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GSoC Projects for 2015

We're very pleased to announce that three students will be working on Google Summer of Code (GSoC) projects under the NumFOCUS umbrella that we are helping to coordinate.

The projects are:

Student Project Mentor Links
Piotr Banaszkiewicz Enhance Amy, a workshop-management platform for Software Carpentry W. Trevor King and Greg Wilson Proposal, blog.
Ian Henriksen Cython API for DyND Mark Wiebe and Irwin Zaid Proposal, blog.
Amit Jamadagni JuliaQuantum : Framework for solvers Alexander Croy Proposal, blog (of JuliaQuantum).

Many others open source scientific computing projects are participating in GSoC:

We want to thanks all the students that apply to Google Summer of Code, was very hard to select the students for the limited number of slots, and everyone that signed to be a mentor. It's going to be an exciting summer...

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