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June 10-16, 2015: Software Carpentry is Saving Time, Lessons Version 5.4, Greg's Time, Our Project List, and a Lesson on Reproducible Research.


  • Software Carpentry get more done in less time is the latest publication about Software Carpentry and the impact it's having on research. It reports research done by Alexandra Simperler and is available at arXiv.
  • Version 5.4 of our lessons is currently in the pipeline and due for release in the middle of August. Please join the discussions and participate in addressing new and existing issues to help us reach our next milestone.
  • Over the last few months a lot has improved in the way Software Carpentry operates. Greg Wilson revisited some changes and the impact on how his time is spent six months after election of the Steering Committee.
  • Do you want to know how you can help to move Software Carpentry forward? Take a look at our project list or get in touch. There are loads of opportunities for people with a wide variety of skills.



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python-novice-inflammation 1 7 3
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matlab-novice-inflammation 1 2
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