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Software Carpentry values a culture of assessment, and we are consistently evaluating our workshops to understand the impact workshops have on our learners.


We conduct pre and post workshop surveys for each of our workshops:

Additionally, we collect data on the long-term impact our workshops are having on both Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry learners. The Carpentry Long-Term Feedback Survey was launched in March 2017, and data is collected every 6 months.


Data sets for Software Carpentry’s pre- and post-workshop surveys and assessment reports are provided in a GitHub repository, along with the version of the surveys that were in use at the time of analysis.


We invite you to check out the most recent Analysis of Software Carpentry’s Post-Workshop Surveys. The data used in this report is available in this repository.

Additionally, the Carpentries long-term impact report is available via GitHub.

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