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SciPy 2015 Workshop Videos

By Matt Davis / 2015-07-29

Software Carpentry was pleased to present a full two-day workshop during the recent SciPy Conference tutorials. The entire conference was recorded, including all sessions of our workshop:

The course materials are accessible via the workshop webpage and GitHub repo.

The course would not have been possible without the help of several Software Carpentry members: Azalee Bostroem, Matt Davis, Jess Hamrick, Ted Hart, Katy Huff, Thomas Kluyver, Jens Nielsen, April Wright, and Elizabeth Seiver. Many thanks to these talented folks and to the SciPy organizers for inviting us! more

Solution for the Challenges

By Raniere Silva / 2015-07-28

One of the enhancement that we have in mind for the next release of our lessons is to provide the solution for the challenges. Having the solutions will help instructors speed up when preparing the lesson for workshops and learners reading the lessons. Before we start adding the solutions will be great to have one template for how it should be write. If you have some suggestions, please add it at this issue on GitHub. more

WiSE Workshop at UC Davis Aug 17-18

By Greg Wilson / 2015-07-23

We are pleased to announce that the latest in our series of workshops for women in science and engineering will be held at UC Davis on August 17-18, 2015. This workshop is aimed at those in science, engineering, medicine, or related fields who identify as women, female, or on the non-binary spectrum. Our instructors are experienced with creating safe spaces for those on the trans* spectrum, and one openly identifies as a trans woman; ensuring that we maintain an inclusive environment is a top priority for this workshop. For more information, or to register, please see the workshop website. more

July 07 - 22, 2015: Hiring an Executive Director, Strategic Planning, SWC-inspired Book, Open Research Repository, AMY version 0.6, and New Team Members.

By Anelda van der Walt / 2015-07-23



Resources more

A Pair of Workshops

By Greg Wilson / 2015-07-23

Do you know your options for software licensing? Have you heard of new funders' requirements for software sharing? This workshop in Cambridge (UK) on Monday, September 14, is your chance to get expert advice on these and other questions about software licensing. Speakers include Neil Chue Hong, the Director of the Software Sustainability Institute, and Shoaib Sufi, the SSI's Community Leader.

The event is open to everyone and you are welcome to bring your questions to the workshop. There will lots of opportunities to discuss your queries at the sessions and during the dedicated networking lunch. For more information, please see the workshop's website.

There is also a workshop on Monday, October 19, at the Natural History Museum in London on getting credit for software. This workshop will explore what contribution software can and should make for academic reputational credit; i.e., how can the production of software tools and applications contribute to career advancement in the academic research setting for both researchers who build software as part of their research and developers who build tools and support research. more

Welcome Maneesha and Katarzyna

By Greg Wilson / 2015-07-20

We are very pleased to announce that Maneesha Sane (pronounced "sah-nay") will be joining us in August as our new Program Coordinator. Having coordinated and managed public events and mentoring programs for several organizations in the Philadelphia area, Maneesha retrained as a software developer. She has been managing events and matching mentors to learners for over a decade, and we are looking forward to working with her. more

Changes to Workshop Administration Fees

By Greg Wilson / 2015-07-20

After discussion with our Advisory Council and Data Carpentry, we have agreed to make some changes to the administration fee we charge for workshops that we help organize in order to reflect the real cost of our staff's time and our overheads, and to reflect the value of the training: more

Help Software Carpentry's Strategic Planning

By Adina Howe / 2015-07-18

The SCF Steering Committee is undertaking a strategic planning process that will help us to identify the SCF's working priorities for short- and long-term success, based on input from you.

Your input is crucial—we are beginning the process by asking that you identify key Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) facing SCF over the next five years via this anonymous survey. We will review the survey results, summarize key issues, and develop a summary and plan that addresses the issues raised.

To help, please fill in the SWOT Survey. Note that the survey asks for 3 answers for each strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats but you may fill out more or less as you see fit. Please fill out the survey only once and by August 5, 2015. more

2015 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 13

By Raniere Silva, Sheldon McKay and Tiffany Timbers / 2015-07-18

Last week the mentorship team ran the 13th round of instructor debriefing session and received feedbacks from the workshops at Brigham Young University (check Belinda's post about it), Johns Hopkins University, Notre Dame University, Pennsylvania State University, the Jackson Laboratory, the University of Queensland, the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and the University of Toronto - Women in Science and Engineering (check Pauline's post). more

Top 10 Myths about Teaching CS

By Greg Wilson / 2015-07-18

Mark Guzdial (whose blog has been a frequent inspiration) recently wrote an article title Top 10 Myths about Teaching Computer Science:

  1. The lack of women in Computer Science is just like all the other STEM fields.
  2. To get more women in CS, we need more female CS faculty.
  3. A good CS teacher is a good lecturer.
  4. Clickers and the like are an add-on for a good teacher
  5. Student evaluations are the best way to evaluate teaching.
  6. Good teachers personalize education for students' learning styles.
  7. High schools just can't teach CS well, so they shouldn't do it at all.
  8. The real problem is to get more CS curriculum out into the hands of teachers.
  9. All I need to do to be a good CS teacher is model good software development practice, because my job is to produce excellent software engineers.
  10. Some people are just born to program. more

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