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Who We Are

Our volunteers teach researchers basic software skills as well as working on projects of their own.

What We Do

We run workshops all over the world, provide open access teaching materials, and run an instructor training program.

Interim Steering Committee Meeting: Dec 2, 2014

By Greg Wilson / 2014-12-19

Software Carpentry Foundation Interim Board Meeting: Dec 2, 2014 more

Standing for Election

By Greg Wilson / 2014-12-18

From 26-30 January, an election will be held for the seven vacant positions on the inaugural Steering Committee of the Software Carpentry Foundation. This will be one of the biggest steps in the project's journey from two guys staying up until 3:00 am fourteen years ago to write lessons on Perl for scientists at Los Alamos to a mature open project run by the volunteers it belongs to.

If you are a qualified instructor who has taught at least twice in the past two years, or have done a significant chunk of non-teaching work for Software Carpentry, you can both stand for election and vote. We strongly urge you to consider standing: if you're willing and able to commit to giving the Foundation 3 hours a week, you'll help thousands of scientists get more done in less time and with less pain. It'll be fun, too: few things in life are as rewarding as building something, and our members are building something extraordinary.

In order to stand for election, you must write a blog post to introduce yourself to the community by Friday, January 16 (i.e., a full week before the start of the election). This post:

  • must be around 500 words long,

  • can be written in any format (e.g. question and answer, paragraph text), and

  • must be titled, "2015 Election: Your Name"

You can submit your post as a pull request to this website's repository or by email. It should explain:

  • what your background is,

  • what your previous involvement with Software Carpentry has been, and most importantly

  • what you will do as a member of the Steering Committee to contribute to the growth and success of Software Carpentry.

The last point is the most important. If you have experience managing money, we need a Treasurer; if your passion is helping new instructors or figuring out how well we're doing, we need people to lead mentorship and assessment, while if you come from a part of the world that hasn't seen much Software Carpentry activity yet, you might want to take the lead in getting us going there.

(Actually, the point that's really most important is that everyone will still be very welcome to volunteer in other ways, and that doing so will be as valuable as ever. We will still need topic maintainers, help with the website, and many other things, and I hope that having more people coordinating things will actually make it easier for you all to lend a hand.)

If seven or fewer nominations are received, those people who nominated will be automatically appointed to the Steering Committee and no formal election will be held. Vacancies on the Steering Committee can be filled at any time at the Committee's discretion. The regular positions on the Steering Committee (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and then any others the Committee feels it needs) will be decided by a vote at the Committee's first meeting. more

All I Want for Christmas is a Pull Request...

By Greg Wilson / 2014-12-18

As we said back in October, we're splitting the existing lesson repository into smaller and more manageable pieces. To do that, we have defined a new template for lessons, and have been extracting the history of the existing material from the current repository. (We wanted to get the entire history of each lesson so that people would receive credit for the work they've done.) The second step has taken longer than planned, but we now have all of the core novice lessons in repositories of their own: more

Guidelines for Extracting History

By Aaron O'Leary / 2014-12-15

As discussed previously, we are currently extracting individual lessons from the bc repository to make them more modular, which will ease use, contribution, and maintenance. This post presents some guidelines for extracting individual lessons and how to contribute to lessons in the meantime. more

Who Are We?

By Greg Wilson / 2014-12-15

For the last three years, I've been storing information about instructors, workshops, and other things in a small SQLite database so that I can look things up and generate statistics when I need to. I can't publish it, since it contains personal identifying information, but since I had to write a script to migrate the data to the tool we're building to manage workshops, it only took another few minutes to create a partly-redacted version of the data. ("Partly" because someone who was really keen could work backward workshop URLs to instructors' names, cross-reference, and recover the names of some fraction of our instructors. Since that information is all public anyway, though, I don't think I've introduced any new risks.)

The SQL source for the database is here; with it, you can regenerate the database using: more

Results of Software Sustainability Institute Survey

By Greg Wilson / 2014-12-13

The Software Sustainability Institute's recent survey of researchers at top UK universities is out. Headlines figure are:

  • 92% of academics use research software
  • 69% say that their research would not be practical without it
  • 56% develop their own software (worryingly, 21% have no training in software development)
  • 70% of male researchers develop their own software, and only 30% of female researchers do

For the full story, see this post on their blog. more

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