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Research in the Cloud in London

By Greg Wilson / 2015-05-02

Mark Stillwell and others are running a Research in the Cloud workshop in Feltham (near London) on July 15-17. Along with the standard Software Carpentry curriculum, they'll teach modules on cloud computing, including deployment, configuration, and management of virtual machines. Please see his blog post for details, or the workshop web site to register. more

Achintya Rao's PhD Starter Kit

By Greg Wilson / 2015-05-02

Achintya Rao started a PhD last January, and in response to a request for advice from a friend, wrote a PhD Starter Kit that lists useful tools and practices. Most of them involve software of one kind or another, and it's interesting to compare the list to what we teach: if nothing else, it tells me that we really do need to figure out what to teach people about publishing science in the 21st Century. more

GSoC Projects for 2015

By Raniere Silva / 2015-05-01

We're very pleased to announce that three students will be working on Google Summer of Code (GSoC) projects under the NumFOCUS umbrella that we are helping to coordinate. more

Getting to Know: Katy Huff

By Amy Brown / 2015-04-30

This is the second in a series of posts about our contributors. We're posting these so our community can get to know each other better. If you'd like to be profiled, or you'd like to nominate another member, send an email to

This profile is of Katy Huff, a member of our steering committee, who is also on the finance subcommittee. We already know a little about Katy from her election nomination post; now, read about her history with Software Carpentry and her surprising backup career plan. more

April 21 - 27, 2015: The People Behind Software Carpentry, Debating Scientific Software, Learning Objects, and Ally Skills Workshops.

By Anelda van der Walt / 2015-04-27


  • Get to know the people behind Software Carpentry. First up: Matt Davis.


  • A lively conversation about scientific software has been taking place on Titus Brown's blog, culminating (for now) in this post on popping the open source/open science bubble.

Recommendations more

Getting to Know: Matt Davis

By Amy Brown / 2015-04-27

The subject of the first of our "Getting to Know" series of contributor profiles is Matt Davis, a long-time Software Carpentry team member. Matt is the vice-chair of our Steering Committee, and the Software Carpentry Foundation liason for the Lesson Organization and Development subcommittee. more

Ada Initiative's Ally Skills Workshop

By Greg Wilson / 2015-04-25

The Ada Initiative ran their Ally Skills workshop at PyCon 2015, and by all accounts it was useful and thought-provoking. They don't do an online version, but you can watch this video of a workshop at the Wikimedia Foundation. Recommended. more

Van Lindberg's Keynote: Say Thanks

By Greg Wilson / 2015-04-25

Van Lindberg, the chair of the Python Software Foundation, gave a really insightful keynote at PyCon 2015 last week. In a nutshell:

  • The PSF's greatest challenge is that it's short of time: it has one full-time and three part-time employees.

  • What can you do to help?

    • Say thanks to people for what they're doing.
    • Raise up and mentor others.
    • Persevere when trying something new. (Bonus points if you help someone out who doesn't look like you.)

  • How can a new organization grow up to be the PSF?

    • Don't rush it. (In particular, don't put too much process in place too soon.)
    • Default to openness.
    • Build a culture of service.

There's lots more, and you should watch the whole thing, but I think these are good guidelines for Software Carpentry (and most other things, too). more

The Paradox of Learning Objects

By Greg Wilson / 2015-04-22

Warren Code recently forwarded this post by David Wiley, a serial innovator in open education and educational reform. In it, he recapitulates the history of "learning objects" and the paradox at the core of the idea of remixing and reusing teaching material. Since Software Carpentry is (sort of) trying to do exactly that, I think everyone who's currently teaching for us or helping us meet our first publication deadline should look it over. more

April 13 - 20, 2015: A DOI for Software Carpentry Lessons, Good Enough Scientific Computing Practices, Code Reviews, and Library Carpentry

By Anelda van der Walt / 2015-04-21




  • Library Carpentry is a new program piloted by James Baker. The first Library Carpentry event will be hosted in London in November 2015. more

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