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Who We Are

Our volunteers teach basic software skills to researchers in science, engineering, and medicine. Founded in 1998, we are now part of the Mozilla Science Lab.

What We Do

We run bootcamps all over the world, and provide open access lessons for self-paced instruction. We also run a training program for people who'd like to help us teach.

How To Help

We depend on people like you to discuss what and how to teach, host a bootcamp, create new teaching materials, or improve the tools we use.

Summer Sprint FAQ

By Greg Wilson / 2014-07-21

Please refer to this Etherpad for up-to-date information about sites and projects, or come and chat with us on #sciencelab on IRC. If you're not able to make it to one of our main sites, please check out this guide to participating remotely.

The Mozilla Science Lab's first-ever two-day sprint is less than three weeks away, so here's a short FAQ to tell you who can take part and how. more

Using a Package Manager for Lessons and Papers

By Greg Wilson / 2014-07-21

I've been musing for a couple of years now about ways in which we could re-purpose off-the-shelf software engineering tools and techniques to serve the needs of teachers. One theme, which I touched on in my SciPy 2014 talk, is to get people to patch shared learning materials in the way they patch Wikipedia articles and open source code. Another is to use package managers like RPM, Homebrew, and Conda to track dependencies between lessons, so that I could say something like conda install suffragette_movement and get a lesson on the struggle for women's voting rights, along with the other lessons and materials it depends on (or updates and links to those other lessons if I already have some of them installed). more

SciPy 2014 Talks and Lessons

By Greg Wilson / 2014-07-21

Talks from SciPy 2014 are now online, and include several from people associated with Software Carpentry. I particularly enjoyed Lorena Barba's keynote, in which she discussed how she's using the IPython Notebook in a flipped classroom. (I gave a talk too, but if you're a regular reader of this blog, you'll have heard most of it already.) more

GSoC Projects at Summer Sprint

By Raniere Silva, Piotr Banaszkiewicz and Gabriel Ivanica / 2014-07-21

As you may know, the Mozilla Science Lab's first-ever two-day sprint is in the next few days and all GSoC projects related with Mozilla Science Lab will be part of it. For more information about the plans for the GSoC projects continue reading this post. more

Bootcamps in Cyprus and Jordan

By Alan O'Cais / 2014-07-17

Last month, we held two bootcamps in Cyrpus and Jordan organised by the LinkSCEEM project. Both camps were part of larger workshops, with the final two days of the workshop in Cyprus focussed on the OpenMP and OpenACC APIs for shared-memory multi-processing and accelerators. It was held June 10-13 with 35 participants coming from 6 different countries (Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, and Egypt) with all the non-local participants being funded by the project. more

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United-States Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Summer Meeting
Jul 10-11, 2014
United-States Janelia Farm Research Campus
July 23-24, 2014
Australia PyCon AU / University of Queensland
Jul 30-31, 2014
United-States Washington University School of Medicine
Aug 11-12, 2014
United-States Vanderbilt University
Aug 12-13, 2014
Australia University of Melbourne
Aug 18, 25 & 27, 2014
United-Kingdom Cambridge University
Aug 26-27, 2014
United-States University of Delaware
Sep 11-12, 2014
Australia University of Melbourne
Sep 15, 18, 22 & 25, 2014
United-Kingdom Imperial College London
Sep 16-17, 2014
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