilson How to Manage Confidential Data
2014-11-25 Greg Wilson Translating Software Carpentry into Korean
2014-11-24 Greg Wilson Congratulations to Data Carpentry
2014-11-23 Aleksandra Pawlik Announcing WiSE Krakow!
2014-11-22 Greg Wilson Instructor Training Stats
2014-11-20 Greg Wilson Adding a Projects Page
2014-11-19 Greg Wilson The New Instructor Post-Assessment Questionnaire
2014-11-18 Greg Wilson Interim Board Meeting: Nov 18, 2014
2014-11-18 Greg Wilson Close Enough for Scientific Work
2014-11-15 Gabriel A. Devenyi Lessons, the Repository Split, and Translations
2014-11-14 Pauline Barmby Workshop Summary: Gerstein Science Information Centre, University of Toronto
2014-11-14 Greg Wilson Announcing November 2014 Lab Meeting
2014-11-13 Greg Wilson Replacing the Teaching Blog
2014-11-11 Greg Wilson Why It Matters
2014-11-11 Stephen Turner Workshop at the University of Virginia
2014-11-11 Tiziano Zito Workshop at GeoSim (Potsdam)
2014-11-10 Noam Ross Ongoing Learning with User Groups
2014-11-07 Greg Wilson Amdahl's Law and Software Carpentry
2014-11-06 Greg Wilson You Should Read Juha Sorva's Thesis
2014-11-06 Greg Wilson Instructor Training at TGAC
2014-11-06 Damien Irving Why Institutional Partnerships Make So Much Sense
2014-11-04 Diego Barneche An R Workshop at the University of Sydney
2014-11-04 Greg Wilson Interim Board Meeting: Nov 4, 2014
2014-11-04 Greg Wilson A 'Joel Test' for Grassroots Programming Groups
2014-11-03 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry Foundation: FAQ
2014-11-02 Daniel Chen Revamping the Instructor Survey

October 2014

2014-10-31 Peter Steinbach Particle Physicists Pulling Themselves From The Swamp
2014-10-30 Greg Wilson Why We Don't Teach Testing (Even Though We'd Like To)
2014-10-29 Greg Wilson Pandoc and Building Pages
2014-10-28 Greg Wilson Why Software Matters
2014-10-27 Greg Wilson Lost in Space
2014-10-27 Greg Wilson British Library Courses
2014-10-23 Greg Wilson A New Lesson Template, Version 2
2014-10-20 John Blischak Presenting the Novice R Materials and Future Plans for the SWC R Community
2014-10-17 Tommy Guy Num Wrongs Plus Plus
2014-10-16 Greg Wilson Welcome More New Instructors
2014-10-15 Greg Wilson A Research Software Petition
2014-10-14 Raniere Silva Yet Another Template for Lessons
2014-10-14 Damien Irving A Self-Recorded Workshop
2014-10-14 Gabriel A. Devenyi Of Templates and Metadata
2014-10-14 Greg Wilson Interim Board Meeting: Oct 14, 2014
2014-10-14 Greg Wilson A New Template for Lessons
2014-10-08 Greg Wilson Announcing the Creation of the Software Carpentry Foundation
2014-10-07 Mike Jackson ARCHER Software Carpentry workshop at The University of Edinburgh
2014-10-05 Azalee Bostroem Ideas to Improve Instructor Training
2014-10-04 Alexandra Simperler Studying Impact
2014-10-04 Greg Wilson A Reproducible Science Hackathon
2014-10-04 Greg Wilson Congratulations to the Moore Investigators
2014-10-04 Greg Wilson Browsercast
2014-10-04 Greg Wilson A New Template for Workshop Websites
2014-10-03 Greg Wilson Welcome Our New Instructors

September 2014

2014-09-30 Greg Wilson Interim Board Meeting: Sep 30, 2014
2014-09-29 Greg Wilson Splitting the Repository
2014-09-28 Greg Wilson UCOSP as a Model
2014-09-26 Greg Wilson September 2014 Lab Meeting Report
2014-09-24 Mike Jackson Feedback from Imperial College London
2014-09-23 Warren Code Learning Goals
2014-09-18 Greg Wilson A Proposal for Topic Maintainers
2014-09-17 Tianhui Michael Li How to Prepare for the Data Incubator
2014-09-16 Greg Wilson Interim Board Meeting: Sep 16, 2014
2014-09-12 Greg Wilson Videos from Stanford
2014-09-12 Greg Wilson September 2014 Lab Meeting
2014-09-10 Azalee Bostroem More Thoughts on Better Teachers
2014-09-10 Justin Kitzes Further Thoughts on Building Better Teachers
2014-09-09 Raniere Silva Software Carpentry Workshop at Universidade of São Paulo
2014-09-06 Greg Wilson An Update on Upcoming Bootcamps
2014-09-04 Greg Wilson Building Better Teachers
2014-09-03 Shauna Gordon-McKeon Open Source Comes to Campus
2014-09-03 Greg Wilson Nature Interview with Kaitlin Thaney
2014-09-03 Greg Wilson Instructor Training at UC Davis in January 2015

August 2014

2014-08-30 Raniere Silva Software Carpentry workshop at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
2014-08-30 Greg Wilson Fall 2014 Bootcamps (So Far)
2014-08-29 Damien Irving The New MATLAB Teaching Materials
2014-08-29 Rob Beagrie Software Carpentry at Cambridge University
2014-08-23 Raniere Silva Software Carpentry at Brazilian Open Science Conference
2014-08-21 Greg Wilson The Fifth ANGUS Course
2014-08-18 Greg Wilson Conversations About Teaching
2014-08-14 Greg Wilson A MOOC on Practical Numerical Methods with Python
2014-08-13 Greg Wilson News from Australia
2014-08-13 Cam Macdonell Three Bootcamps for Librarians
2014-08-11 James Hetherington UCL Research Software Development is Hiring
2014-08-11 Greg Wilson Inessential Weirdness in Software Carpentry
2014-08-08 Simon Hettrick The Research Software Engineer AGM and Hackday
2014-08-04 Greg Wilson Sustainability
2014-08-04 Aleksandra Pawlik The Real Purpose of Sprints

July 2014

2014-07-29 Greg Wilson Summer Sprint Summary
2014-07-28 Mike Jackson Feedback from Cranfield
2014-07-21 Greg Wilson Using a Package Manager for Lessons and Papers
2014-07-21 Raniere Silva, Piotr Banaszkiewicz, Gabriel Ivanica GSoC Projects at Summer Sprint
2014-07-21 Greg Wilson Summer Sprint FAQ
2014-07-21 Greg Wilson SciPy 2014 Talks and Lessons
2014-07-17 Alan O'Cais Bootcamps in Cyprus and Jordan
2014-07-11 Mike Jackson ARCHER Software Carpentry Bootcamp at Imperial College London
2014-07-08 Raniere Silva Translating Software Carpentry into Portuguese
2014-07-07 Daniel Chen Our First High School Workshop at Rockefeller University
2014-07-05 Greg Wilson Scientific Groupware Revisited

June 2014

2014-06-30 Aleksandra Pawlik Feedback from the bootcamp at Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare in Pisa
2014-06-27 Greg Wilson Summary of June 2014 Lab Meeting
2014-06-27 Greg Wilson Our IUSE Proposal Was Rejected
2014-06-25 Greg Wilson Reminder: Lab Meeting Tomorrow
2014-06-22 Greg Wilson Translating Software Carpentry into Spanish
2014-06-20 Greg Wilson Help Us Build an Admin Tool for Bootcamps
2014-06-19 Bill Mills Reflections on Claremont
2014-06-18 Ben Waugh Teaching Support IT Job at UCL Physics and Astronomy
2014-06-18 Jeff Shelton Engineering-Focused Bootcamp
2014-06-17 Greg Wilson Reminder: June 2014 Lab Meeting
2014-06-15 Greg Wilson An Update on Our Sprint Plans
2014-06-15 Tareq Malas A Success Story from KAUST
2014-06-15 Will Trimble Fixing 14 Repositories
2014-06-15 Greg Wilson A Double Handful of Bootcamps
2014-06-09 Greg Wilson Registration Open for Instructor Training in Norwich in October
2014-06-09 Greg Wilson Planning Our Summer Sprint
2014-06-09 Mike Jackson ARCHER Software Carpentry Bootcamp and Introduction to Scientific Programming in Python
2014-06-09 Greg Wilson Announcing June 2014 Lab Meeting
2014-06-05 Greg Wilson Research Computing Facilitator Jobs in Wisconsin
2014-06-05 Jeff Hollister Keeping the Bootcamp Fun Alive!
2014-06-05 Greg Wilson Introducing Scientists to Testing and Code Review
2014-06-05 Greg Wilson Instructor Training in Norwich, October 2014
2014-06-05 Greg Wilson Collected Links

May 2014

2014-05-28 Dhavide Aruliah Teaching Librarians in Montreal
2014-05-28 Aleksandra Pawlik Learning to Teach Never Ends
2014-05-26 Greg Wilson Announcing Two More WiSE Bootcamps
2014-05-24 Greg Wilson Summary of May 2014 Lab Meeting
2014-05-24 Greg Wilson Data Science Study Invitation
2014-05-21 Greg Wilson Lab Meeting Reminder
2014-05-20 Greg Wilson Behind the Scenes
2014-05-20 Greg Wilson A Lot of Bootcamps in the Works
2014-05-14 Karen Cranston Our First Data Carpentry Workshop
2014-05-14 Greg Wilson Job Openings at the Mozilla Science Lab
2014-05-14 Aleksandra Pawlik Technical Training Officer (LVT Training Officer) position at TGAC
2014-05-13 Greg Wilson Agenda for This Month's Lab Meeting
2014-05-08 Christina Koch A Training Veteran Weighs In
2014-05-08 Greg Wilson Knocking on the Future's Door
2014-05-08 Jory Schossau Assessment Results: First Batch
2014-05-05 Greg Wilson Playing the Kazoo
2014-05-05 Greg Wilson A Multi-Site Sprint in July
2014-05-02 Greg Wilson How to Improve Instructor Training
2014-05-01 Greg Wilson Wise as Athena...

April 2014

2014-04-27 Greg Wilson PyCon 2014 Videos
2014-04-25 Greg Wilson April 2014 Lab Meeting
2014-04-24 Lauren Michael Position: Systems Integration Developer at UW-Madison
2014-04-23 Greg Wilson Mr. Biczo Was Right
2014-04-23 Raniere Silva Math Authoring Gap and MathUI
2014-04-23 Greg Wilson Import Lesson
2014-04-22 Greg Wilson GSoC Projects for 2014
2014-04-22 Aleksandra Pawlik, Christina Koch Software Carpentry bootcamp at GARNet
2014-04-22 Kaitlin Thaney Office Hours for Code as a Research Object
2014-04-19 Greg Wilson Workshops at SESYNC
2014-04-18 Steven Koenig Workshop at University of Southern Denmark, Odense
2014-04-18 Greg Wilson Changing the Channel
2014-04-16 Greg Wilson Do Not Be Worried
2014-04-15 Greg Wilson Summarizing Our Instructors' Skills
2014-04-06 Greg Wilson Bridging the Writing Gap
2014-04-05 Greg Wilson Does Continuous Publication Require Continuous Attention?
2014-04-04 Bill Mills Uniting the Narrative
2014-04-04 John Blischak Summary of March 2014 Meeting to Discuss Novice R Material

March 2014

2014-03-30 Greg Wilson Announcing NBDiff
2014-03-29 Greg Wilson Updating Our Checklists
2014-03-27 Greg Wilson One of Our Inspirations
2014-03-27 Greg Wilson Building a Minimal Online Presence
2014-03-27 Greg Wilson Changing Our Core Curriculum
2014-03-27 Greg Wilson Announcing Our Next Lab Meeting
2014-03-23 David Rio What Tools Do You Use to Get Your Job Done?
2014-03-23 Greg Wilson Not on the Shelves
2014-03-19 Greg Wilson Empirical Software Engineering Papers
2014-03-18 Greg Wilson Our Original Logo
2014-03-18 Greg Wilson Data Science Workshops in Seattle
2014-03-17 Diana Clark PyCon is Just a Month Away
2014-03-14 Greg Wilson You and Jimi Hendrix
2014-03-14 Greg Wilson A Letter from John von Neumann
2014-03-14 Aleksandra Pawlik Software Carpentry at TGAC
2014-03-14 Greg Wilson Everything Old is New Again
2014-03-14 Justin Kitzes Collaborative Lesson Development - Why Not?
2014-03-12 Greg Wilson John Hunter Technology Fellowship 2014
2014-03-07 Greg Wilson Reproducibility Workshop at XSEDE
2014-03-07 Greg Wilson Anatole France, Updated
2014-03-04 Greg Wilson Learn How to Teach People to Program
2014-03-04 Greg Wilson A Workshop for Librarians at PyCon
2014-03-03 Aleksandra Pawlik SSI Collaborations Workshop and Hackday
2014-03-03 Greg Wilson Summary of Feb 2014 Lab Meeting
2014-03-01 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry on the CBC

February 2014

2014-02-25 Greg Wilson The Open Scoop Challenge
2014-02-24 Damien Irving Software Carpentry: the University Course
2014-02-23 Greg Wilson Lab Meeting (Feb 2014)
2014-02-21 Greg Wilson From Training to Engagement
2014-02-19 Greg Wilson Lessons Learned Has Been Published
2014-02-13 Greg Wilson Our Biggest Event Ever
2014-02-12 Karthik Ram rOpenSci Hackathon
2014-02-09 Greg Wilson An Online Peer Instruction Tool
2014-02-09 Greg Wilson Wrapping Up Round 7 (and a Reminder About Instructor Training)
2014-02-05 Greg Wilson Keeping Track of Problems

January 2014

2014-01-30 Greg Wilson Workshops at the Data Science Centers
2014-01-28 Greg Wilson Workshop for Women in Science and Engineering: April 14-15 at LBL
2014-01-28 Greg Wilson Workshops at PyCon in Montreal This April
2014-01-28 Greg Wilson Teaching Online (Sort Of) in 2014
2014-01-26 Greg Wilson Research Transparency Job at UC Berkeley
2014-01-24 Aleksandra Pawlik Feedback from the First MATLAB Bootcamp
2014-01-19 Greg Wilson Why Not a MOOC?
2014-01-18 Ivan Gonzalez Wrapping Up in Narrangasett
2014-01-18 Aleksandra Pawlik Feedback from the First Cambridge R Bootcamp
2014-01-16 Michael Hansen Introducing the Image Novice Module
2014-01-15 Greg Wilson Publishing on the Web
2014-01-15 Greg Wilson From 0 to 1 to 10
2014-01-14 Greg Wilson Code Review, Round 2
2014-01-10 Paul Wilson It's Not Just the Tools that Differ Between the Two Cultures
2014-01-09 Amy Brown Job Opportunity at University College London
2014-01-07 Jeff Carver Test-Driven Development in Scientific Computing
2014-01-07 Greg Wilson Mental Models and Vicious Circles
2014-01-07 Greg Wilson 'Best Practices' Has Been Published
2014-01-07 Greg Wilson We Need More of These
2014-01-06 Amy Brown Introducing Arliss Collins


December 2013

2013-12-31 Greg Wilson Tools, Conversations, and Cultures
2013-12-31 Greg Wilson Our Store Is Open
2013-12-27 Greg Wilson Catch and Hold
2013-12-25 Greg Wilson Oxford, One Year On
2013-12-19 Greg Wilson So How Is Instructor Training Going?
2013-12-19 Greg Wilson Andromeda's Advice
2013-12-11 Kaitlin Thaney Code as a Research Object
2013-12-10 Greg Wilson There Ought to Be a Badge
2013-12-10 Aron Ahmadia Release 2013.11
2013-12-09 Greg Wilson News from the SSI
2013-12-09 Kaitlin Thaney Mozilla Science Lab Community Call for December 2013
2013-12-05 Greg Wilson Two to the Fifth New Instructors
2013-12-05 Martin Jones Advanced Python for Biologists
2013-12-05 Mike Jackson Feedback from Edinburgh
2013-12-02 Aleksandra Pawlik Software and Research Session at AGU 2013

November 2013

2013-11-29 Greg Wilson WiSE Bootcamp at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
2013-11-28 Nick Brown DiRAC Driving Test Comes to Edinburgh
2013-11-26 Lynne Williams Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Scientific Computing
2013-11-25 Greg Wilson Registration Now Open for Instructor Training Course
2013-11-24 Greg Wilson Centre for Doctoral Training at Southampton
2013-11-21 The Art of Cold Calling (Updated)
2013-11-19 Damien Irving What to Say at a Bootcamp, After It's All Said and Done
2013-11-19 Joshua Ryan Smith How Software Carpentry Helped Me Write a Paper
2013-11-17 Greg Wilson Thanks from Woods Hole
2013-11-17 Jory Schossau Moving Forward with Assessment: Interviews
2013-11-16 Greg Wilson Workshop at SIGCSE 2014
2013-11-16 Greg Wilson Instructor Training in Three Days
2013-11-16 Greg Wilson Creating a Forum
2013-11-16 Greg Wilson Citing Us In Your CV
2013-11-13 Greg Wilson Women in Tech Workshop at PyData NYC
2013-11-13 Greg Wilson Data Science Centers at UCB, UW, and NYU
2013-11-12 Greg Wilson Report on the PLOS/Mozilla Code Review Pilot
2013-11-08 Philipp Bayer Our First Bootcamp in Adelaide
2013-11-02 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry's Scope
2013-11-02 Greg Wilson Reorganizing
2013-11-02 Greg Wilson November 2013 Lab Meeting

October 2013

2013-10-17 Greg Wilson You Keep Using That Word
2013-10-17 Greg Wilson The State of Open Science
2013-10-14 Martin Jones Python for Biologists
2013-10-14 Greg Wilson Curriculum Design
2013-10-09 Greg Wilson Enrolment Figures (Fall 2013)
2013-10-08 Mike Jackson A new UK administrator for Software Carpentry
2013-10-04 Greg Wilson October 2013 Lab Meeting
2013-10-04 Greg Wilson Our Biggest Bootcamp Ever at PyCon 2014
2013-10-01 Steven Koenig Steven Koenig: What I've Learned

September 2013

2013-09-30 Anthony Scopatz Bootcamp Student Composition by Domain
2013-09-27 Greg Wilson The Future: Today
2013-09-26 Greg Wilson Code and Data for the Social Sciences
2013-09-25 Michael Hansen Michael Hansen: What I've Learned
2013-09-24 Aleksandra Pawlik SSI Fellowship Programme 2014
2013-09-24 Greg Wilson How Much Testing Is Enough?
2013-09-21 Sarah Supp Sarah Supp: What I've Learned
2013-09-21 Lex Nederbragt Lex Nederbragt: What I've Learned
2013-09-21 Sarah Supp Software Skills and Hummingbird Diversity
2013-09-15 Anthony Scopatz Scientific Computing at AIMS
2013-09-11 Konrad Hinsen Konrad Hinsen: What I've Learned
2013-09-09 Diego Barneche Diego Barneche: What I've Learned
2013-09-02 Greg Wilson Teaching Librarians at Harvard
2013-09-02 Kimberly Gilbert Share Your Code With the Molecular Ecologist Blog
2013-09-02 Greg Wilson Our Plan for the Science Lab
2013-09-02 Greg Wilson Introducing Citation Files

August 2013

2013-08-30 Greg Wilson Open Access Button Hackathon is Sept 7-8
2013-08-30 Greg Wilson Jonathan Dursi Joins Compute Canada
2013-08-23 Greg Wilson Two Cheers for GitHub
2013-08-23 Mike Jackson What Makes Good Code Good at INTECOL13
2013-08-23 Greg Wilson Instructor Training Statistics
2013-08-23 Greg Wilson August 2013 Lab Meeting
2013-08-22 Greg Wilson Video Interviews from SESYNC Workshop
2013-08-20 Jory Schossau Creating Assessments and What to do With the Data
2013-08-19 Greg Wilson Bootcamp Questionnaires
2013-08-19 Greg Wilson August 2013 Lab Meeting
2013-08-18 Greg Wilson Our New Operations Guide
2013-08-14 Greg Wilson Summary of Host Survey
2013-08-13 Greg Wilson What We Cover in Instructor Training

July 2013

2013-07-26 Greg Wilson Report on the Indiana Bootcamp
2013-07-20 Greg Wilson Miscellaneous Videos
2013-07-19 Greg Wilson Welcome Our New Instructors
2013-07-19 Greg Wilson The Fourteenth Anniversary
2013-07-18 Mike Jackson DiRAC Driving Test Ready to Roll
2013-07-18 Greg Wilson Data Science Workflows
2013-07-18 Mike Jackson Feedback from Bath
2013-07-17 Greg Wilson Biological Computing User Stories
2013-07-16 Greg Wilson Computational Competence for Biologists
2013-07-14 Shreyas Cholia eResearch New Zealand 2013 Bootcamp Roundup
2013-07-10 Karin Lagesen The Oslo Bootcamp
2013-07-06 Greg Wilson Workshop for e-Infrastructure Trainers
2013-07-05 Greg Wilson WiSE Bootcamp Roundup
2013-07-05 Greg Wilson Sloan Foundation Proposal Round 2

June 2013

2013-06-27 Terri Yu After WISE
2013-06-20 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry: Lessons Learned
2013-06-19 Greg Wilson The Twelve Bar Blues of Open Science
2013-06-18 Terri Yu UMass Amherst Bootcamp: Perspective from a Helper
2013-06-17 Greg Wilson Salk Institute Feedback
2013-06-15 Mike Jackson Bootcamp in Bristol, September 12-13, 2013
2013-06-14 Greg Wilson Announcing the Mozilla Science Lab
2013-06-13 Greg Wilson June 2013 Lab Meeting
2013-06-09 Ben Morris North Carolina Bootcamps
2013-06-07 Greg Wilson Running Bootcamps
2013-06-07 Ted Hart Thoughts on an Advanced Bootcamp at Boulder
2013-06-06 Onno Broekmans Amsterdam Bootcamp
2013-06-05 Robin Wilson Feedback and Experiences from Southampton
2013-06-02 Mike Jackson Software Carpentry at INTECOL13
2013-06-02 Aleksandra Pawlik From a Helper to an Instructor

May 2013

2013-05-30 Greg Wilson The Great Licenceathon
2013-05-30 Aleksandra Pawlik Krakow Bootcamp Experience
2013-05-26 Greg Wilson What Does Victory Look Like?
2013-05-26 Greg Wilson What Does Done Look Like?
2013-05-25 Greg Wilson Our Infrastructure
2013-05-24 Greg Wilson Where We Are (More or Less)
2013-05-24 Greg Wilson Planning for the Break
2013-05-24 Jonathan Cooper Feedback from the Oxford DTCs
2013-05-24 Greg Wilson Browsercast
2013-05-17 Greg Wilson Wrapping Up at UC Davis
2013-05-17 Mike Jackson Experiences with the Oxford DTCs
2013-05-16 Ariel Rokem Stanford Bootcamp Recap
2013-05-16 Greg Wilson Announcing Hack4ac
2013-05-14 Greg Wilson A Mention in Science Careers
2013-05-10 Greg Wilson Git vs. Subversion and Feedback in General
2013-05-03 Greg Wilson Make It Easier to (Re)use Your Data
2013-05-03 Greg Wilson More Detailed Feeback from Melbourne
2013-05-02 Greg Wilson Translucent Badges
2013-05-02 Greg Wilson A Rational Computing Process: How and Why to Fake It

April 2013

2013-04-30 Greg Wilson Pre-Assessment Results
2013-04-29 Greg Wilson An Update on Cumulative Enrolment
2013-04-27 Luis Figueira Sound Software Competition
2013-04-24 Aron Ahmadia Bootcamp Recap: Middle East and South Africa
2013-04-24 Greg Wilson Manchester Once Again
2013-04-23 Matt Davis Software Carpentry at SciPy 2013
2013-04-19 Greg Wilson Spreadsheets, Retractions, and Bias
2013-04-19 Amy Brown Feedback from Arizona
2013-04-16 Justin Kitzes Feedback from UC Berkeley
2013-04-16 Mike Jackson Feedback from the EGI Forum
2013-04-08 Greg Wilson Installation Revisited
2013-04-08 Greg Wilson Evaluation Revisited
2013-04-08 Greg Wilson A Bootcamp in Toronto May 9-10, 2013
2013-04-07 Greg Wilson Announcing a Bootcamp for Women in Science and Engineering
2013-04-05 Frank Pennekamp An Image Analysis Success Story
2013-04-03 Paul Wilson Connecting Bootcamp Content to Motivation and Best Practices

March 2013

2013-03-24 Greg Wilson Using the IPython Notebook as a Teaching Tool
2013-03-17 Greg Wilson Testing Image Processing
2013-03-17 Greg Wilson Cumulative Enrollment
2013-03-15 Greg Wilson Snowstorms and Blackouts in Virginia
2013-03-14 Amy Brown New Camps Coming Up
2013-03-13 Justin Kitzes Second Round at Lawrence Berkeley
2013-03-12 Greg Wilson A New Testing Framework for MATLAB
2013-03-05 Greg Wilson First Round at Lawrence Berkeley
2013-03-02 Matt Davis Teaching with ipythonblocks at UW
2013-03-01 Greg Wilson Washington Went Well
2013-03-01 Matt Davis Feedback from UW Room B
2013-03-01 Greg Wilson Alternative Teaching Models

February 2013

2013-02-27 Ben Waugh Workshop for High-Energy Physics at UCL, Part 2
2013-02-27 Greg Wilson A Bootcamp for Women in Science and Engineering
2013-02-15 Greg Wilson Wrapping Up in Melbourne
2013-02-15 Matt Davis Expanding Our Bootcamp Types
2013-02-14 Greg Wilson More News from the UK
2013-02-14 Amy Brown Registration for Amsterdam Bootcamp is Open
2013-02-13 Mike Jackson Second Dry-Run of DiRAC Driver's License Exam
2013-02-12 Greg Wilson Partnering with the SSI
2013-02-11 Greg Wilson UBC Went Well
2013-02-11 Greg Wilson Correctness Isn't Compelling
2013-02-08 Greg Wilson Macquarie Went Well
2013-02-06 Greg Wilson We Have a Facebook Page
2013-02-03 Greg Wilson The Missing Side of the Triangle
2013-02-03 Greg Wilson Features and Scope in Open Courseware
2013-02-03 Greg Wilson A Short Report from Tuebingen
2013-02-02 Ethan White A Short Report from Utah State
2013-02-01 Greg Wilson Next-Generation Sequencing Course 2013
2013-02-01 Greg Wilson A Bunch of Bootcamps

January 2013

2013-01-30 Ted Hart Teaching R at UBC
2013-01-30 Greg Wilson A Bootcamp at Mozilla
2013-01-28 Greg Wilson Novelty, Efficiency, and Trust
2013-01-24 Joshua L. Peterson Visualizing Nuclear Fuel Inventories
2013-01-23 Greg Wilson How to Become an Instructor
2013-01-22 Greg Wilson Record and Playback in the IPython Notebook
2013-01-21 Jon Pipitone Online Office Hours
2013-01-16 Anthony Scopatz University of Chicago in January
2013-01-14 Ross Dickson Montreal in January
2013-01-11 Greg Wilson Teaching Commercially
2013-01-10 Greg Wilson PLoS Ad for Software Carpentry
2013-01-05 The Art of Cold Calling
2013-01-04 Greg Wilson Why We Teach
2013-01-04 Greg Wilson Advice From a Newbie No More


December 2012

2012-12-23 Greg Wilson Computer Science Curricula 2013
2012-12-21 Greg Wilson Sample Data Management Plans
2012-12-21 Greg Wilson Code of Conduct
2012-12-19 Greg Wilson Minutes from 2012-12-19
2012-12-16 Greg Wilson You've Shown Me the C, Now Where's the Python?
2012-12-15 Nicolas Limare Three Non-trivial Use Cases for Git
2012-12-15 Greg Wilson Lorena Barba's Reproducibility PI Manifesto
2012-12-13 Greg Wilson Two R Workshops at UBC in 2013
2012-12-12 Greg Wilson IPython Funding: Hurray!
2012-12-12 Mike Jackson Feedback from Edinburgh
2012-12-11 Greg Wilson Some of the Things We've Learned About Teaching Git
2012-12-10 Greg Wilson Things Are Going Well in Texas on Ada Lovelace's Birthday
2012-12-09 Greg Wilson What To Work On In 2013
2012-12-08 Greg Wilson Creating a Task List
2012-12-05 Greg Wilson Why Be an Instructor
2012-12-05 Greg Wilson Who Can Run a Software Carpentry Workshop?
2012-12-05 Greg Wilson Sustainability
2012-12-05 Greg Wilson Six Years Later
2012-12-05 Greg Wilson Our First Hackathon
2012-12-05 Greg Wilson Moving Up and Moving Down
2012-12-04 Greg Wilson See You at PyCon 2013
2012-12-01 Greg Wilson European Grid Infrastructure is Organizing a Software Carpentry Workshop

November 2012

2012-11-30 Greg Wilson Good News About Software Carpentry (and More)
2012-11-27 Greg Wilson Alpha Testing Ideas for the IPython Notebook
2012-11-25 Greg Wilson Titus Brown on the Scripps Institute Bootcamp
2012-11-24 Greg Wilson Cait Pickens on the Scripps Institute Bootcamp
2012-11-19 Greg Wilson Who Wants To Build a Faded Example Tool for the IPython Notebook?
2012-11-19 Greg Wilson The Tool (I Think) We Need To Do Peer Instruction Online
2012-11-17 Greg Wilson Updating Our Reading List
2012-11-16 Greg Wilson Who Wants To Write a Little Code?
2012-11-16 Greg Wilson We Apologize for the Interruption in Our Service
2012-11-16 Greg Wilson Matt Davis's Great Californian Adventure
2012-11-16 Matt Davis Making a Difference at LBL
2012-11-15 Greg Wilson This Is What We Do
2012-11-14 Ben Waugh Workshop for High-Energy Physics at UCL
2012-11-14 Greg Wilson FOSDEM 2013
2012-11-14 Greg Wilson A Mostly Successful Decade
2012-11-13 Greg Wilson Web 4 Science
2012-11-13 Greg Wilson Pre-Assessment
2012-11-07 Mike Jackson More Oxford feedback
2012-11-06 Greg Wilson More Tips
2012-11-05 Greg Wilson An Administrative Note
2012-11-04 Greg Wilson Winter School on Reproducible Research
2012-11-03 Greg Wilson How to Help at a Bootcamp
2012-11-01 Jon Pipitone Pelican Guts: on content management for Software Carpentry
2012-11-01 Greg Wilson Oxford Wrap-Up (with charts!)
2012-11-01 Greg Wilson Charging and Being Charged

October 2012

2012-10-30 Greg Wilson Minutes from 2012-10-29 All-Hands Meeting
2012-10-30 Greg Wilson A List of Bioinformatics Courses
2012-10-29 Greg Wilson Position Available: Director, Webmaking Science Lab, Mozilla
2012-10-28 Greg Wilson Usability Testing and Instructional Design
2012-10-27 Greg Wilson Why This Is Hard (Part Deux)
2012-10-26 Greg Wilson Two Self-Assessments
2012-10-26 Greg Wilson Mozilla Web Literacies White Paper
2012-10-26 Greg Wilson Counting to Five (or, A Plan for Online Tutorials and What's Wrong With It)
2012-10-25 Greg Wilson Prime Numbers, Biologists, and Data Visualization
2012-10-24 Mike Jackson Feedback from Newcastle
2012-10-23 Greg Wilson Twenty Percent
2012-10-23 Greg Wilson Key Points
2012-10-23 Greg Wilson 25 Questions
2012-10-22 Greg Wilson Getting Credit
2012-10-22 Matt Davis Feedback from UC Berkeley
2012-10-22 Greg Wilson Excel Isn't Intrinsically Evil
2012-10-21 Greg Wilson Why Teaching People to Program Is Hard
2012-10-20 Matt Davis Feedback from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
2012-10-17 Greg Wilson I Screwed Up (or, Why Automation Isn't Always a Good Thing)
2012-10-12 Greg Wilson Why We Teach Version Control
2012-10-12 Greg Wilson Rebuilding Redux
2012-10-10 Mike Hansen Purdue
2012-10-10 Greg Wilson Dark Matter, Public Health, and Scientific Computing
2012-10-05 Ben Waugh UCL Researchers to Get Help with Software Development
2012-10-05 Greg Wilson Convergent Evolution
2012-10-04 Greg Wilson Wanted: An Entry-Level Provenance Library
2012-10-04 Matt Davis Transitioning to the IPython Notebook
2012-10-03 Greg Wilson Best Practices for Scientific Computing
2012-10-02 Katy Huff How to Help at a Bootcamp
2012-10-01 Greg Wilson What Would You Like in an Instructor's Guide?

September 2012

2012-09-30 Greg Wilson The Real Hard Work
2012-09-30 Greg Wilson Oslo and Columbia
2012-09-29 Greg Wilson Workshop at the University of Newcastle in October
2012-09-27 Greg Wilson How to Run a Bootcamp (new and improved)
2012-09-26 Greg Wilson Computational Thinking and Ice Floating in Bathtubs
2012-09-20 Greg Wilson Why This Stuff Is Hard To Teach
2012-09-20 Chris Cannam Feedback and wrap-up from York
2012-09-18 Greg Wilson What's In Your Stack?
2012-09-18 Greg Wilson Post-Mortem on the NGS Course
2012-09-16 Greg Wilson Systematic Curriculum Design
2012-09-13 Matt Davis Number Crunching with Python: DC Python Workshop
2012-09-12 Greg Wilson The Software Is Open (even if the interviews aren't)
2012-09-12 Greg Wilson Patterns Wanted
2012-09-06 Greg Wilson How Quickly Do Workshops Fill Up?
2012-09-04 Greg Wilson Not Really Disjoint
2012-09-04 Greg Wilson Free As In Pretty Much Whatever You Want
2012-09-04 Greg Wilson Final Results of Demographic Survey
2012-09-02 Greg Wilson Lifted by the Audience

August 2012

2012-08-29 Greg Wilson Please Help the Hunter Family
2012-08-29 Greg Wilson Linking Forward From a Bibliography?
2012-08-29 Greg Wilson A Problem With Badges
2012-08-27 Greg Wilson An Interview with Titus Brown
2012-08-21 Greg Wilson An Updated List of Upcoming Workshops
2012-08-20 Greg Wilson What We Talk About When We Talk About Software Carpentry
2012-08-17 Greg Wilson Who Are You?
2012-08-16 Greg Wilson Alpha Test of Driver's License Exam
2012-08-14 Greg Wilson Interview about Software Carpentry (and Education)
2012-08-14 Greg Wilson Applying Pedagogical Principles in This Course
2012-08-14 Greg Wilson A Question and Answer Matrix for Software Carpentry
2012-08-01 Greg Wilson We're Going to Be Busy
2012-08-01 Greg Wilson That Was Quick

July 2012

2012-07-30 Greg Wilson Record and Playback
2012-07-28 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry Needs You!
2012-07-22 Greg Wilson IPython Notebook + Towtruck + Etherpad + Slide Drive = Win
2012-07-21 Nelle Varoquaux Software Carpentry in Paris !
2012-07-21 Greg Wilson How Robust Is Your Programming Language?
2012-07-19 Tommy Guy Workshop wrap up from the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
2012-07-17 Greg Wilson Wrapping Up in Halifax
2012-07-10 Greg Wilson Wrapping Up in Boston
2012-07-05 Greg Wilson Independent Assessment of the Past Six Months

June 2012

2012-06-27 Greg Wilson Where We Are (June 2012 edition)
2012-06-27 Greg Wilson Fortran Format Statements and Regular Expressions
2012-06-27 Greg Wilson A Supercomputing Driver's License
2012-06-26 Greg Wilson Two Posts on Scientific Workflows
2012-06-26 Greg Wilson Pessimism and Doom
2012-06-26 Greg Wilson Handling Variant Configuration Files
2012-06-25 Greg Wilson If You Want to Teach, Isn't It Only Fair to Learn a Few Things First?
2012-06-20 Matt Davis Feedback from Johns Hopkins
2012-06-18 Greg Wilson A Busy Week (And Schwag!)
2012-06-15 Greg Wilson This Week's Tutorials
2012-06-15 Greg Wilson Pretty Well Sums It Up
2012-06-14 Greg Wilson All Entries for the Executable Paper Grand Challenge
2012-06-10 Greg Wilson First Workshop on Maintainable Software Practices in e-Science
2012-06-08 Greg Wilson We Get Mail
2012-06-08 Greg Wilson But the Greatest of These Is...
2012-06-07 Matt Davis Tutorial: NumPy, SciPy, and matplotlib
2012-06-07 Greg Wilson Ten Simple Rules
2012-06-04 Greg Wilson What Skills Are Required to Implement Open Access?
2012-06-04 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry: The E-Book Version?
2012-06-03 Carlos Anderson Git tutorial links
2012-06-01 Matt Davis Introduction to NumPy Tutorial

May 2012

2012-05-31 Dan McGlinn Dictionaries are a Scientist's Friend
2012-05-30 Luis Figueira SoundSoftware 2012: Workshop on Software and Data for Audio and Music Research
2012-05-30 Greg Wilson A Poster for the Software Carpentry Workshop at INRIA
2012-05-29 Greg Wilson How to Run a Bootcamp
2012-05-27 Greg Wilson What to Read If You're Teaching Software Carpentry
2012-05-24 Greg Wilson Spot the Workshops
2012-05-24 Greg Wilson No CT Without PL
2012-05-24 Greg Wilson Feedback from the University of British Columbia
2012-05-23 Greg Wilson Responsible Conduct
2012-05-23 Greg Wilson Alone and Misunderstood
2012-05-22 Greg Wilson Citing Versions
2012-05-21 Greg Wilson Being More Systematic About Publicity
2012-05-21 Mike Hansen An Exercise With Matplotlib and Numpy
2012-05-20 Greg Wilson What's Wrong With All This?
2012-05-19 Greg Wilson Space at Upcoming Events
2012-05-18 Greg Wilson The Most Important Scientific Result Published in the Last Year
2012-05-18 Greg Wilson Feedback from Alberta
2012-05-17 Greg Wilson Halifax in July
2012-05-16 Greg Wilson And One More: Johns Hopkins in June
2012-05-15 Greg Wilson Two Bootcamps in Ontario in July
2012-05-15 Greg Wilson Fooling the Internet
2012-05-15 Chris Cannam Feedback from Newcastle upon Tyne
2012-05-14 Greg Wilson Solution to Indented List Problem
2012-05-12 Greg Wilson Feedback from Michigan State
2012-05-11 Greg Wilson Run My Code
2012-05-10 Greg Wilson Fish and Bugs
2012-05-09 Greg Wilson Bootcamp in Boston, July 9-10
2012-05-08 Greg Wilson The Architecture of Open Source Applications: Volume 2
2012-05-06 Mike Hansen An Exercise With Functions and Plotting
2012-05-04 Chris Cannam UCL Bootcamp: Version Control Wrap-Up
2012-05-02 Neil Chue Hong The Good and the Bad of It

April 2012

2012-04-30 Neil Chue Hong Better Across the Pond?
2012-04-28 Greg Wilson Stop Me If You've Heard This One
2012-04-26 Greg Wilson Solution to Sets and Dictionaries Exercise
2012-04-20 Greg Wilson An Exercise With Sets and Dictionaries
2012-04-19 Hanah Chapman Three Years Later
2012-04-18 Greg Wilson Where Next?
2012-04-18 Greg Wilson Behind the Scenes (or, the Ethics of Cultivating Discontent)
2012-04-17 Greg Wilson In Search of Prior Arguments
2012-04-17 Greg Wilson Halfway Home
2012-04-17 Greg Wilson GitHub for Education
2012-04-16 Greg Wilson Utah State University Wrap-Up
2012-04-15 Greg Wilson Data Munging with Regular Expressions
2012-04-14 Greg Wilson We're Neutral (but Not Really)
2012-04-12 Greg Wilson Video Update
2012-04-12 Greg Wilson Solution to Data Merging with Dictionaries
2012-04-10 Greg Wilson Straw Man for Web Programming
2012-04-09 Greg Wilson A Future Student
2012-04-06 Greg Wilson Titus Brown Finds a Theme
2012-04-06 Greg Wilson On Crossing Australia (or, Further Thoughts on What to Teach Researchers about the Web)
2012-04-05 Katy Huff Lessons Learned at the University Of Chicago
2012-04-04 Greg Wilson Solution to Data Checking Problem
2012-04-03 Greg Wilson Upcoming Events for Webmaking Instructors
2012-04-03 Greg Wilson Solution to the First Image Processing Homework
2012-04-03 Greg Wilson A Four-Day Curriculum
2012-04-01 Greg Wilson What to Teach Researchers About the Web
2012-04-01 Greg Wilson Sending Email Back in Time

March 2012

2012-03-30 Greg Wilson Wrapping Up in Oakland
2012-03-30 Greg Wilson What We Teach in Two Days
2012-03-30 Greg Wilson Maintaining Momentum
2012-03-28 Greg Wilson Wrapping Up MBARI Workshop
2012-03-28 Greg Wilson Bootcamp in Paris June 28-29, 2012
2012-03-23 Greg Wilson Object-Oriented Programming in Fortran 2003
2012-03-18 Greg Wilson The Dark Matter of Computational Science
2012-03-18 Greg Wilson And While We're Stuck Here With 21 Seconds Worth of Music to Fill...
2012-03-16 Greg Wilson Wrapping Up the STScI Course
2012-03-16 Greg Wilson Thank You, Enthought
2012-03-15 Greg Wilson First Homework for Indiana Students (and a few from Ontario)
2012-03-14 Greg Wilson Where Next for the Next-Gen Course (and Software Carpentry)?
2012-03-14 Greg Wilson How We're Doing
2012-03-14 Greg Wilson Ask the CompuScienceGeek?
2012-03-12 Tommy Guy The Trieste Workshop, One Week Later
2012-03-12 Greg Wilson The IPython Notebook
2012-03-09 Greg Wilson What's the Model, Kenneth?
2012-03-09 Greg Wilson Our Indiana U Workshop Went Well
2012-03-07 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry Meetup at PyCon
2012-03-07 Greg Wilson I Resemble That Remark
2012-03-05 Greg Wilson Programs as Experimental Apparatus
2012-03-05 Greg Wilson Open Education Week
2012-03-05 Greg Wilson Help Us Write Assessment Questions
2012-03-05 Greg Wilson Happy People
2012-03-04 Greg Wilson Performance Curves, Curriculum Design, and Trust
2012-03-01 Greg Wilson ULP (or, This is tricky and perhaps profound)
2012-03-01 Greg Wilson Toronto Bootcamp February 2012: How We Did
2012-03-01 Greg Wilson Inscight from Trieste

February 2012

2012-02-29 Greg Wilson Worth Reading, Worth Watching
2012-02-28 Greg Wilson Reproducibility Redux
2012-02-27 Greg Wilson Frustration (continued)
2012-02-27 Greg Wilson Badges (Finalized)
2012-02-24 Katy Huff Trieste, Italy Workshop - Week 1
2012-02-24 Greg Wilson Fourth (or Sixth) Online Tutorial
2012-02-23 Greg Wilson Should We Relocate Our Repository?
2012-02-22 Greg Wilson What Deep Thoughts Look Like
2012-02-22 Greg Wilson Watch Me: Trial Run
2012-02-22 Greg Wilson Granules of Research
2012-02-21 Greg Wilson Why *Not* Use Python
2012-02-21 Tommy Guy Hello from Trieste!
2012-02-21 Greg Wilson Badges (Mark 1)
2012-02-21 Greg Wilson Assessment Redux
2012-02-19 Greg Wilson A Flash (well, MP4) from the Past
2012-02-16 Greg Wilson How They See Us, Part N
2012-02-15 Greg Wilson Watch Me: Volunteers Wanted
2012-02-15 Greg Wilson Slide Drive
2012-02-15 Greg Wilson And Speaking of New...
2012-02-15 Greg Wilson Analyzing Next-Generation Sequencing Data
2012-02-14 Greg Wilson Stack Underflow?
2012-02-14 Greg Wilson New Kinds of Content
2012-02-13 Greg Wilson Our New Look
2012-02-13 Greg Wilson How Many Legs Does Science Have?
2012-02-13 Greg Wilson Formatting Revisited
2012-02-13 Greg Wilson Advertising Flyer
2012-02-12 Greg Wilson Pre-Workshop Questionnaire
2012-02-10 Greg Wilson Audrey Watters on Software Carpentry
2012-02-10 Greg Wilson Advanced Scientific Programming in Python
2012-02-09 Greg Wilson Multiple Pitches
2012-02-09 Greg Wilson Comparing Software Carpentry to CS Principles
2012-02-07 Greg Wilson Why We Don't Teach Parallel Computing in Software Carpentry
2012-02-03 Greg Wilson We're Going to Be Busy
2012-02-03 Greg Wilson First Online Tutorial
2012-02-02 Greg Wilson Where To Host Q+A and Discussion?
2012-02-02 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry in a Minute and a Half
2012-02-01 Greg Wilson Re-doing the Three-Minute Pitch

January 2012

2012-01-31 Greg Wilson Reorganizing This Web Site
2012-01-29 Greg Wilson Terminology
2012-01-29 Greg Wilson Learners and Their Needs
2012-01-26 Greg Wilson Our Long Tail
2012-01-26 Greg Wilson Never Mind the Content, What About the Format?
2012-01-25 Greg Wilson The Big Picture
2012-01-24 Greg Wilson Test-Driven Public Speaking
2012-01-24 Greg Wilson Take Out Agile, and Add...What?
2012-01-24 Greg Wilson Badging
2012-01-23 Greg Wilson Revising the Curriculum
2012-01-20 Greg Wilson The First Bootcamp of 2012
2012-01-15 Greg Wilson Why Is This Hard?
2012-01-13 Greg Wilson The What, Why, and How of Bootcamps
2012-01-11 Greg Wilson Sloan Foundation Grant to Software Carpentry and Mozilla
2012-01-04 Greg Wilson Settings Our Sights a Little Bit Lower


December 2011

2011-12-31 Greg Wilson The Fire Last Time
2011-12-31 Greg Wilson Some Responses to Some Comments
2011-12-30 Greg Wilson Fork, Merge, and Share
2011-12-29 Greg Wilson Yet Another Survey
2011-12-24 Greg Wilson What Success Looks Like Five Years Out
2011-12-24 Greg Wilson Organizing Instruction and Study to Improve Student Learning
2011-12-20 Greg Wilson What I've Learned So Far
2011-12-20 Greg Wilson It Just Keeps On Hurting
2011-12-13 Greg Wilson New Features in Excel for Scientists
2011-12-07 Greg Wilson How to Teach Webcraft and Programming to Free-Range Students

November 2011

2011-11-29 Greg Wilson Three Short Thoughts
2011-11-25 Greg Wilson Building a Bibliography
2011-11-19 Katy Huff Knowledge of the Second Kind
2011-11-18 Greg Wilson Show Me the Data
2011-11-18 Greg Wilson Quantifying Installation Costs
2011-11-18 Greg Wilson Accessible to All?
2011-11-14 Greg Wilson Surviving the Tsunami
2011-11-14 Greg Wilson Clearing Up Code
2011-11-11 Tommy Guy Successful Bootcamp
2011-11-08 Greg Wilson The Ladder of Abstraction and the Future of Online Teaching
2011-11-08 Greg Wilson The Best vs. the Good
2011-11-06 Greg Wilson Nirvana on Monday Night

October 2011

2011-10-22 Greg Wilson Research Without Walls
2011-10-21 Greg Wilson Slides from Hans-Martin
2011-10-19 Greg Wilson American Scientist Article on Empirical Studies of Software Engineering
2011-10-14 Greg Wilson Updating to HTML 5
2011-10-14 Greg Wilson The Science Code Manifesto's Five C's
2011-10-07 Greg Wilson Four New Episodes on Databases Using Microsoft Access
2011-10-05 Greg Wilson Revamping This Site
2011-10-04 Tommy Guy 2011 Software Carpentry Bootcamp Sold Out!

September 2011

2011-09-22 Greg Wilson Plus Ca Change...
2011-09-20 Greg Wilson I'm Not Normally Lost for Words
2011-09-17 Greg Wilson The Simplest Web That Could Possibly Work
2011-09-13 Greg Wilson Progress Of A Sort
2011-09-08 Greg Wilson What Happens When You Install Something?
2011-09-05 Greg Wilson Where is the Puck Going to Be?
2011-09-02 Greg Wilson Teaching Security to Scientists
2011-09-01 Greg Wilson Renting Cycles Has Never Been Easier (For Some Definition of 'Easier')

August 2011

2011-08-17 Greg Wilson Demos Reinforce Errors, and Confusion is Good
2011-08-08 Greg Wilson Introducing Programming a Different Way
2011-08-04 Greg Wilson Computing in Physics 101: What We're Doing Wrong

July 2011

2011-07-22 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry in HPCWire
2011-07-20 Greg Wilson The Case of Abinit
2011-07-20 Greg Wilson Material from Newcastle Workshop Now Available
2011-07-20 Greg Wilson How Much Do You Need?
2011-07-20 Greg Wilson And Speaking of Titus Brown...
2011-07-11 Greg Wilson Architecture of Open Source Applications Webinars Tuesday July 13 and 20
2011-07-10 Greg Wilson Stanford Course Went Well
2011-07-06 Greg Wilson Reproducible Computational Geophysics
2011-07-01 Greg Wilson Mentioned in Nature Methods

June 2011

2011-06-29 Greg Wilson It Will Never Work in Theory
2011-06-22 Greg Wilson Michael Nielsen Talks About Open Science in San Francisco on June 29
2011-06-20 Greg Wilson Doing the Math
2011-06-18 Greg Wilson Health Informatics Resources
2011-06-15 Greg Wilson New Episode: MATLAB Structs and Cell Arrays
2011-06-14 Greg Wilson A New Look
2011-06-10 Greg Wilson Audio Processing in Python
2011-06-07 Greg Wilson Practical Computing for Everyone (not just biologists)
2011-06-04 Greg Wilson Programming for Scientists at Newcastle University: June 20, 2011
2011-06-02 Greg Wilson Five on Systems Programming
2011-06-01 Greg Wilson Workshop at CEF'11

May 2011

2011-05-23 Greg Wilson 'The Architecture of Open Source Applications' is Now Available
2011-05-14 Greg Wilson More Interested in the Asides
2011-05-13 Greg Wilson Damn the Torpedoes (but I could use some help navigating)
2011-05-06 Greg Wilson The Architecture of Open Source Applications
2011-05-03 Greg Wilson The Hacker Within at MSU in June
2011-05-02 Greg Wilson Managing Data

April 2011

2011-04-23 Greg Wilson Chapters
2011-04-22 Greg Wilson In Praise of Street Fighting
2011-04-18 Greg Wilson Holding Up a Mirror
2011-04-11 Greg Wilson Prototyping
2011-04-09 Greg Wilson By The Numbers

March 2011

2011-03-31 Greg Wilson Using Bein
2011-03-31 Greg Wilson Harder Than It Should Be
2011-03-30 Orion Buske Spring 2011 Course Over
2011-03-30 Greg Wilson Practical Computing for Scientists at Stanford
2011-03-26 Greg Wilson And I'm on a Horse
2011-03-24 Greg Wilson A Better Way to Teach Programming to Scientists
2011-03-23 Greg Wilson Our First Episode on Microsoft Access
2011-03-22 Greg Wilson You'll Need a Large Screen
2011-03-22 Greg Wilson I'd Settle for 0.1%
2011-03-21 Greg Wilson Videos of Autumn School Lectures
2011-03-21 Greg Wilson Using a Debugger
2011-03-18 Greg Wilson On a Personal Note...
2011-03-17 Greg Wilson Questions and Answers
2011-03-16 Greg Wilson Next-Generation Sequencing Course at MSU
2011-03-16 Greg Wilson Graph Layout, Models vs. Views, and Computational Thinking
2011-03-15 Greg Wilson Twenty Questions (Minus Two)
2011-03-15 Greg Wilson Call for Participation
2011-03-12 Greg Wilson What To Demand
2011-03-11 Greg Wilson Science Illustrated
2011-03-11 Greg Wilson Musing About Reorganization
2011-03-09 Greg Wilson High Tech That Looks Low Tech
2011-03-09 Greg Wilson Advanced Scientific Programming in Python
2011-03-07 Greg Wilson Literate Programming
2011-03-01 Greg Wilson Tuple Spaces (or, Good Ideas Don't Always Win)

February 2011

2011-02-25 Greg Wilson We Got a Mention in Comm. ACM
2011-02-24 Greg Wilson An Easy Place to Start: Systems Programming
2011-02-23 Greg Wilson Ask, And Ye Shall Receive
2011-02-22 Greg Wilson What Better Looks Like
2011-02-19 Greg Wilson Three More Episodes on MATLAB
2011-02-18 Greg Wilson Scientific Computing Podcast
2011-02-18 Greg Wilson Mirroring Software Carpentry
2011-02-17 Greg Wilson Reddit on Scientific Programming
2011-02-16 Greg Wilson I Want Their Software
2011-02-16 Greg Wilson How to Contribute
2011-02-15 Greg Wilson Top Ten Why Nots
2011-02-15 Greg Wilson First Four MATLAB Episodes
2011-02-14 Greg Wilson Two More Episodes on Spreadsheets
2011-02-14 Greg Wilson Audio for Three Software Engineering Episodes
2011-02-11 Greg Wilson Updates to Spreadsheet Lecture
2011-02-08 Greg Wilson What Computational Science Means to Me
2011-02-03 Greg Wilson Scripts for Two More Software Engineering Episodes
2011-02-02 Greg Wilson Three Months, Two Spikes, One Conclusion
2011-02-01 Greg Wilson First Episode on Software Engineering

January 2011

2011-01-31 Greg Wilson A Competence Matrix for Software Carpentry
2011-01-27 Greg Wilson Research Study: How Do You Test Your MATLAB?
2011-01-27 Greg Wilson Notes Toward a Lecture on High-Performance Computing
2011-01-27 Greg Wilson Bootcamp
2011-01-26 Greg Wilson Thinking Like the Web
2011-01-26 Greg Wilson The Case Against Peer Review
2011-01-26 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry Sprint in July
2011-01-26 Jon Pipitone Fighting Spam
2011-01-21 Greg Wilson Scientists Aren't Stupid: Software Is
2011-01-20 Greg Wilson MIT Rethinking OpenCourseWare
2011-01-20 Greg Wilson How to Cite Software Carpentry
2011-01-19 Luis Zarrabeitia Version Control and Newline Conventions
2011-01-19 Greg Wilson Making System Administrators' Lives Easier
2011-01-18 Greg Wilson Exercises for Shell Posted
2011-01-17 Greg Wilson Demographics (part two)
2011-01-16 Greg Wilson Demographics (part one)
2011-01-14 Greg Wilson The Hacker Within
2011-01-14 Greg Wilson Our Funding Pitch
2011-01-10 Jon Pipitone The Spring 2011 Course Begins
2011-01-10 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry in One Picture and Five Words
2011-01-10 Greg Wilson Slower Than Expected
2011-01-09 Greg Wilson Funding (A Plea for Contacts)
2011-01-06 Greg Wilson What I Learned From Software Carpentry
2011-01-06 Greg Wilson First Half of Lecture on Object-Oriented Programming


December 2010

2010-12-31 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry Bootcamp Jan 12-14 in Madison
2010-12-30 Greg Wilson More Detailed Outline for HPC Lecture
2010-12-27 Greg Wilson Open Research Computation
2010-12-27 Greg Wilson Elimination
2010-12-26 Greg Wilson Local Subversion Repositories
2010-12-23 Greg Wilson Extended Examples
2010-12-21 Greg Wilson Compute Canada's 'Strategic' Plan Isn't
2010-12-20 Greg Wilson Executable Papers
2010-12-15 Greg Wilson Building a Recommendation Engine with NumPy
2010-12-14 Greg Wilson Presents for the Holidays
2010-12-13 Greg Wilson Slides for First Five OO Episodes Online
2010-12-10 Greg Wilson Winter 2011 Signup vs. Spam Filters
2010-12-10 Greg Wilson Performance and Parallelism
2010-12-09 Greg Wilson Where Are My Keys?
2010-12-08 Greg Wilson How Do You Manage a Terabyte?
2010-12-07 Greg Wilson Approaching Objects from a New Direction
2010-12-06 Greg Wilson Pins, Balls, and Arbitrary Decisions
2010-12-02 Greg Wilson Red-R
2010-12-02 Greg Wilson Programmer Competency Matrix
2010-12-02 Greg Wilson Prerequisites (or, When to Say No)
2010-12-02 Greg Wilson Peer to Peer
2010-12-02 Ainsley Lawson Fall 2010: What Went Right, What Went Wrong
2010-12-02 Greg Wilson Cast Your Votes

November 2010

2010-11-30 Greg Wilson First Four Episodes on Multimedia
2010-11-29 Greg Wilson Winter 2011 Online Course Now Full
2010-11-26 Greg Wilson Next Part of Persistence Essay Online
2010-11-25 Greg Wilson Hours So Far
2010-11-23 Greg Wilson Phylogenetic Trees
2010-11-23 Greg Wilson Four Episodes on Matrix Programming
2010-11-21 Jon Pipitone Repository URL Change
2010-11-20 Ainsley Lawson Mid-term Quiz Results
2010-11-19 Greg Wilson Now Annotated
2010-11-18 Jon Pipitone Summary of student check-ins
2010-11-17 Greg Wilson New Section for Essays
2010-11-17 Greg Wilson Making Software Screencast
2010-11-16 Greg Wilson Ratios and Rework
2010-11-07 Greg Wilson Counting Things (Part 2)
2010-11-05 Greg Wilson Done In London

October 2010

2010-10-31 Greg Wilson Counting Things (Part 1)
2010-10-30 Greg Wilson Would You Prefer...
2010-10-30 Greg Wilson Need Something to Debug
2010-10-30 Greg Wilson Dubois on Maintaining Correctness
2010-10-29 Greg Wilson Provenance (Or, What We Didn't Quite Get to at the Met Office)
2010-10-28 Greg Wilson How We've Helped
2010-10-28 Greg Wilson Feedback at UKMO
2010-10-27 Greg Wilson ComputerWorld Canada Educator of the Year
2010-10-24 Greg Wilson Configuration Files
2010-10-21 Greg Wilson Slides Available as PDF and PPT
2010-10-18 Greg Wilson How Did You Find Us?
2010-10-18 Greg Wilson Final Four Episodes of Python Lecture
2010-10-17 Greg Wilson Ratings Revised
2010-10-15 Greg Wilson Six More Python Episodes
2010-10-14 Greg Wilson Three Python Screencasts Up
2010-10-14 Greg Wilson Nature Article on Scientific Programming
2010-10-14 Greg Wilson Five Rules for Computational Scientists
2010-10-14 Greg Wilson Dexy
2010-10-13 Greg Wilson Three More Episodes on Spreadsheets
2010-10-12 Greg Wilson Python Lecture Coming Online
2010-10-05 Greg Wilson Using Subversion from the Command Line
2010-10-04 Greg Wilson Aaaand We're Off!
2010-10-03 Greg Wilson What Questions Do You (Frequently) Ask?
2010-10-03 Greg Wilson Do You Use Software Carpentry?

September 2010

2010-09-30 Greg Wilson Tracking Utility and Impact
2010-09-30 Greg Wilson Ten Short Papers Every Computational Scientist Should Read
2010-09-28 Jon Pipitone A New Site Design
2010-09-23 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry at UCSF
2010-09-22 Greg Wilson Response Has Been Overwhelming
2010-09-21 Greg Wilson I'm No Graphic Artist...
2010-09-20 Greg Wilson Your Favorite Running Examples?
2010-09-16 Greg Wilson Survey: Help Needed
2010-09-15 Greg Wilson Testing Scientific Software
2010-09-15 Greg Wilson Five Episodes on Make
2010-09-14 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry Offered Online in Fall 2010 (for Ontario students)
2010-09-13 Greg Wilson Will America's Universities Go The Way Of Its Car Companies?
2010-09-09 Greg Wilson And For My Next Trick...
2010-09-08 Greg Wilson Slides for the First Four Episodes on Make
2010-09-06 Greg Wilson Getting the Source
2010-09-03 Greg Wilson Eight Episodes on the Unix Shell
2010-09-01 Greg Wilson Three More Sets of Slides

August 2010

2010-08-31 Greg Wilson Five Episodes on the Shell (and Three to Come)
2010-08-27 Greg Wilson Four More Screencasts on Testing
2010-08-26 Greg Wilson Another Update on What You Want
2010-08-23 Greg Wilson What Don't You Understand That You'd Like To?
2010-08-19 Greg Wilson Slides and Scripts for the Next Two Episodes
2010-08-16 Greg Wilson 43% Independent
2010-08-12 Greg Wilson Interview with Cameron Neylon
2010-08-05 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry for Audio and Music Researchers
2010-08-05 Greg Wilson An Answer That Most Students Won't Understand
2010-08-03 Greg Wilson Open Source, Open Science in 1999
2010-08-03 Greg Wilson A Question About Nose
2010-08-02 Greg Wilson Interview with Sergey Fomel

July 2010

2010-07-31 Greg Wilson Interview with Davor Cubranic
2010-07-30 Greg Wilson Stats for July
2010-07-30 Greg Wilson A Little Bit of Javascript
2010-07-29 Greg Wilson Two More Episodes on Version Control
2010-07-29 Greg Wilson Survey Update
2010-07-28 Greg Wilson Mark Guzdial on Software Carpentry
2010-07-26 Greg Wilson Second Lecture on Version Control
2010-07-24 Greg Wilson Introduction to Version Control
2010-07-23 Greg Wilson Strictly Speaking, This Isn't Part of Testing
2010-07-22 Greg Wilson First Episode of Testing Lecture
2010-07-21 Greg Wilson Popular, Fast, or Usable: Pick One
2010-07-20 Greg Wilson Interview with The Hackers Within
2010-07-20 Greg Wilson Interview with STSci's Perry Greenfield
2010-07-20 Greg Wilson Five... Five... Five Scripts in One!
2010-07-20 Greg Wilson A Note on Tools
2010-07-19 Greg Wilson Script for Introduction to Version Control
2010-07-18 Greg Wilson An Interview with Hans Petter Langtangen
2010-07-18 Greg Wilson A Gentle Introduction
2010-07-16 Greg Wilson Clip Art
2010-07-15 Greg Wilson Survey Results
2010-07-14 Greg Wilson Two New Episodes on Dictionaries
2010-07-13 Greg Wilson Traffic
2010-07-13 Greg Wilson Interview: Andrew Lumsdaine of Indiana University
2010-07-13 Greg Wilson A Shorter Version of the Sets and Tuples Episode
2010-07-11 Greg Wilson Interview with Michigan State's Titus Brown
2010-07-10 Greg Wilson Which Topics Are Most Important to You?
2010-07-10 Greg Wilson HPC and Programmability
2010-07-08 Greg Wilson Two Episodes on Sets
2010-07-08 Greg Wilson Interview: SciNet's Daniel Gruner
2010-07-07 Greg Wilson Using Science to Design This Course
2010-07-06 Greg Wilson That's, Uh, Pretty Ambitious
2010-07-06 Greg Wilson Hubs, Spokes, and Gonzo Programming Skills

June 2010

2010-06-29 Greg Wilson The Violas of Programming
2010-06-28 Greg Wilson Last Episode on Sets and Dictionaries Posted First
2010-06-27 Greg Wilson Four Down-What Next?
2010-06-25 Greg Wilson Final Episode of Regular Expressions Lecture Now Online
2010-06-24 Greg Wilson SIAM News Article About Software Carpentry
2010-06-24 Greg Wilson Eric Lander on Genomics
2010-06-24 Greg Wilson Another Example of small-p Patterns
2010-06-23 Greg Wilson Software Developer: Audio and Digital Music
2010-06-23 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry in Three and a Half Minutes
2010-06-22 Greg Wilson Episode 4 on Regular Expressions
2010-06-21 Greg Wilson Interview with Microsoft's David Rich
2010-06-21 Greg Wilson A Little Bit of Theory
2010-06-19 Greg Wilson Second Lecture on Regular Expressions
2010-06-18 Greg Wilson People You Don't Want On Your Team
2010-06-18 Greg Wilson Our First Few Exercises
2010-06-18 Greg Wilson For World Cup Fans (and Everyone Else)
2010-06-18 Greg Wilson First Half of Spreadsheets Lecture Now Online
2010-06-17 Greg Wilson Let's Try That Again
2010-06-16 Greg Wilson Is Live Coding Worth It?
2010-06-16 Greg Wilson A Voice from the Back of the Room
2010-06-15 Greg Wilson Next-Gen Sequencing Course at MSU: It Went Well
2010-06-15 Greg Wilson Glossary and License Online
2010-06-14 Greg Wilson Interview: Mark Plumbley at Queen Mary University of London
2010-06-12 Greg Wilson The Cowichan Problems
2010-06-11 Greg Wilson Thought for the Day
2010-06-11 Greg Wilson Interview: David Jackson at the UK Met Office
2010-06-11 Greg Wilson Interview: SHARCNET's Hugh Couchman
2010-06-11 Greg Wilson Counting Things
2010-06-10 Greg Wilson The Big Picture (version 3)
2010-06-10 Greg Wilson Our Lecture on Databases is Now Online
2010-06-10 Greg Wilson Interview: Jim Graham of Scimatic
2010-06-09 Greg Wilson Reorganizing Content
2010-06-08 Greg Wilson Episode 11: Making It Fast
2010-06-07 Greg Wilson The Big Picture (version 2)
2010-06-07 Greg Wilson Testing Invasion Percolation
2010-06-04 Greg Wilson Refactoring Invasion Percolation
2010-06-04 Greg Wilson Concept Map
2010-06-03 Greg Wilson If You Want to Look Ahead...
2010-06-03 Greg Wilson Assembling a Program
2010-06-01 Greg Wilson Who Reports On The Other 97 Per Cent?
2010-06-01 Greg Wilson Program Design: the Second Instalment

May 2010

2010-05-31 Greg Wilson Program Design: the First Third
2010-05-29 Greg Wilson Jim Graham on Reproducibility
2010-05-28 Jon Pipitone Teaching databases by example
2010-05-27 Greg Wilson Badges and Stars
2010-05-25 Greg Wilson Archiving Experiments to Raise Scientific Standards
2010-05-19 Greg Wilson Evaluating Methods and Protocols
2010-05-18 Greg Wilson We'll Know We've Succeeded If...
2010-05-17 Greg Wilson Day 11: Slides
2010-05-14 Greg Wilson Why Most Scientists Don't Like Computers
2010-05-14 Greg Wilson Day 10: Closed Captioning
2010-05-13 Greg Wilson Day 9: Programming
2010-05-13 Jon Pipitone Day 8: Exercises (with a screencast)
2010-05-13 Greg Wilson A Word (Or Three) From Our Sponsors
2010-05-12 Jon Pipitone Day 7: Mini-screencasts
2010-05-10 Greg Wilson Why We're Self-Hosting
2010-05-10 Greg Wilson Day 6: Screencast With Point-Form Notes
2010-05-09 Greg Wilson Microsoft
2010-05-07 Greg Wilson Day 5: A Different Kind of Screencast
2010-05-06 Greg Wilson Day 4: First Preliminary Alpha Test Etc. Screencast
2010-05-05 Greg Wilson A Question About Documentation
2010-05-04 Greg Wilson Day 2: More Sticky Notes
2010-05-04 Greg Wilson Day 1: Shuffling Sticky Notes Around
2010-05-03 Greg Wilson Setting Up a New Windows Machine
2010-05-02 Greg Wilson T Minus One

April 2010

2010-04-19 Greg Wilson Apologies for the Flurry of Re-Posts
2010-04-16 Greg Wilson File Sharing for Scientists
2010-04-15 Greg Wilson Scimatic Sponsorship
2010-04-12 Greg Wilson Teaching Open Source
2010-04-12 Greg Wilson More on Instructional Design
2010-04-11 Greg Wilson Measuring Science
2010-04-08 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry for Economists in Mannheim This Autumn
2010-04-08 Greg Wilson Platforms
2010-04-04 Greg Wilson Feedback and Boundaries
2010-04-01 Greg Wilson Simon Singh Wins (and So Does Science)
2010-04-01 Greg Wilson Models To Imitate

March 2010

2010-03-31 Greg Wilson Periodic Table of Science Bloggers
2010-03-30 Greg Wilson Formats
2010-03-29 Greg Wilson What's Not on the Reading List
2010-03-28 Greg Wilson Recommended Reading
2010-03-26 Greg Wilson Online Delivery
2010-03-26 Greg Wilson Instructional Design
2010-03-25 Greg Wilson Summer Course: Analyzing Next-Generation Sequencing Data
2010-03-25 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry Version 4 is a Go!
2010-03-23 Greg Wilson Now on Twitter
2010-03-11 Greg Wilson How Much Of This Should Scientists Understand?

February 2010

2010-02-28 Greg Wilson Panton Principles
2010-02-25 Greg Wilson Eighty Per Cent!
2010-02-22 Greg Wilson BEACON Funded!
2010-02-12 Greg Wilson Two Views

January 2010

2010-01-24 Greg Wilson It Seems That Everyone Cares
2010-01-20 Greg Wilson Big Science == Big Skills Gap
2010-01-18 Greg Wilson Was Designed To, But Didn't
2010-01-13 Greg Wilson Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?
2010-01-13 Greg Wilson Podcast with Jon Udell
2010-01-10 Greg Wilson How We Got Here, and Where We Are
2010-01-07 Greg Wilson New Challenges


December 2009

2009-12-30 Greg Wilson Osmosis is Just a Fancy Name for Failure
2009-12-27 Greg Wilson Dudley and Butte on Software Skills
2009-12-19 Greg Wilson NSF Programs
2009-12-18 Greg Wilson Double Standards
2009-12-11 Greg Wilson Why Opening Up (Probably) Wouldn't Help

November 2009

2009-11-28 Greg Wilson Thanks, Jamie
2009-11-26 Greg Wilson Caesar's Wife
2009-11-24 Greg Wilson Tutorials Start This Week
2009-11-22 Greg Wilson Serendipitous and Unexpected
2009-11-18 Greg Wilson Special Issue of Computing in Science and Engineering
2009-11-15 Greg Wilson Cloud Computing for Beginners
2009-11-13 Greg Wilson Packaging
2009-11-06 Greg Wilson Python in Science
2009-11-01 Greg Wilson Our Target Audience

October 2009

2009-10-30 Greg Wilson By Popular Request...
2009-10-23 Greg Wilson Cryptography Isn't Security
2009-10-21 Greg Wilson Should Modeling Be Part of This Course?
2009-10-21 Greg Wilson Creating New Niches
2009-10-16 Greg Wilson Revised Plan
2009-10-08 Greg Wilson Videos from Symposium Are Now Online
2009-10-06 Greg Wilson Comments on Course Reorganization
2009-10-05 Greg Wilson The Hacker Within

September 2009

2009-09-29 Greg Wilson A Strange Obsession
2009-09-24 Greg Wilson Presentation, Presentation, Presentation
2009-09-22 Greg Wilson Grant Proposal
2009-09-21 Greg Wilson Another Reason to Care About Provenance
2009-09-18 Greg Wilson Updated Outline for Revised Course
2009-09-15 Greg Wilson Partial Outline of New Version of Course
2009-09-11 Greg Wilson Two Links
2009-09-11 Greg Wilson Job Opening: MITACS Scientific Coordinator
2009-09-05 Greg Wilson R for Programmers?

August 2009

2009-08-30 Greg Wilson Is The Future Waving At You?
2009-08-26 Greg Wilson How Important is Geospatial Data to You?
2009-08-24 Greg Wilson Who Owns Your Data?
2009-08-24 Greg Wilson Science and JoVE
2009-08-24 Greg Wilson Playing Safe
2009-08-24 Greg Wilson Bad News and Good News
2009-08-23 Greg Wilson The Delight Is In The Details, Too
2009-08-21 Greg Wilson The Big Picture
2009-08-15 Greg Wilson You Can Do a Lot Without Programming
2009-08-15 Greg Wilson It's Like Not Wearing Your Cleats in the House
2009-08-06 Greg Wilson American Scientist Article on How Scientists Use Computers
2009-08-04 Greg Wilson The Ice Cream Test
2009-08-03 Greg Wilson What *Is* Open Science?
2009-08-03 Greg Wilson Guest Speakers' Slides Now Available
2009-08-02 Greg Wilson Next Steps
2009-08-01 Greg Wilson Post-Mortem

July 2009

2009-07-31 Greg Wilson Day[-2]
2009-07-31 Greg Wilson A Good Afternoon
2009-07-29 Greg Wilson Every Day Is a Big Day...
2009-07-28 Greg Wilson Day 11 and Day 12
2009-07-27 Greg Wilson Where This Course Came From
2009-07-26 Greg Wilson Martin Fenner on SciBarCamp
2009-07-24 Greg Wilson Day 9
2009-07-24 Greg Wilson Day 10 Done - and With It, Week 2
2009-07-22 Greg Wilson Day 8: Getting It Right
2009-07-22 Greg Wilson Day 7: Lots More Objects
2009-07-21 Greg Wilson Elsevier's Future, Version 0.1
2009-07-21 Greg Wilson Day 6: Theory and Practice
2009-07-19 Greg Wilson Quantum to Cosmos: October 15-25 in Waterloo
2009-07-19 Greg Wilson Day 5
2009-07-17 Greg Wilson Day 4
2009-07-16 Greg Wilson Day 3
2009-07-15 Greg Wilson Day 2
2009-07-13 Greg Wilson Aaaand They're Off!
2009-07-10 Greg Wilson See You Monday!
2009-07-04 Greg Wilson Registration for July 29 Talks is Now Open

June 2009

2009-06-29 Greg Wilson The Environmental e-Science Revolution
2009-06-29 Greg Wilson Ready for Proofreading
2009-06-29 Greg Wilson Quality Control and Traceability
2009-06-25 Greg Wilson Updating the License
2009-06-24 Greg Wilson Topics and Schedule
2009-06-23 Greg Wilson Another New Version of the Slides
2009-06-15 Greg Wilson Sightings
2009-06-15 Greg Wilson Neylon's Head in the Clouds
2009-06-15 Greg Wilson And Speaking of Sightings...
2009-06-02 Greg Wilson Two Spots Left in Toronto
2009-06-02 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry in Edmonton July 13-31
2009-06-01 Greg Wilson SECSE Workshop
2009-06-01 Greg Wilson Big Code vs. Science 2.0

May 2009

2009-05-12 Greg Wilson Error Handling
2009-05-11 Greg Wilson Links for Summer Interns
2009-05-09 Greg Wilson How Scientists Use Computers: Survey Part 2
2009-05-06 Greg Wilson Topics and Schedule Posted
2009-05-04 Greg Wilson Entrance Requirements
2009-05-01 Greg Wilson What If Scientists Didn't Compete?

April 2009

2009-04-28 Greg Wilson Empirical Software Engineering and Scientific Computing
2009-04-27 Greg Wilson Madagascar Course in Delft June 12-13
2009-04-27 Greg Wilson Firming Up Course Goals
2009-04-23 Greg Wilson What Supervisors Need To Know
2009-04-08 Greg Wilson We've Started a FAQ
2009-04-08 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry in Alberta
2009-04-03 Greg Wilson Cameron Neylon on the Three Opens
2009-04-01 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry in Toronto July 13-31 2009

March 2009

2009-03-30 Greg Wilson User Stories
2009-03-25 Greg Wilson Open Notebook Science Badges
2009-03-25 Greg Wilson Inference for R
2009-03-17 Greg Wilson Legal Frameworks for Reproducible Research
2009-03-02 Greg Wilson Open Science and Autism's False Prophets

February 2009

2009-02-23 Greg Wilson Das Kapital, Computational Thinking, and Productivity
2009-02-18 Greg Wilson Open Science Panel at Columbia
2009-02-18 Greg Wilson Computer Supported Collaborative Science
2009-02-16 Greg Wilson Enough Players to Hand Out Medals
2009-02-11 Greg Wilson Python Textbooks for Biotech
2009-02-11 Greg Wilson MTEST
2009-02-11 Greg Wilson Carl Zimmer's Readers' Reading List
2009-02-06 Greg Wilson Sharing Data Isn't That Easy
2009-02-04 Greg Wilson Cameron Neylon Says Interesting Things

January 2009

2009-01-30 Greg Wilson Communicate First, Standardize Second
2009-01-27 Greg Wilson Web Native Lab Notebooks
2009-01-23 Greg Wilson A New Kind of Big Science
2009-01-10 Greg Wilson I *Want* To Be A Number


December 2008

2008-12-31 Greg Wilson Time to Freshen It Up
2008-12-26 Greg Wilson Things I'd Like To Finish In the Next 489 Days
2008-12-24 Greg Wilson A Healthy Dose of Scepticism
2008-12-19 Greg Wilson The National Academy Would Like to Hear From You
2008-12-19 Greg Wilson Google Pulls the Plug on Scientific Data Sharing Project
2008-12-10 Greg Wilson Three Reasons to Distrust Microarray Results

November 2008

2008-11-30 Greg Wilson Igor, Connect the Electrodes!
2008-11-21 Greg Wilson SECSE'09 Call for Papers
2008-11-20 Greg Wilson Getting the Science Right-Or At Least, Less Wrong
2008-11-17 Greg Wilson Science Lessons for MPs
2008-11-16 Greg Wilson What Sciences Are There?
2008-11-04 Greg Wilson One Good Survey Deserves Another
2008-11-02 Greg Wilson 1731 People

October 2008

2008-10-27 Greg Wilson Finding and Re-using Open Scientific Resources
2008-10-15 Greg Wilson Surveying Scientists' Use of Computers

September 2008

2008-09-11 Greg Wilson Science in the 21st Century
2008-09-04 Greg Wilson Science 2.0: the Future of Online Tools for Scientists

August 2008

2008-08-22 Greg Wilson Bil Lewis Works With Biologists...
2008-08-13 Greg Wilson Data Provenance Challenge
2008-08-11 Greg Wilson SciFoo, eGY, and Splitting
2008-08-01 Greg Wilson They're Breeding Like Rabbits

July 2008

2008-07-28 Greg Wilson Next Lecture?
2008-07-23 Greg Wilson Quick Quiz to Measure What Scientists Know
2008-07-23 Greg Wilson Badge of Reproducibility
2008-07-22 Greg Wilson Reviving the Software Carpentry Mailing List
2008-07-19 Greg Wilson Badge of Honor?
2008-07-01 Greg Wilson Kevin's Been Busy

June 2008

2008-06-13 Greg Wilson What a Proposal Looks Like
2008-06-06 Greg Wilson Faking Results
2008-06-03 Greg Wilson Three Weeks and Change

May 2008

2008-05-30 Greg Wilson Programming and Scientific Education on Slashdot
2008-05-27 Greg Wilson Reminded of the Difference Once Again
2008-05-25 Greg Wilson Interviewed by Jon Udell
2008-05-21 Greg Wilson Why Don't We Do This?
2008-05-16 Greg Wilson But I Was Gone Less than 48 Hours!
2008-05-15 Greg Wilson SE-CSE Workshop
2008-05-05 Greg Wilson Those Who Will Not Learn From History...

April 2008

2008-04-14 Greg Wilson SPOC
2008-04-10 Greg Wilson Three Studies (Maybe Four)
2008-04-02 Greg Wilson The Retractions Just Keep Coming In
2008-04-02 Greg Wilson Summer Plans for Software Carpentry

March 2008

2008-03-31 Greg Wilson Meet the New Flaw
2008-03-26 Greg Wilson Nice Quote
2008-03-07 Greg Wilson Survey: Silent Errors in Scientific Code
2008-03-06 Greg Wilson LearnHub Launches with Software Carpentry Front and Center

February 2008

2008-02-26 Greg Wilson Scientific Groupware Revisited
2008-02-20 Greg Wilson O'Reilly Creating a Web Version of Mathematica
2008-02-14 Greg Wilson Grumpy Minds Think Alike
2008-02-02 Greg Wilson SciBarCamp in Toronto March 15-16


December 2007

2007-12-09 Greg Wilson Python Supercomputing Statistics

October 2007

2007-10-26 Greg Wilson The Burning Man of HPC
2007-10-02 Greg Wilson Doomed to Repeat It

September 2007

2007-09-25 Greg Wilson Another Sighting of Software Carpentry
2007-09-05 Greg Wilson Openness and (the promise of) XML

August 2007

2007-08-31 Greg Wilson Random Survey about HPC
2007-08-07 Greg Wilson How I'm Doing

July 2007

2007-07-31 Greg Wilson How Not to Collaborate
2007-07-18 Greg Wilson Computational Education for Scientists
2007-07-05 Greg Wilson Win a Trip to Reno!
2007-07-04 Greg Wilson Another Sighting of Software Carpentry

June 2007

2007-06-27 Greg Wilson Two Studies of ASCI (and no, that's not a typo)
2007-06-26 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry at LLNL
2007-06-20 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry Screencasts by Chris Lasher
2007-06-20 Greg Wilson Inspirational Videos
2007-06-18 Greg Wilson Nature Precedings
2007-06-11 Greg Wilson Praising the Good

May 2007

2007-05-05 Greg Wilson Computational Scientists Still Don't Get It

April 2007

2007-04-02 Greg Wilson Titus Brown Teaching Software Carpentry

March 2007

2007-03-19 Greg Wilson Sign Error: Five Papers Retracted
2007-03-11 Greg Wilson SciPy'07 Dates Announced
2007-03-10 Greg Wilson Reproducibility of Computational Results

February 2007

2007-02-07 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry Screencasts

January 2007

2007-01-18 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry Usage in December


December 2006

2006-12-05 Greg Wilson YouTube for Data

November 2006

2006-11-28 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry article in CiSE
2006-11-02 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry continues to grow

October 2006

2006-10-31 Greg Wilson Computational Result Retracted
2006-10-26 Greg Wilson German Version of 'Bottleneck'

August 2006

2006-08-17 Greg Wilson SciPy'06: First Morning
2006-08-17 Greg Wilson Oh My God It's Django!
2006-08-16 Greg Wilson SciPy and Software Carpentry
2006-08-04 Greg Wilson HPCWire Interview on Software Carpentry

July 2006

2006-07-30 Greg Wilson Design Patterns in Scientific Software
2006-07-20 Greg Wilson The Parallel Tools Platform
2006-07-14 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry 3.0

June 2006

2006-06-25 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry's new home

May 2006

2006-05-05 Greg Wilson Revised Lecture on Teamware
2006-05-03 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry 1111

April 2006

2006-04-28 Greg Wilson Corrections Done
2006-04-17 Greg Wilson Zipf's Law of Feedback
2006-04-09 Greg Wilson 341 Words
2006-04-05 Greg Wilson New Security Lecture Up
2006-04-04 Greg Wilson Integration and XML Lectures

March 2006

2006-03-26 Greg Wilson 2020 Hype
2006-03-06 Greg Wilson Web Server Programming Lecture Is Up
2006-03-03 Greg Wilson Client-Side Web Programming Lecture
2006-03-02 Greg Wilson Last Two Lectures Are Up

February 2006

2006-02-23 Greg Wilson Database Lecture is Up
2006-02-22 Greg Wilson Second Lecture on Testing Now Online
2006-02-21 Greg Wilson What Else for Software Carpentry?
2006-02-21 Greg Wilson Second Lecture on Object-Oriented Programming
2006-02-20 Greg Wilson AAAS Annual Meeting 2006
2006-02-14 Greg Wilson Lecture on Binary Data
2006-02-14 Greg Wilson Data Lineage
2006-02-12 Greg Wilson Regular Expressions Lecture is Up
2006-02-10 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry Design Lecture
2006-02-06 Greg Wilson First Lecture on Object-Oriented Programming Is Up
2006-02-02 Greg Wilson Debugging Lecture

January 2006

2006-01-29 Greg Wilson Fourth Python Lecture for Software Carpentry
2006-01-24 Greg Wilson Quality Assurance Lecture Now Available
2006-01-23 Greg Wilson Third Software Carpentry Python Lecture on the Web
2006-01-23 Greg Wilson Programming Style Lecture Has Been Revised
2006-01-18 Greg Wilson Second Python Lecture Now on the Web
2006-01-15 Greg Wilson Intro Python Lecture Available
2006-01-11 Greg Wilson Build Lecture Is Up
2006-01-09 Greg Wilson Two More Revised Software Carpentry Lectures
2006-01-04 Greg Wilson First Shell Lecture for Software Carpentry is Up
2006-01-02 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry Introduction revised and on the web


December 2005

2005-12-28 Greg Wilson $67 million a year
2005-12-27 Greg Wilson New Year's Schedule for Software Carpentry
2005-12-23 Greg Wilson Procrastination: One of the Few Things in Life Nicer Than Toast
2005-12-11 Greg Wilson Maintaining Correctness
2005-12-09 Greg Wilson American Scientist article on Software Carpentry
2005-12-08 Greg Wilson Executive Version of Software Carpentry Course

November 2005

2005-11-04 Greg Wilson Workshop at AAAS '06

September 2005

2005-09-21 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry at the AAAS
2005-09-20 Greg Wilson Day 9
2005-09-14 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry: First Meeting

August 2005

2005-08-22 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry at Indiana University

July 2005

2005-07-29 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry course in Nature
2005-07-08 Greg Wilson Software Carpentry notes are up


December 2004

2004-12-30 Greg Wilson Python Software Foundation Grant

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