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Running a Code Retreat

By Terri Yu / 2015-09-02

I recently attended a scholarship retreat run by Google with about 40 other students. We spent one day doing a "code retreat" and I wanted to share my experience and what I learned about programming. more

Better Teaching Practices

By Greg Wilson / 2015-09-01

It wasn't part of our original plan, but over time Software Carpentry has come to be about better teaching as much as it is about better computing. In aid of that, I would like to offer the following: more

Three Graphs I Would Like to See

By Greg Wilson / 2015-08-31

I spent part of the weekend chatting with a friend in Cambridge who used to be science editor at The Independent and now edits Scientific Computing World. During those conversations, I realized that there are three graphs I'd really like to see: more

GSoC 2015 Finished

By Raniere Silva / 2015-08-30

This year's edition of Google Summer of Code (GSoC) has now finished. We are very happy with the outcome of the work of the three students that worked under the NumFOCUS umbrella that we helped to coordinate. more

2015 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 16 (evening)

By Raniere Silva / 2015-08-28

On August 18th the mentoring subcommittee hosted the 16th round of instructor debriefing. This post highlights the themes discussed in the morning session (you can read about the morning debriefing session here). more

2015 Post-Workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 16 (morning)

By Kate Hertweck / 2015-08-28

The mentorship committee held their latest round of debriefing for instructors of recent workshops on Tuesday, August 18. This post highlights the themes discussed in the morning session (you can read about the evening debriefing session here). Our participants included multiple levels of experience, including new instructors and experienced instructors who were preparing to teach again soon. The most difficult aspects of their experiences are described below, as well as things that work well and may assist in ameliorating problems. more

August 18 - 26, 2015: Instructors' Retreat, Applying Discounts, Adding Lessons, Be a Mentor, Undergraduate Training, and Improving RStudio.

By Anelda van der Walt / 2015-08-26


  • Do you want to meet other Software Carpentry instructors and share your training experience? Let us know when you'll be available for our first Virtual Instructors' Retreat. We've already heard back from 60 people!
  • How do you know if a fee waiver or discount will apply to your Software Carpentry Workshop? Read our new guidelines.
  • Mike Jackson wrote about how easy and rewarding it is to add lessons to the Software Carpentry repertoire. It's inspirational to see the power of openness and collaboration.

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Fee Waivers and Discounted Fees

By Raniere Silva / 2015-08-24

A couple of weeks ago the Steering Committee met in person and one of the topics discussed was fee waivers and discounted fees for workshops and instructor training. Continue reading for our conclusions. more

Virtual Instructors Retreat

By Tiffany Timbers / 2015-08-24

The Mentoring sub-committee is planning a Virtual Instructors Retreat this fall. The goal of the event is to build community between instructors, as well as give us all a chance to practice our teaching and give and receive feedback from each other. This will be a day-long event where we meet in person with our local community, where possible, and remotely where meeting in person is not possible. World-wide, all groups will also interact with each other via internet conferencing for specific portions of the event.

We want as many of our instructors as possible to be able to participate, so please help us to do this by filling out this Doodle poll.

Also, we are interested in your ideas about such an event. Please feel free to mail any ideas, comments or questions to the Mentoring sub-committee. more

Join the Mentoring Subcommittee

By Raniere Silva / 2015-08-22

The Mentoring Subcommittee is seeking for new members to help with the debriefing sessions and future activities. If you are interested in join us, please send a email to more

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