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More About Jonah Duckles

By Jonah Duckles / 2015-10-06

I'm thrilled to be stepping into the role of Executive Director of the Software Carpentry Foundation. I come to you as an experienced instructional community member excited to share my administrative, grant writing and professional background to help the Software Carpentry Foundation become sustainable and reach exciting new goals. more

September 20 - October 4, 2015: A New Executive Director, Instructor and Helper Retreat, Data Visualisation Lesson, Teaching, and Lesson Citations

By Anelda van der Walt / 2015-10-04



  • Read about the new lesson on Data Visualisation with D3 and the pros of interactive data visualisation in Isabell Kiral-Kornek and Robert Kerr's post.


  • We're actively revising our teaching practice and lesson design. The latest feedback from people who've taught the Python lessons is summarised and there's another opportunity for you to add your thoughts via a short survey or longer discussion. We'd love to hear from you!
  • We're still talking about the citation format for our lessons. You can follow the latest discussion and contribute your suggestions at the blog post. more

A Case for Online Data Visualization

By Isabell Kiral-Kornek and Robert Kerr / 2015-10-02

This article originally appeared in The Research Bazaar.

Thorough data analysis is only one part of good research. Equally important is communicating the outcome well and accessibly. And visible research is accessible research.

Our main motivations for publishing our research results are:

  • making them openly accessible to the public,

  • informing fellow researchers about new outcomes that will help them in their research, and

  • strengthening our professional profiles. more

Please Welcome Our New Executive Director

By Greg Wilson / 2015-10-01

We are very pleased to announce that Jonah Duckles has accepted the position of Executive Director of the Software Carpentry Foundation, and will start on Monday, October 5, 2015. Jonah was most recently the Director of Informatics and Innovation at the University of Oklahoma where he partnered with researchers to improve their computational workflows while developing maker spaces for the campus. He holds a BS in Physics and an MS in Forestry and Natural Resources, both from Purdue, and has been a very active contributor to Software Carpentry for several years. more

Citation Format

By Greg Wilson / 2015-09-30

Earlier this month, we published our lessons by giving them DOIs through Zenodo. As we said in an earlier post, though, we've been struggling to figure out (a) how to cite them in text and (b) how to express their metadata in standard bibliographic formats to produce those human-readable citations. more

Thinking About Teaching

By Greg Wilson / 2015-09-28

A little over a year ago, we blogged about jugyokenkyu, or "lesson study", a bucket of practices that Japanese teachers use to hone their craft, from observing each other at work to discussing the lesson afterward to studying curriculum materials with colleagues. Getting the Software Carpentry Foundation up and running almost immediately pushed that aside, but now that the SCF is up and running, it's time to return to the subject. Discussion of how teaching practices are transferred is part of that; so are two other developments this week. more

Announcing the 2015 Instructor and Helper Retreat

By Bill Mills / 2015-09-22

The Mentorship Committee is very excited to announce the first ever Software & Data Carpentry Instructors & Helpers Retreat, happening worldwide on November 14. We're inviting all Software and Data Carpentry instructors and helpers to get together at sites around the world for a day of sharing skills, trying out new lessons and ideas and discussing all things instructor and helper related. more

September 6 - 19, 2015: A Retreat, New Mentors, Instructor Training Update, Preparing Researchers, Interactive Excercises, and a Student's Experience.

By Anelda van der Walt / 2015-09-19



  • Christina Koch mentioned some fun interactive excercises for explaining concepts related to automation and version control in her latest blog.


  • "What would you teach to prepare researchers better to do good science given the changing technological landscape?" An interesting post by Naupaka Zimmerman about being wrong, provenance, and structured data. What are your ideas?


  • Join the Software Credit Workshop on 19 October 2015 in London to participate in the conversation about career advancement for research software developers. more

Software Credit Workshop in London, 19 October 2015

By Shoaib Sufi / 2015-09-18

Securing credit for research software is the subject of the Software Credit Workshop. This is taking place at the Natural History Museum, London, UK on the 19th October 2015.

Explore what contributions software can and should make for career advancement. Discuss ways in which you see software tools and applications supporting the current needs of researchers and software developers seeking credit for their involvement in research software. Identify and propose ideas for improving the way software’s contribution to better research are connected and how this should support appropriate reputational credit for research software enablers.

Join other funders, publishers, software developers, researchers, leaders, citation experts and altmetrics visionaries to make your thoughts heard and shape the conversation.

Find out more and register at more

Software Engineering Practices in Science

By Greg Wilson / 2015-09-16

Dustin Heaton and Jeffrey Carver have just published a paper titled Claims About the Use of Software Engineering Practices in Science: A Systematic Literature Review: more

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