Bridging the Writing Gap

By Greg Wilson / 2014-04-06

A few months ago, we had an interesting discussion about what Software Carpentry should teach about writing and publishing in the 21st Century. One thing that came through loud and clear was the gulf between people who value the "I can see what I'm doing" of Microsoft Word and those who care more about the "I can tell what I did" of version control1.

Sites like Authorea, writeLaTeX, and ShareLaTeX are trying to bridge that gulf by giving people a WYSIWYG authoring tool in the browser that uses LaTeX as a storage format. This is pretty exciting: since it (potentially) allows collaborators to interact in whichever mode they prefer, it allows people to transition from one to the other instead of requiring them to make a great leap sideways.

Both sites currently allow people to save work on site or in Dropbox. It would be very cool if they also allowed people to save work in online version control repositories such as GitHub. Someone who isn't comfortable with version control could simply select "Save..." to push their changes, while someone who's already mastered pull requests and merging could interact that way, so that once again, the system could help people transition gradually from one mode to the other. more

Does Continuous Publication Require Continuous Attention?

By Greg Wilson / 2014-04-05

I read this post by Martin Fenner a couple of weeks ago. His thesis is that scientific publication is still very much a manual process, which makes publications relatively infrequent (and fairly painful) events. Instead, we ought to strive for continuous delivery: production of the "paper" (including release of associated code and data) should be fully automated so that authors can ship whenever they want with relatively little effort.

Continuous delivery is popular among software developers, who frequently argue it's more efficient using diagrams like this: more

Summary of March 2014 Meeting to Discuss Novice R Material

By John Blischak / 2014-04-04

Last week we had our first meeting to discuss the development of the novice R material. Our goal was to determine our plan for collaboratively creating the lessons. more

Uniting the Narrative

By Bill Mills / 2014-04-04

The Victoria workshop that just wrapped a few hours ago was my first stab at teaching SWC live, and I have to say - few things feel better in teaching than the tiny victory of having material that is right on pitch. I've had the lurking notion for years that the hilariously overshot lectures ('I need to cover the syllabus in half time so I can go on sabbatical'), conference talks ('One slide per 30 seconds for a solid hour seems reasonable') and lab presentations ('A 5 by 5 grid of histograms on one slide will communicate ALL the science!') were the tragic offspring of time constraints and one-upmanship, and in desperate need of a pan-academia slide deck disarmament treaty. I always pushed my students to strip it down, just hit the highlights and leave the details for the paper, because I always suspected that that little bit of entertainer's savvy was how we could really reach people: not by fact-bombing the audience into a glassy torpor, but by electrifying their curiosity just enough that the energy that propelled them forward was their own. more

Announcing NBDiff

By Greg Wilson / 2014-03-30

I am very pleased to announce the first release of NBDiff, a tool for diffing and merging IPython Notebooks that is now available on GitHub and PyPI. NBDiff was created by a team of students at Concordia University in Montréal; our thanks and congratulations to Shurouq Abusalah, Tavish Armstrong, Marwa Malti, Lina Nouh, Boris Pipev, Selena Sachdeva, and Richard Tang. For more information, see the NBDiff web site. more

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Jan 2014

2014-01-06: Introducing Arliss Collins
2014-01-07: Mental Models and Vicious Circles
2014-01-07: Test-Driven Development in Scientific Computing
2014-01-07: We Need More of These
2014-01-07: 'Best Practices' Has Been Published
2014-01-09: Job Opportunity at University College London
2014-01-10: It's Not Just the Tools that Differ Between the Two Cultures
2014-01-14: Code Review, Round 2
2014-01-15: Publishing on the Web
2014-01-15: From 0 to 1 to 10
2014-01-16: Introducing the Image Novice Module
2014-01-18: Wrapping Up in Narrangasett
2014-01-18: Feedback from the First Cambridge R Bootcamp
2014-01-19: Why Not a MOOC?
2014-01-24: Feedback from the First MATLAB Bootcamp
2014-01-26: Research Transparency Job at UC Berkeley
2014-01-28: Teaching Online (Sort Of) in 2014
2014-01-28: Workshops at PyCon in Montreal This April
2014-01-28: Workshop for Women in Science and Engineering: April 14-15 at LBL
2014-01-30: Workshops at the Data Science Centers

Feb 2014

2014-02-05: Keeping Track of Problems
2014-02-09: Wrapping Up Round 7 (and a Reminder About Instructor Training)
2014-02-09: An Online Peer Instruction Tool
2014-02-12: rOpenSci Hackathon
2014-02-13: Our Biggest Event Ever
2014-02-19: Lessons Learned Has Been Published
2014-02-21: From Training to Engagement
2014-02-23: Lab Meeting (Feb 2014)
2014-02-24: Software Carpentry: the University Course
2014-02-25: The Open Scoop Challenge

Mar 2014

2014-03-01: Software Carpentry on the CBC
2014-03-03: SSI Collaborations Workshop and Hackday
2014-03-03: Summary of Feb 2014 Lab Meeting
2014-03-04: Learn How to Teach People to Program
2014-03-04: A Workshop for Librarians at PyCon
2014-03-07: Reproducibility Workshop at XSEDE
2014-03-07: Anatole France, Updated
2014-03-12: John Hunter Technology Fellowship 2014
2014-03-14: Everything Old is New Again
2014-03-14: Collaborative Lesson Development - Why Not?
2014-03-14: You and Jimi Hendrix
2014-03-14: Software Carpentry at TGAC
2014-03-14: A Letter from John von Neumann
2014-03-17: PyCon is Just a Month Away
2014-03-18: Our Original Logo
2014-03-18: Data Science Workshops in Seattle
2014-03-19: Empirical Software Engineering Papers
2014-03-23: Not on the Shelves
2014-03-23: What Tools Do You Use to Get Your Job Done?
2014-03-27: Announcing Our Next Lab Meeting
2014-03-27: Building a Minimal Online Presence
2014-03-27: Changing Our Core Curriculum
2014-03-27: One of Our Inspirations
2014-03-29: Updating Our Checklists
2014-03-30: Announcing NBDiff

Apr 2014

2014-04-04: Uniting the Narrative
2014-04-04: Summary of March 2014 Meeting to Discuss Novice R Material
2014-04-05: Does Continuous Publication Require Continuous Attention?
2014-04-06: Bridging the Writing Gap


Jan 2013

2013-01-04: Why We Teach
2013-01-04: Advice From a Newbie No More
2013-01-05: The Art of Cold Calling
2013-01-10: PLoS Ad for Software Carpentry
2013-01-11: Teaching Commercially
2013-01-14: Montreal in January
2013-01-16: University of Chicago in January
2013-01-21: Online Office Hours
2013-01-22: Record and Playback in the IPython Notebook
2013-01-23: How to Become an Instructor
2013-01-24: Visualizing Nuclear Fuel Inventories
2013-01-28: Novelty, Efficiency, and Trust
2013-01-30: Teaching R at UBC
2013-01-30: A Boot Camp at Mozilla

Feb 2013

2013-02-01: Next-Generation Sequencing Course 2013
2013-02-01: A Bunch of Bootcamps
2013-02-02: A Short Report from Utah State
2013-02-03: Features and Scope in Open Courseware
2013-02-03: The Missing Side of the Triangle
2013-02-03: A Short Report from Tuebingen
2013-02-06: We Have a Facebook Page
2013-02-08: Macquarie Went Well
2013-02-11: UBC Went Well
2013-02-11: Correctness Isn't Compelling
2013-02-12: Partnering with the SSI
2013-02-13: Second Dry-Run of DiRAC Driver's License Exam
2013-02-14: More News from the UK
2013-02-14: Registration for Amsterdam Boot Camp is Open
2013-02-15: Wrapping Up in Melbourne
2013-02-15: Expanding Our Boot Camp Types
2013-02-27: Workshop for High-Energy Physics at UCL, Part 2
2013-02-27: A Bootcamp for Women in Science and Engineering

Mar 2013

2013-03-01: Feedback from UW Room B
2013-03-01: Washington Went Well
2013-03-01: Alternative Teaching Models
2013-03-02: Teaching with ipythonblocks at UW
2013-03-05: First Round at Lawrence Berkeley
2013-03-12: A New Testing Framework for MATLAB
2013-03-13: Second Round at Lawrence Berkeley
2013-03-14: New Camps Coming Up
2013-03-15: Snowstorms and Blackouts in Virginia
2013-03-17: Testing Image Processing
2013-03-17: Cumulative Enrollment
2013-03-24: Using the IPython Notebook as a Teaching Tool

Apr 2013

2013-04-03: Connecting Boot Camp Content to Motivation and Best Practices
2013-04-05: An Image Analysis Success Story
2013-04-07: Announcing a Bootcamp for Women in Science and Engineering
2013-04-08: Evaluation Revisited
2013-04-08: Installation Revisited
2013-04-08: A Bootcamp in Toronto May 9-10, 2013
2013-04-16: Feedback from UC Berkeley
2013-04-16: Feedback from the EGI Forum
2013-04-19: Spreadsheets, Retractions, and Bias
2013-04-19: Feedback from Arizona
2013-04-23: Software Carpentry at SciPy 2013
2013-04-24: Bootcamp Recap: Middle East and South Africa
2013-04-24: Manchester Once Again
2013-04-27: Sound Software Competition
2013-04-29: An Update on Cumulative Enrolment
2013-04-30: Pre-Assessment Results

May 2013

2013-05-02: Translucent Badges
2013-05-02: A Rational Computing Process: How and Why to Fake It
2013-05-03: Make It Easier to (Re)use Your Data
2013-05-03: More Detailed Feeback from Melbourne
2013-05-10: Git vs. Subversion and Feedback in General
2013-05-14: A Mention in Science Careers
2013-05-16: Stanford Bootcamp Recap
2013-05-16: Announcing Hack4ac
2013-05-17: Wrapping Up at UC Davis
2013-05-17: Experiences with the Oxford DTCs
2013-05-24: Feedback from the Oxford DTCs
2013-05-24: Planning for the Break
2013-05-24: Where We Are (More or Less)
2013-05-24: Browsercast
2013-05-25: Our Infrastructure
2013-05-26: What Does Victory Look Like?
2013-05-26: What Does Done Look Like?
2013-05-30: The Great Licenceathon
2013-05-30: Krakow Bootcamp Experience

Jun 2013

2013-06-02: Software Carpentry at INTECOL13
2013-06-02: From a Helper to an Instructor
2013-06-05: Feedback and Experiences from Southampton
2013-06-06: Amsterdam Bootcamp
2013-06-07: Running Bootcamps
2013-06-07: Thoughts on an Advanced Boot Camp at Boulder
2013-06-09: North Carolina Bootcamps
2013-06-13: June 2013 Lab Meeting
2013-06-14: Announcing the Mozilla Science Lab
2013-06-15: Boot Camp in Bristol, September 12-13, 2013
2013-06-17: Salk Institute Feedback
2013-06-18: UMass Amherst Boot Camp: Perspective from a Helper
2013-06-19: The Twelve Bar Blues of Open Science
2013-06-20: Software Carpentry: Lessons Learned
2013-06-25: After WISE

Jul 2013

2013-07-05: WiSE Bootcamp Roundup
2013-07-05: Sloan Foundation Proposal Round 2
2013-07-06: Workshop for e-Infrastructure Trainers
2013-07-10: The Oslo Bootcamp
2013-07-14: eResearch New Zealand 2013 Bootcamp Roundup
2013-07-16: Computational Competence for Biologists
2013-07-17: Biological Computing User Stories
2013-07-18: DiRAC Driving Test Ready to Roll
2013-07-18: Data Science Workflows
2013-07-18: Feedback from Bath
2013-07-19: The Fourteenth Anniversary
2013-07-19: Welcome Our New Instructors
2013-07-20: Miscellaneous Videos
2013-07-26: Report on the Indiana Bootcamp

Aug 2013

2013-08-13: What We Cover in Instructor Training
2013-08-14: Summary of Host Survey
2013-08-18: Our New Operations Guide
2013-08-19: Bootcamp Questionnaires
2013-08-19: August 2013 Lab Meeting
2013-08-20: Creating Assessments and What to do With the Data
2013-08-22: Video Interviews from SESYNC Workshop
2013-08-23: August 2013 Lab Meeting
2013-08-23: Two Cheers for GitHub
2013-08-23: Instructor Training Statistics
2013-08-23: What Makes Good Code Good at INTECOL13
2013-08-30: Jonathan Dursi Joins Compute Canada
2013-08-30: Open Access Button Hackathon is Sept 7-8

Sep 2013

2013-09-02: Share Your Code With the Molecular Ecologist Blog
2013-09-02: Teaching Librarians at Harvard
2013-09-02: Our Plan for the Science Lab
2013-09-02: Introducing Citation Files
2013-09-09: Diego Barneche: What I've Learned
2013-09-11: Konrad Hinsen: What I've Learned
2013-09-15: Scientific Computing at AIMS
2013-09-21: Sarah Supp: What I've Learned
2013-09-21: Software Skills and Hummingbird Diversity
2013-09-21: Lex Nederbragt: What I've Learned
2013-09-24: SSI Fellowship Programme 2014
2013-09-24: How Much Testing Is Enough?
2013-09-25: Michael Hansen: What I've Learned
2013-09-26: Code and Data for the Social Sciences
2013-09-27: The Future: Today
2013-09-30: Bootcamp Student Composition by Domain

Oct 2013

2013-10-01: Steven Koenig: What I've Learned
2013-10-04: October 2013 Lab Meeting
2013-10-04: Our Biggest Bootcamp Ever at PyCon 2014
2013-10-08: A new UK administrator for Software Carpentry
2013-10-09: Enrolment Figures (Fall 2013)
2013-10-14: Curriculum Design
2013-10-14: Python for Biologists
2013-10-17: The State of Open Science
2013-10-17: You Keep Using That Word

Nov 2013

2013-11-02: November 2013 Lab Meeting
2013-11-02: Reorganizing
2013-11-02: Software Carpentry's Scope
2013-11-08: Our First Bootcamp in Adelaide
2013-11-12: Report on the PLOS/Mozilla Code Review Pilot
2013-11-13: Women in Tech Workshop at PyData NYC
2013-11-13: Data Science Centers at UCB, UW, and NYU
2013-11-16: Instructor Training in Three Days
2013-11-16: Creating a Forum
2013-11-16: Citing Us In Your CV
2013-11-16: Workshop at SIGCSE 2014
2013-11-17: Thanks from Woods Hole
2013-11-17: Moving Forward with Assessment: Interviews
2013-11-19: What to Say at a Bootcamp, After It's All Said and Done
2013-11-19: How Software Carpentry Helped Me Write a Paper
2013-11-21: The Art of Cold Calling (Updated)
2013-11-24: Centre for Doctoral Training at Southampton
2013-11-25: Registration Now Open for Instructor Training Course
2013-11-26: Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Scientific Computing
2013-11-28: DiRAC Driving Test Comes to Edinburgh
2013-11-29: WiSE Bootcamp at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Dec 2013

2013-12-02: Software and Research Session at AGU 2013
2013-12-05: Feedback from Edinburgh
2013-12-05: Advanced Python for Biologists
2013-12-05: Two to the Fifth New Instructors
2013-12-09: Mozilla Science Lab Community Call for December 2013
2013-12-09: News from the SSI
2013-12-10: Release 2013.11
2013-12-10: There Ought to Be a Badge
2013-12-11: Code as a Research Object
2013-12-19: So How Is Instructor Training Going?
2013-12-19: Andromeda's Advice
2013-12-25: Oxford, One Year On
2013-12-27: Catch and Hold
2013-12-31: Tools, Conversations, and Cultures
2013-12-31: Our Store Is Open


Jan 2012

2012-01-04: Settings Our Sights a Little Bit Lower
2012-01-11: Sloan Foundation Grant to Software Carpentry and Mozilla
2012-01-13: The What, Why, and How of Boot Camps
2012-01-15: Why Is This Hard?
2012-01-20: The First Boot Camp of 2012
2012-01-23: Revising the Curriculum
2012-01-24: Take Out Agile, and Add...What?
2012-01-24: Test-Driven Public Speaking
2012-01-24: Badging
2012-01-25: The Big Picture
2012-01-26: Our Long Tail
2012-01-26: Never Mind the Content, What About the Format?
2012-01-29: Terminology
2012-01-29: Learners and Their Needs
2012-01-31: Reorganizing This Web Site

Feb 2012

2012-02-01: Re-doing the Three-Minute Pitch
2012-02-02: Where To Host Q+A and Discussion?
2012-02-02: Software Carpentry in a Minute and a Half
2012-02-03: We're Going to Be Busy
2012-02-03: First Online Tutorial
2012-02-07: Why We Don't Teach Parallel Computing in Software Carpentry
2012-02-09: Multiple Pitches
2012-02-09: Comparing Software Carpentry to CS Principles
2012-02-10: Audrey Watters on Software Carpentry
2012-02-10: Advanced Scientific Programming in Python
2012-02-12: Pre-Workshop Questionnaire
2012-02-13: Formatting Revisited
2012-02-13: How Many Legs Does Science Have?
2012-02-13: Our New Look
2012-02-13: Advertising Flyer
2012-02-14: Stack Underflow?
2012-02-14: New Kinds of Content
2012-02-15: And Speaking of New...
2012-02-15: Slide Drive
2012-02-15: Watch Me: Volunteers Wanted
2012-02-15: Analyzing Next-Generation Sequencing Data
2012-02-16: How They See Us, Part N
2012-02-19: A Flash (well, MP4) from the Past
2012-02-21: Badges (Mark 1)
2012-02-21: Hello from Trieste!
2012-02-21: Why *Not* Use Python
2012-02-21: Assessment Redux
2012-02-22: Watch Me: Trial Run
2012-02-22: What Deep Thoughts Look Like
2012-02-22: Granules of Research
2012-02-23: Should We Relocate Our Repository?
2012-02-24: Trieste, Italy Workshop - Week 1
2012-02-24: Fourth (or Sixth) Online Tutorial
2012-02-27: Frustration (continued)
2012-02-27: Badges (Finalized)
2012-02-28: Reproducibility Redux
2012-02-29: Worth Reading, Worth Watching

Mar 2012

2012-03-01: Toronto Boot Camp February 2012: How We Did
2012-03-01: ULP (or, This is tricky and perhaps profound)
2012-03-01: Inscight from Trieste
2012-03-04: Performance Curves, Curriculum Design, and Trust
2012-03-05: Help Us Write Assessment Questions
2012-03-05: Open Education Week
2012-03-05: Programs as Experimental Apparatus
2012-03-05: Happy People
2012-03-07: Software Carpentry Meetup at PyCon
2012-03-07: I Resemble That Remark
2012-03-09: What's the Model, Kenneth?
2012-03-09: Our Indiana U Workshop Went Well
2012-03-12: The Trieste Workshop, One Week Later
2012-03-12: The IPython Notebook
2012-03-14: How We're Doing
2012-03-14: Where Next for the Next-Gen Course (and Software Carpentry)?
2012-03-14: Ask the CompuScienceGeek?
2012-03-15: First Homework for Indiana Students (and a few from Ontario)
2012-03-16: Wrapping Up the STScI Course
2012-03-16: Thank You, Enthought
2012-03-18: The Dark Matter of Computational Science
2012-03-18: And While We're Stuck Here With 21 Seconds Worth of Music to Fill...
2012-03-23: Object-Oriented Programming in Fortran 2003
2012-03-28: Wrapping Up MBARI Workshop
2012-03-28: Boot Camp in Paris June 28-29, 2012
2012-03-30: What We Teach in Two Days
2012-03-30: Wrapping Up in Oakland
2012-03-30: Maintaining Momentum

Apr 2012

2012-04-01: What to Teach Researchers About the Web
2012-04-01: Sending Email Back in Time
2012-04-03: Solution to the First Image Processing Homework
2012-04-03: Upcoming Events for Webmaking Instructors
2012-04-03: A Four-Day Curriculum
2012-04-04: Solution to Data Checking Problem
2012-04-05: Lessons Learned at the University Of Chicago
2012-04-06: Titus Brown Finds a Theme
2012-04-06: On Crossing Australia (or, Further Thoughts on What to Teach Researchers about the Web)
2012-04-09: A Future Student
2012-04-10: Straw Man for Web Programming
2012-04-12: Video Update
2012-04-12: Solution to Data Merging with Dictionaries
2012-04-14: We're Neutral (but Not Really)
2012-04-15: Data Munging with Regular Expressions
2012-04-16: Utah State University Wrap-Up
2012-04-17: Halfway Home
2012-04-17: In Search of Prior Arguments
2012-04-17: GitHub for Education
2012-04-18: Where Next?
2012-04-18: Behind the Scenes (or, the Ethics of Cultivating Discontent)
2012-04-19: Three Years Later
2012-04-20: An Exercise With Sets and Dictionaries
2012-04-26: Solution to Sets and Dictionaries Exercise
2012-04-28: Stop Me If You've Heard This One
2012-04-30: Better Across the Pond?

May 2012

2012-05-02: The Good and the Bad of It
2012-05-04: UCL Bootcamp: Version Control Wrap-Up
2012-05-06: An Exercise With Functions and Plotting
2012-05-08: The Architecture of Open Source Applications: Volume 2
2012-05-09: Boot Camp in Boston, July 9-10
2012-05-10: Fish and Bugs
2012-05-11: Run My Code
2012-05-12: Feedback from Michigan State
2012-05-14: Solution to Indented List Problem
2012-05-15: Fooling the Internet
2012-05-15: Two Boot Camps in Ontario in July
2012-05-15: Feedback from Newcastle upon Tyne
2012-05-16: And One More: Johns Hopkins in June
2012-05-17: Halifax in July
2012-05-18: The Most Important Scientific Result Published in the Last Year
2012-05-18: Feedback from Alberta
2012-05-19: Space at Upcoming Events
2012-05-20: What's Wrong With All This?
2012-05-21: Being More Systematic About Publicity
2012-05-21: An Exercise With Matplotlib and Numpy
2012-05-22: Citing Versions
2012-05-23: Responsible Conduct
2012-05-23: Alone and Misunderstood
2012-05-24: No CT Without PL
2012-05-24: Spot the Workshops
2012-05-24: Feedback from the University of British Columbia
2012-05-27: What to Read If You're Teaching Software Carpentry
2012-05-29: How to Run a Bootcamp
2012-05-30: SoundSoftware 2012: Workshop on Software and Data for Audio and Music Research
2012-05-30: A Poster for the Software Carpentry Workshop at INRIA
2012-05-31: Dictionaries are a Scientist's Friend

Jun 2012

2012-06-01: Introduction to NumPy Tutorial
2012-06-03: Git tutorial links
2012-06-04: What Skills Are Required to Implement Open Access?
2012-06-04: Software Carpentry: The E-Book Version?
2012-06-07: Tutorial: NumPy, SciPy, and matplotlib
2012-06-07: Ten Simple Rules
2012-06-08: We Get Mail
2012-06-08: But the Greatest of These Is...
2012-06-10: First Workshop on Maintainable Software Practices in e-Science
2012-06-14: All Entries for the Executable Paper Grand Challenge
2012-06-15: This Week's Tutorials
2012-06-15: Pretty Well Sums It Up
2012-06-18: A Busy Week (And Schwag!)
2012-06-20: Feedback from Johns Hopkins
2012-06-25: If You Want to Teach, Isn't It Only Fair to Learn a Few Things First?
2012-06-26: Pessimism and Doom
2012-06-26: Two Posts on Scientific Workflows
2012-06-26: Handling Variant Configuration Files
2012-06-27: Fortran Format Statements and Regular Expressions
2012-06-27: Where We Are (June 2012 edition)
2012-06-27: A Supercomputing Driver's License

Jul 2012

2012-07-05: Independent Assessment of the Past Six Months
2012-07-10: Wrapping Up in Boston
2012-07-17: Wrapping Up in Halifax
2012-07-19: Workshop wrap up from the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
2012-07-21: Software Carpentry in Paris !
2012-07-21: How Robust Is Your Programming Language?
2012-07-22: IPython Notebook + Towtruck + Etherpad + Slide Drive = Win
2012-07-28: Software Carpentry Needs You!
2012-07-30: Record and Playback

Aug 2012

2012-08-01: We're Going to Be Busy
2012-08-01: That Was Quick
2012-08-14: Applying Pedagogical Principles in This Course
2012-08-14: Interview about Software Carpentry (and Education)
2012-08-14: A Question and Answer Matrix for Software Carpentry
2012-08-16: Alpha Test of Driver's License Exam
2012-08-17: Who Are You?
2012-08-20: What We Talk About When We Talk About Software Carpentry
2012-08-21: An Updated List of Upcoming Workshops
2012-08-27: An Interview with Titus Brown
2012-08-29: Linking Forward From a Bibliography?
2012-08-29: Please Help the Hunter Family
2012-08-29: A Problem With Badges

Sep 2012

2012-09-02: Lifted by the Audience
2012-09-04: Free As In Pretty Much Whatever You Want
2012-09-04: Not Really Disjoint
2012-09-04: Final Results of Demographic Survey
2012-09-06: How Quickly Do Workshops Fill Up?
2012-09-12: The Software Is Open (even if the interviews aren't)
2012-09-12: Patterns Wanted
2012-09-13: Number Crunching with Python: DC Python Workshop
2012-09-16: Systematic Curriculum Design
2012-09-18: What's In Your Stack?
2012-09-18: Post-Mortem on the NGS Course
2012-09-20: Why This Stuff Is Hard To Teach
2012-09-20: Feedback and wrap-up from York
2012-09-26: Computational Thinking and Ice Floating in Bathtubs
2012-09-27: How to Run a Bootcamp (new and improved)
2012-09-29: Workshop at the University of Newcastle in October
2012-09-30: The Real Hard Work
2012-09-30: Oslo and Columbia

Oct 2012

2012-10-01: What Would You Like in an Instructor's Guide?
2012-10-02: How to Help at a Boot Camp
2012-10-03: Best Practices for Scientific Computing
2012-10-04: Wanted: An Entry-Level Provenance Library
2012-10-04: Transitioning to the IPython Notebook
2012-10-05: UCL Researchers to Get Help with Software Development
2012-10-05: Convergent Evolution
2012-10-10: Purdue
2012-10-10: Dark Matter, Public Health, and Scientific Computing
2012-10-12: Why We Teach Version Control
2012-10-12: Rebuilding Redux
2012-10-17: I Screwed Up (or, Why Automation Isn't Always a Good Thing)
2012-10-20: Feedback from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
2012-10-21: Why Teaching People to Program Is Hard
2012-10-22: Feedback from UC Berkeley
2012-10-22: Getting Credit
2012-10-22: Excel Isn't Intrinsically Evil
2012-10-23: Key Points
2012-10-23: Twenty Percent
2012-10-23: 25 Questions
2012-10-24: Feedback from Newcastle
2012-10-25: Prime Numbers, Biologists, and Data Visualization
2012-10-26: Mozilla Web Literacies White Paper
2012-10-26: Two Self-Assessments
2012-10-26: Counting to Five (or, A Plan for Online Tutorials and What's Wrong With It)
2012-10-27: Why This Is Hard (Part Deux)
2012-10-28: Usability Testing and Instructional Design
2012-10-29: Position Available: Director, Webmaking Science Lab, Mozilla
2012-10-30: Minutes from 2012-10-29 All-Hands Meeting
2012-10-30: A List of Bioinformatics Courses

Nov 2012

2012-11-01: Oxford Wrap-Up (with charts!)
2012-11-01: Pelican Guts: on content management for Software Carpentry
2012-11-01: Charging and Being Charged
2012-11-03: How to Help at a Boot Camp
2012-11-04: Winter School on Reproducible Research
2012-11-05: An Administrative Note
2012-11-06: More Tips
2012-11-07: More Oxford feedback
2012-11-13: Web 4 Science
2012-11-13: Pre-Assessment
2012-11-14: FOSDEM 2013
2012-11-14: Workshop for High-Energy Physics at UCL
2012-11-14: A Mostly Successful Decade
2012-11-15: This Is What We Do
2012-11-16: Matt Davis's Great Californian Adventure
2012-11-16: We Apologize for the Interruption in Our Service
2012-11-16: Who Wants To Write a Little Code?
2012-11-16: Making a Difference at LBL
2012-11-17: Updating Our Reading List
2012-11-19: Who Wants To Build a Faded Example Tool for the IPython Notebook?
2012-11-19: The Tool (I Think) We Need To Do Peer Instruction Online
2012-11-24: Cait Pickens on the Scripps Institute Boot Camp
2012-11-25: Titus Brown on the Scripps Institute Boot Camp
2012-11-27: Alpha Testing Ideas for the IPython Notebook
2012-11-30: Good News About Software Carpentry (and More)

Dec 2012

2012-12-01: European Grid Infrastructure is Organizing a Software Carpentry Workshop
2012-12-04: See You at PyCon 2013
2012-12-05: Our First Hackathon
2012-12-05: Six Years Later
2012-12-05: Sustainability
2012-12-05: Who Can Run a Software Carpentry Workshop?
2012-12-05: Why Be an Instructor
2012-12-05: Moving Up and Moving Down
2012-12-08: Creating a Task List
2012-12-09: What To Work On In 2013
2012-12-10: Things Are Going Well in Texas on Ada Lovelace's Birthday
2012-12-11: Some of the Things We've Learned About Teaching Git
2012-12-12: IPython Funding: Hurray!
2012-12-12: Feedback from Edinburgh
2012-12-13: Two R Workshops at UBC in 2013
2012-12-15: Three Non-trivial Use Cases for Git
2012-12-15: Lorena Barba's Reproducibility PI Manifesto
2012-12-16: You've Shown Me the C, Now Where's the Python?
2012-12-19: Minutes from 2012-12-19
2012-12-21: Sample Data Management Plans
2012-12-21: Code of Conduct
2012-12-23: Computer Science Curricula 2013


Jan 2011

2011-01-06: What I Learned From Software Carpentry
2011-01-06: First Half of Lecture on Object-Oriented Programming
2011-01-09: Funding (A Plea for Contacts)
2011-01-10: Software Carpentry in One Picture and Five Words
2011-01-10: The Spring 2011 Course Begins
2011-01-10: Slower Than Expected
2011-01-14: The Hacker Within
2011-01-14: Our Funding Pitch
2011-01-16: Demographics (part one)
2011-01-17: Demographics (part two)
2011-01-18: Exercises for Shell Posted
2011-01-19: Version Control and Newline Conventions
2011-01-19: Making System Administrators' Lives Easier
2011-01-20: MIT Rethinking OpenCourseWare
2011-01-20: How to Cite Software Carpentry
2011-01-21: Scientists Aren't Stupid: Software Is
2011-01-26: Software Carpentry Sprint in July
2011-01-26: The Case Against Peer Review
2011-01-26: Thinking Like the Web
2011-01-26: Fighting Spam
2011-01-27: Notes Toward a Lecture on High-Performance Computing
2011-01-27: Research Study: How Do You Test Your MATLAB?
2011-01-27: Boot Camp
2011-01-31: A Competence Matrix for Software Carpentry

Feb 2011

2011-02-01: First Episode on Software Engineering
2011-02-02: Three Months, Two Spikes, One Conclusion
2011-02-03: Scripts for Two More Software Engineering Episodes
2011-02-08: What Computational Science Means to Me
2011-02-11: Updates to Spreadsheet Lecture
2011-02-14: Two More Episodes on Spreadsheets
2011-02-14: Audio for Three Software Engineering Episodes
2011-02-15: Top Ten Why Nots
2011-02-15: First Four MATLAB Episodes
2011-02-16: I Want Their Software
2011-02-16: How to Contribute
2011-02-17: Reddit on Scientific Programming
2011-02-18: Scientific Computing Podcast
2011-02-18: Mirroring Software Carpentry
2011-02-19: Three More Episodes on MATLAB
2011-02-22: What Better Looks Like
2011-02-23: Ask, And Ye Shall Receive
2011-02-24: An Easy Place to Start: Systems Programming
2011-02-25: We Got a Mention in Comm. ACM

Mar 2011

2011-03-01: Tuple Spaces (or, Good Ideas Don't Always Win)
2011-03-07: Literate Programming
2011-03-09: High Tech That Looks Low Tech
2011-03-09: Advanced Scientific Programming in Python
2011-03-11: Science Illustrated
2011-03-11: Musing About Reorganization
2011-03-12: What To Demand
2011-03-15: Twenty Questions (Minus Two)
2011-03-15: Call for Participation
2011-03-16: Next-Generation Sequencing Course at MSU
2011-03-16: Graph Layout, Models vs. Views, and Computational Thinking
2011-03-17: Questions and Answers
2011-03-18: On a Personal Note...
2011-03-21: Videos of Autumn School Lectures
2011-03-21: Using a Debugger
2011-03-22: You'll Need a Large Screen
2011-03-22: I'd Settle for 0.1%
2011-03-23: Our First Episode on Microsoft Access
2011-03-24: A Better Way to Teach Programming to Scientists
2011-03-26: And I'm on a Horse
2011-03-30: Spring 2011 Course Over
2011-03-30: Practical Computing for Scientists at Stanford
2011-03-31: Using Bein
2011-03-31: Harder Than It Should Be

Apr 2011

2011-04-09: By The Numbers
2011-04-11: Prototyping
2011-04-18: Holding Up a Mirror
2011-04-22: In Praise of Street Fighting
2011-04-23: Chapters

May 2011

2011-05-02: Managing Data
2011-05-03: The Hacker Within at MSU in June
2011-05-06: The Architecture of Open Source Applications
2011-05-13: Damn the Torpedoes (but I could use some help navigating)
2011-05-14: More Interested in the Asides
2011-05-23: 'The Architecture of Open Source Applications' is Now Available

Jun 2011

2011-06-01: Workshop at CEF'11
2011-06-02: Five on Systems Programming
2011-06-04: Programming for Scientists at Newcastle University: June 20, 2011
2011-06-07: Practical Computing for Everyone (not just biologists)
2011-06-10: Audio Processing in Python
2011-06-14: A New Look
2011-06-15: New Episode: MATLAB Structs and Cell Arrays
2011-06-18: Health Informatics Resources
2011-06-20: Doing the Math
2011-06-22: Michael Nielsen Talks About Open Science in San Francisco on June 29
2011-06-29: It Will Never Work in Theory

Jul 2011

2011-07-01: Mentioned in Nature Methods
2011-07-06: Reproducible Computational Geophysics
2011-07-10: Stanford Course Went Well
2011-07-11: Architecture of Open Source Applications Webinars Tuesday July 13 and 20
2011-07-20: How Much Do You Need?
2011-07-20: Material from Newcastle Workshop Now Available
2011-07-20: The Case of Abinit
2011-07-20: And Speaking of Titus Brown...
2011-07-22: Software Carpentry in HPCWire

Aug 2011

2011-08-04: Computing in Physics 101: What We're Doing Wrong
2011-08-08: Introducing Programming a Different Way
2011-08-17: Demos Reinforce Errors, and Confusion is Good

Sep 2011

2011-09-01: Renting Cycles Has Never Been Easier (For Some Definition of 'Easier')
2011-09-02: Teaching Security to Scientists
2011-09-05: Where is the Puck Going to Be?
2011-09-08: What Happens When You Install Something?
2011-09-13: Progress Of A Sort
2011-09-17: The Simplest Web That Could Possibly Work
2011-09-20: I'm Not Normally Lost for Words
2011-09-22: Plus Ca Change...

Oct 2011

2011-10-04: 2011 Software Carpentry Bootcamp Sold Out!
2011-10-05: Revamping This Site
2011-10-07: Four New Episodes on Databases Using Microsoft Access
2011-10-14: Updating to HTML 5
2011-10-14: The Science Code Manifesto's Five C's
2011-10-19: American Scientist Article on Empirical Studies of Software Engineering
2011-10-21: Slides from Hans-Martin
2011-10-22: Research Without Walls

Nov 2011

2011-11-06: Nirvana on Monday Night
2011-11-08: The Ladder of Abstraction and the Future of Online Teaching
2011-11-08: The Best vs. the Good
2011-11-11: Successful Bootcamp
2011-11-14: Surviving the Tsunami
2011-11-14: Clearing Up Code
2011-11-18: Quantifying Installation Costs
2011-11-18: Show Me the Data
2011-11-18: Accessible to All?
2011-11-19: Knowledge of the Second Kind
2011-11-25: Building a Bibliography
2011-11-29: Three Short Thoughts

Dec 2011

2011-12-07: How to Teach Webcraft and Programming to Free-Range Students
2011-12-13: New Features in Excel for Scientists
2011-12-20: What I've Learned So Far
2011-12-20: It Just Keeps On Hurting
2011-12-24: What Success Looks Like Five Years Out
2011-12-24: Organizing Instruction and Study to Improve Student Learning
2011-12-29: Yet Another Survey
2011-12-30: Fork, Merge, and Share
2011-12-31: The Fire Last Time
2011-12-31: Some Responses to Some Comments


Jan 2010

2010-01-07: New Challenges
2010-01-10: How We Got Here, and Where We Are
2010-01-13: Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?
2010-01-13: Podcast with Jon Udell
2010-01-18: Was Designed To, But Didn't
2010-01-20: Big Science == Big Skills Gap
2010-01-24: It Seems That Everyone Cares

Feb 2010

2010-02-12: Two Views
2010-02-22: BEACON Funded!
2010-02-25: Eighty Per Cent!
2010-02-28: Panton Principles

Mar 2010

2010-03-11: How Much Of This Should Scientists Understand?
2010-03-23: Now on Twitter
2010-03-25: Summer Course: Analyzing Next-Generation Sequencing Data
2010-03-25: Software Carpentry Version 4 is a Go!
2010-03-26: Online Delivery
2010-03-26: Instructional Design
2010-03-28: Recommended Reading
2010-03-29: What's Not on the Reading List
2010-03-30: Formats
2010-03-31: Periodic Table of Science Bloggers

Apr 2010

2010-04-01: Simon Singh Wins (and So Does Science)
2010-04-01: Models To Imitate
2010-04-04: Feedback and Boundaries
2010-04-08: Software Carpentry for Economists in Mannheim This Autumn
2010-04-08: Platforms
2010-04-11: Measuring Science
2010-04-12: Teaching Open Source
2010-04-12: More on Instructional Design
2010-04-15: Scimatic Sponsorship
2010-04-16: File Sharing for Scientists
2010-04-19: Apologies for the Flurry of Re-Posts

May 2010

2010-05-02: T Minus One
2010-05-03: Setting Up a New Windows Machine
2010-05-04: Day 2: More Sticky Notes
2010-05-04: Day 1: Shuffling Sticky Notes Around
2010-05-05: A Question About Documentation
2010-05-06: Day 4: First Preliminary Alpha Test Etc. Screencast
2010-05-07: Day 5: A Different Kind of Screencast
2010-05-09: Microsoft
2010-05-10: Why We're Self-Hosting
2010-05-10: Day 6: Screencast With Point-Form Notes
2010-05-12: Day 7: Mini-screencasts
2010-05-13: Day 8: Exercises (with a screencast)
2010-05-13: Day 9: Programming
2010-05-13: A Word (Or Three) From Our Sponsors
2010-05-14: Why Most Scientists Don't Like Computers
2010-05-14: Day 10: Closed Captioning
2010-05-17: Day 11: Slides
2010-05-18: We'll Know We've Succeeded If...
2010-05-19: Evaluating Methods and Protocols
2010-05-25: Archiving Experiments to Raise Scientific Standards
2010-05-27: Badges and Stars
2010-05-28: Teaching databases by example
2010-05-29: Jim Graham on Reproducibility
2010-05-31: Program Design: the First Third

Jun 2010

2010-06-01: Who Reports On The Other 97 Per Cent?
2010-06-01: Program Design: the Second Instalment
2010-06-03: If You Want to Look Ahead...
2010-06-03: Assembling a Program
2010-06-04: Refactoring Invasion Percolation
2010-06-04: Concept Map
2010-06-07: The Big Picture (version 2)
2010-06-07: Testing Invasion Percolation
2010-06-08: Episode 11: Making It Fast
2010-06-09: Reorganizing Content
2010-06-10: Our Lecture on Databases is Now Online
2010-06-10: The Big Picture (version 3)
2010-06-10: Interview: Jim Graham of Scimatic
2010-06-11: Interview: SHARCNET's Hugh Couchman
2010-06-11: Interview: David Jackson at the UK Met Office
2010-06-11: Thought for the Day
2010-06-11: Counting Things
2010-06-12: The Cowichan Problems
2010-06-14: Interview: Mark Plumbley at Queen Mary University of London
2010-06-15: Next-Gen Sequencing Course at MSU: It Went Well
2010-06-15: Glossary and License Online
2010-06-16: Is Live Coding Worth It?
2010-06-16: A Voice from the Back of the Room
2010-06-17: Let's Try That Again
2010-06-18: For World Cup Fans (and Everyone Else)
2010-06-18: Our First Few Exercises
2010-06-18: People You Don't Want On Your Team
2010-06-18: First Half of Spreadsheets Lecture Now Online
2010-06-19: Second Lecture on Regular Expressions
2010-06-21: Interview with Microsoft's David Rich
2010-06-21: A Little Bit of Theory
2010-06-22: Episode 4 on Regular Expressions
2010-06-23: Software Developer: Audio and Digital Music
2010-06-23: Software Carpentry in Three and a Half Minutes
2010-06-24: Eric Lander on Genomics
2010-06-24: SIAM News Article About Software Carpentry
2010-06-24: Another Example of small-p Patterns
2010-06-25: Final Episode of Regular Expressions Lecture Now Online
2010-06-27: Four Down-What Next?
2010-06-28: Last Episode on Sets and Dictionaries Posted First
2010-06-29: The Violas of Programming

Jul 2010

2010-07-06: That's, Uh, Pretty Ambitious
2010-07-06: Hubs, Spokes, and Gonzo Programming Skills
2010-07-07: Using Science to Design This Course
2010-07-08: Two Episodes on Sets
2010-07-08: Interview: SciNet's Daniel Gruner
2010-07-10: Which Topics Are Most Important to You?
2010-07-10: HPC and Programmability
2010-07-11: Interview with Michigan State's Titus Brown
2010-07-13: Interview: Andrew Lumsdaine of Indiana University
2010-07-13: Traffic
2010-07-13: A Shorter Version of the Sets and Tuples Episode
2010-07-14: Two New Episodes on Dictionaries
2010-07-15: Survey Results
2010-07-16: Clip Art
2010-07-18: An Interview with Hans Petter Langtangen
2010-07-18: A Gentle Introduction
2010-07-19: Script for Introduction to Version Control
2010-07-20: Five... Five... Five Scripts in One!
2010-07-20: Interview with STSci's Perry Greenfield
2010-07-20: Interview with The Hackers Within
2010-07-20: A Note on Tools
2010-07-21: Popular, Fast, or Usable: Pick One
2010-07-22: First Episode of Testing Lecture
2010-07-23: Strictly Speaking, This Isn't Part of Testing
2010-07-24: Introduction to Version Control
2010-07-26: Second Lecture on Version Control
2010-07-28: Mark Guzdial on Software Carpentry
2010-07-29: Two More Episodes on Version Control
2010-07-29: Survey Update
2010-07-30: Stats for July
2010-07-30: A Little Bit of Javascript
2010-07-31: Interview with Davor Cubranic

Aug 2010

2010-08-02: Interview with Sergey Fomel
2010-08-03: Open Source, Open Science in 1999
2010-08-03: A Question About Nose
2010-08-05: Software Carpentry for Audio and Music Researchers
2010-08-05: An Answer That Most Students Won't Understand
2010-08-12: Interview with Cameron Neylon
2010-08-16: 43% Independent
2010-08-19: Slides and Scripts for the Next Two Episodes
2010-08-23: What Don't You Understand That You'd Like To?
2010-08-26: Another Update on What You Want
2010-08-27: Four More Screencasts on Testing
2010-08-31: Five Episodes on the Shell (and Three to Come)

Sep 2010

2010-09-01: Three More Sets of Slides
2010-09-03: Eight Episodes on the Unix Shell
2010-09-06: Getting the Source
2010-09-08: Slides for the First Four Episodes on Make
2010-09-09: And For My Next Trick...
2010-09-13: Will America's Universities Go The Way Of Its Car Companies?
2010-09-14: Software Carpentry Offered Online in Fall 2010 (for Ontario students)
2010-09-15: Testing Scientific Software
2010-09-15: Five Episodes on Make
2010-09-16: Survey: Help Needed
2010-09-20: Your Favorite Running Examples?
2010-09-21: I'm No Graphic Artist...
2010-09-22: Response Has Been Overwhelming
2010-09-23: Software Carpentry at UCSF
2010-09-28: A New Site Design
2010-09-30: Tracking Utility and Impact
2010-09-30: Ten Short Papers Every Computational Scientist Should Read

Oct 2010

2010-10-03: What Questions Do You (Frequently) Ask?
2010-10-03: Do You Use Software Carpentry?
2010-10-04: Aaaand We're Off!
2010-10-05: Using Subversion from the Command Line
2010-10-12: Python Lecture Coming Online
2010-10-13: Three More Episodes on Spreadsheets
2010-10-14: Five Rules for Computational Scientists
2010-10-14: Nature Article on Scientific Programming
2010-10-14: Three Python Screencasts Up
2010-10-14: Dexy
2010-10-15: Six More Python Episodes
2010-10-17: Ratings Revised
2010-10-18: How Did You Find Us?
2010-10-18: Final Four Episodes of Python Lecture
2010-10-21: Slides Available as PDF and PPT
2010-10-24: Configuration Files
2010-10-27: ComputerWorld Canada Educator of the Year
2010-10-28: How We've Helped
2010-10-28: Feedback at UKMO
2010-10-29: Provenance (Or, What We Didn't Quite Get to at the Met Office)
2010-10-30: Need Something to Debug
2010-10-30: Would You Prefer...
2010-10-30: Dubois on Maintaining Correctness
2010-10-31: Counting Things (Part 1)

Nov 2010

2010-11-05: Done In London
2010-11-07: Counting Things (Part 2)
2010-11-16: Ratios and Rework
2010-11-17: New Section for Essays
2010-11-17: Making Software Screencast
2010-11-18: Summary of student check-ins
2010-11-19: Now Annotated
2010-11-20: Mid-term Quiz Results
2010-11-21: Repository URL Change
2010-11-23: Phylogenetic Trees
2010-11-23: Four Episodes on Matrix Programming
2010-11-25: Hours So Far
2010-11-26: Next Part of Persistence Essay Online
2010-11-29: Winter 2011 Online Course Now Full
2010-11-30: First Four Episodes on Multimedia

Dec 2010

2010-12-02: Fall 2010: What Went Right, What Went Wrong
2010-12-02: Peer to Peer
2010-12-02: Prerequisites (or, When to Say No)
2010-12-02: Programmer Competency Matrix
2010-12-02: Red-R
2010-12-02: Cast Your Votes
2010-12-06: Pins, Balls, and Arbitrary Decisions
2010-12-07: Approaching Objects from a New Direction
2010-12-08: How Do You Manage a Terabyte?
2010-12-09: Where Are My Keys?
2010-12-10: Winter 2011 Signup vs. Spam Filters
2010-12-10: Performance and Parallelism
2010-12-13: Slides for First Five OO Episodes Online
2010-12-14: Presents for the Holidays
2010-12-15: Building a Recommendation Engine with NumPy
2010-12-20: Executable Papers
2010-12-21: Compute Canada's 'Strategic' Plan Isn't
2010-12-23: Extended Examples
2010-12-26: Local Subversion Repositories
2010-12-27: Open Research Computation
2010-12-27: Elimination
2010-12-30: More Detailed Outline for HPC Lecture
2010-12-31: Software Carpentry Boot Camp Jan 12-14 in Madison


Jan 2009

2009-01-10: I *Want* To Be A Number
2009-01-23: A New Kind of Big Science
2009-01-27: Web Native Lab Notebooks
2009-01-30: Communicate First, Standardize Second

Feb 2009

2009-02-04: Cameron Neylon Says Interesting Things
2009-02-06: Sharing Data Isn't That Easy
2009-02-11: MTEST
2009-02-11: Python Textbooks for Biotech
2009-02-11: Carl Zimmer's Readers' Reading List
2009-02-16: Enough Players to Hand Out Medals
2009-02-18: Open Science Panel at Columbia
2009-02-18: Computer Supported Collaborative Science
2009-02-23: Das Kapital, Computational Thinking, and Productivity

Mar 2009

2009-03-02: Open Science and Autism's False Prophets
2009-03-17: Legal Frameworks for Reproducible Research
2009-03-25: Open Notebook Science Badges
2009-03-25: Inference for R
2009-03-30: User Stories

Apr 2009

2009-04-01: Software Carpentry in Toronto July 13-31 2009
2009-04-03: Cameron Neylon on the Three Opens
2009-04-08: We've Started a FAQ
2009-04-08: Software Carpentry in Alberta
2009-04-23: What Supervisors Need To Know
2009-04-27: Madagascar Course in Delft June 12-13
2009-04-27: Firming Up Course Goals
2009-04-28: Empirical Software Engineering and Scientific Computing

May 2009

2009-05-01: What If Scientists Didn't Compete?
2009-05-04: Entrance Requirements
2009-05-06: Topics and Schedule Posted
2009-05-09: How Scientists Use Computers: Survey Part 2
2009-05-11: Links for Summer Interns
2009-05-12: Error Handling

Jun 2009

2009-06-01: SECSE Workshop
2009-06-01: Big Code vs. Science 2.0
2009-06-02: Two Spots Left in Toronto
2009-06-02: Software Carpentry in Edmonton July 13-31
2009-06-15: Neylon's Head in the Clouds
2009-06-15: Sightings
2009-06-15: And Speaking of Sightings...
2009-06-23: Another New Version of the Slides
2009-06-24: Topics and Schedule
2009-06-25: Updating the License
2009-06-29: Ready for Proofreading
2009-06-29: The Environmental e-Science Revolution
2009-06-29: Quality Control and Traceability

Jul 2009

2009-07-04: Registration for July 29 Talks is Now Open
2009-07-10: See You Monday!
2009-07-13: Aaaand They're Off!
2009-07-15: Day 2
2009-07-16: Day 3
2009-07-17: Day 4
2009-07-19: Quantum to Cosmos: October 15-25 in Waterloo
2009-07-19: Day 5
2009-07-21: Elsevier's Future, Version 0.1
2009-07-21: Day 6: Theory and Practice
2009-07-22: Day 8: Getting It Right
2009-07-22: Day 7: Lots More Objects
2009-07-24: Day 9
2009-07-24: Day 10 Done - and With It, Week 2
2009-07-26: Martin Fenner on SciBarCamp
2009-07-27: Where This Course Came From
2009-07-28: Day 11 and Day 12
2009-07-29: Every Day Is a Big Day...
2009-07-31: Day[-2]
2009-07-31: A Good Afternoon

Aug 2009

2009-08-01: Post-Mortem
2009-08-02: Next Steps
2009-08-03: What *Is* Open Science?
2009-08-03: Guest Speakers' Slides Now Available
2009-08-04: The Ice Cream Test
2009-08-06: American Scientist Article on How Scientists Use Computers
2009-08-15: You Can Do a Lot Without Programming
2009-08-15: It's Like Not Wearing Your Cleats in the House
2009-08-21: The Big Picture
2009-08-23: The Delight Is In The Details, Too
2009-08-24: Playing Safe
2009-08-24: Science and JoVE
2009-08-24: Who Owns Your Data?
2009-08-24: Bad News and Good News
2009-08-26: How Important is Geospatial Data to You?
2009-08-30: Is The Future Waving At You?

Sep 2009

2009-09-05: R for Programmers?
2009-09-11: Two Links
2009-09-11: Job Opening: MITACS Scientific Coordinator
2009-09-15: Partial Outline of New Version of Course
2009-09-18: Updated Outline for Revised Course
2009-09-21: Another Reason to Care About Provenance
2009-09-22: Grant Proposal
2009-09-24: Presentation, Presentation, Presentation
2009-09-29: A Strange Obsession

Oct 2009

2009-10-05: The Hacker Within
2009-10-06: Comments on Course Reorganization
2009-10-08: Videos from Symposium Are Now Online
2009-10-16: Revised Plan
2009-10-21: Should Modeling Be Part of This Course?
2009-10-21: Creating New Niches
2009-10-23: Cryptography Isn't Security
2009-10-30: By Popular Request...

Nov 2009

2009-11-01: Our Target Audience
2009-11-06: Python in Science
2009-11-13: Packaging
2009-11-15: Cloud Computing for Beginners
2009-11-18: Special Issue of Computing in Science and Engineering
2009-11-22: Serendipitous and Unexpected
2009-11-24: Tutorials Start This Week
2009-11-26: Caesar's Wife
2009-11-28: Thanks, Jamie

Dec 2009

2009-12-11: Why Opening Up (Probably) Wouldn't Help
2009-12-18: Double Standards
2009-12-19: NSF Programs
2009-12-27: Dudley and Butte on Software Skills
2009-12-30: Osmosis is Just a Fancy Name for Failure


Feb 2008

2008-02-02: SciBarCamp in Toronto March 15-16
2008-02-14: Grumpy Minds Think Alike
2008-02-20: O'Reilly Creating a Web Version of Mathematica
2008-02-26: Scientific Groupware Revisited

Mar 2008

2008-03-06: LearnHub Launches with Software Carpentry Front and Center
2008-03-07: Survey: Silent Errors in Scientific Code
2008-03-26: Nice Quote
2008-03-31: Meet the New Flaw

Apr 2008

2008-04-02: The Retractions Just Keep Coming In
2008-04-02: Summer Plans for Software Carpentry
2008-04-10: Three Studies (Maybe Four)
2008-04-14: SPOC

May 2008

2008-05-05: Those Who Will Not Learn From History...
2008-05-15: SE-CSE Workshop
2008-05-16: But I Was Gone Less than 48 Hours!
2008-05-21: Why Don't We Do This?
2008-05-25: Interviewed by Jon Udell
2008-05-27: Reminded of the Difference Once Again
2008-05-30: Programming and Scientific Education on Slashdot

Jun 2008

2008-06-03: Three Weeks and Change
2008-06-06: Faking Results
2008-06-13: What a Proposal Looks Like

Jul 2008

2008-07-01: Kevin's Been Busy
2008-07-19: Badge of Honor?
2008-07-22: Reviving the Software Carpentry Mailing List
2008-07-23: Quick Quiz to Measure What Scientists Know
2008-07-23: Badge of Reproducibility
2008-07-28: Next Lecture?

Aug 2008

2008-08-01: They're Breeding Like Rabbits
2008-08-11: SciFoo, eGY, and Splitting
2008-08-13: Data Provenance Challenge
2008-08-22: Bil Lewis Works With Biologists...

Sep 2008

2008-09-04: Science 2.0: the Future of Online Tools for Scientists
2008-09-11: Science in the 21st Century

Oct 2008

2008-10-15: Surveying Scientists' Use of Computers
2008-10-27: Finding and Re-using Open Scientific Resources

Nov 2008

2008-11-02: 1731 People
2008-11-04: One Good Survey Deserves Another
2008-11-16: What Sciences Are There?
2008-11-17: Science Lessons for MPs
2008-11-20: Getting the Science Right-Or At Least, Less Wrong
2008-11-21: SECSE'09 Call for Papers
2008-11-30: Igor, Connect the Electrodes!

Dec 2008

2008-12-10: Three Reasons to Distrust Microarray Results
2008-12-19: The National Academy Would Like to Hear From You
2008-12-19: Google Pulls the Plug on Scientific Data Sharing Project
2008-12-24: A Healthy Dose of Scepticism
2008-12-26: Things I'd Like To Finish In the Next 489 Days
2008-12-31: Time to Freshen It Up


Jan 2007

2007-01-18: Software Carpentry Usage in December

Feb 2007

2007-02-07: Software Carpentry Screencasts

Mar 2007

2007-03-10: Reproducibility of Computational Results
2007-03-11: SciPy'07 Dates Announced
2007-03-19: Sign Error: Five Papers Retracted

Apr 2007

2007-04-02: Titus Brown Teaching Software Carpentry

May 2007

2007-05-05: Computational Scientists Still Don't Get It

Jun 2007

2007-06-11: Praising the Good
2007-06-18: Nature Precedings
2007-06-20: Software Carpentry Screencasts by Chris Lasher
2007-06-20: Inspirational Videos
2007-06-26: Software Carpentry at LLNL
2007-06-27: Two Studies of ASCI (and no, that's not a typo)

Jul 2007

2007-07-04: Another Sighting of Software Carpentry
2007-07-05: Win a Trip to Reno!
2007-07-18: Computational Education for Scientists
2007-07-31: How Not to Collaborate

Aug 2007

2007-08-07: How I'm Doing
2007-08-31: Random Survey about HPC

Sep 2007

2007-09-05: Openness and (the promise of) XML
2007-09-25: Another Sighting of Software Carpentry

Oct 2007

2007-10-02: Doomed to Repeat It
2007-10-26: The Burning Man of HPC

Dec 2007

2007-12-09: Python Supercomputing Statistics


Jan 2006

2006-01-02: Software Carpentry Introduction revised and on the web
2006-01-04: First Shell Lecture for Software Carpentry is Up
2006-01-09: Two More Revised Software Carpentry Lectures
2006-01-11: Build Lecture Is Up
2006-01-15: Intro Python Lecture Available
2006-01-18: Second Python Lecture Now on the Web
2006-01-23: Third Software Carpentry Python Lecture on the Web
2006-01-23: Programming Style Lecture Has Been Revised
2006-01-24: Quality Assurance Lecture Now Available
2006-01-29: Fourth Python Lecture for Software Carpentry

Feb 2006

2006-02-02: Debugging Lecture
2006-02-06: First Lecture on Object-Oriented Programming Is Up
2006-02-10: Software Carpentry Design Lecture
2006-02-12: Regular Expressions Lecture is Up
2006-02-14: Lecture on Binary Data
2006-02-14: Data Lineage
2006-02-20: AAAS Annual Meeting 2006
2006-02-21: What Else for Software Carpentry?
2006-02-21: Second Lecture on Object-Oriented Programming
2006-02-22: Second Lecture on Testing Now Online
2006-02-23: Database Lecture is Up

Mar 2006

2006-03-02: Last Two Lectures Are Up
2006-03-03: Client-Side Web Programming Lecture
2006-03-06: Web Server Programming Lecture Is Up
2006-03-26: 2020 Hype

Apr 2006

2006-04-04: Integration and XML Lectures
2006-04-05: New Security Lecture Up
2006-04-09: 341 Words
2006-04-17: Zipf's Law of Feedback
2006-04-28: Corrections Done

May 2006

2006-05-03: Software Carpentry 1111
2006-05-05: Revised Lecture on Teamware

Jun 2006

2006-06-25: Software Carpentry's new home

Jul 2006

2006-07-14: Software Carpentry 3.0
2006-07-20: The Parallel Tools Platform
2006-07-30: Design Patterns in Scientific Software

Aug 2006

2006-08-04: HPCWire Interview on Software Carpentry
2006-08-16: SciPy and Software Carpentry
2006-08-17: SciPy'06: First Morning
2006-08-17: Oh My God It's Django!

Oct 2006

2006-10-26: German Version of 'Bottleneck'
2006-10-31: Computational Result Retracted

Nov 2006

2006-11-02: Software Carpentry continues to grow
2006-11-28: Software Carpentry article in CiSE

Dec 2006

2006-12-05: YouTube for Data


Jul 2005

2005-07-08: Software Carpentry notes are up
2005-07-29: Software Carpentry course in Nature

Aug 2005

2005-08-22: Software Carpentry at Indiana University

Sep 2005

2005-09-14: Software Carpentry: First Meeting
2005-09-20: Day 9
2005-09-21: Software Carpentry at the AAAS

Nov 2005

2005-11-04: Workshop at AAAS '06

Dec 2005

2005-12-08: Executive Version of Software Carpentry Course
2005-12-09: American Scientist article on Software Carpentry
2005-12-11: Maintaining Correctness
2005-12-23: Procrastination: One of the Few Things in Life Nicer Than Toast
2005-12-27: New Year's Schedule for Software Carpentry
2005-12-28: $67 million a year


Dec 2004

2004-12-30: Python Software Foundation Grant
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