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A workshop is an on-site workshop, typically two days long, that covers the core skills needed to be productive in a small research team:

  • the Unix shell (and how to automate repetitive tasks);
  • Python or R (and how to grow a program in a modular, testable way);
  • Git and GitHub (and how to track and share work efficiently); and
  • SQL (and the difference between structured and unstructured data).

Short tutorials alternate with hands-on practical exercises; learners work on their own laptops using either native software or a virtual machine, so that they have a working environment when the workshop is done.

All workshop participants are required to abide by our code of conduct to ensure that all attendees to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

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To help us improve our instruction, we have prepared a pre-assessment questionnaire for learners that can be used to ensure instruction is at the right level, a post-assessment questionnaire for learners to help us determine how well the workshop went, and a post-assessment questionnaire for instructors for calibration. Please contact us if you are organizing a workshop for help delivering and evaluating these questionnaires.