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Summary of May 2014 Lab Meeting

Posted 2014-05-24 by Greg Wilson in Community, Lab Meeting.

Our monthly online lab meeting took place this past Thursday (May 22), and for the first time it included voting on pull requests and other issues. All the notes from the Etherpad are included below, but the high points are:

  1. The Mozilla Science Lab is hiring a developer and a community manager.
  2. People and projects that would like to take part in our global sprint on July 22-23 are invited to sign up on this Etherpad. We won't just work on Software Carpentry curriculum and tooling: related projects are welcome to use this opportunity to bring their communities together as well.
  3. Arliss Collins and others will try to simplify the workflow for creating and managing bootcamps. (Right now, we rely on five different online systems, and most of the administrators we work with at host institutions can't make heads or tails of them.) If you would like to help, please let us know.
  4. We will add people who want to be helpers at bootcamps to our instructors mailing list rather than creating yet another list for reaching them.
  5. We voted on the following pull requests:
    • Extra lessons will go under existing directories (e.g., novice/git/) rather than in a top-level extras directory.
    • We won't try to standardize usage of "parameter" and "argument", since most instructors use them idiosyncratically and/or interchangeably.
    • We will incorporate the new lessons on Mercurial as soon as they're done.
    • We will merge the lessons on scikit-learn, Python string formatting, common Python error messages, and setting up SSH keys for GitHub.
    • We won't include the lesson on tmux—people felt it was too specialized—and will ask that the lesson on text data mining in the shell be re-worked.
  6. We also voted on the following proposals for new lessons:
    • Using Excel properly, using Make to manage data pipelines, and regular expressions were all approved.
    • The draft lesson on creating and syndicating data on the web was deferred (only a few people had looked at it).
    • People liked the idea of lessons on statistics with Pandas and managing geospatial data, but we will need volunteers to take the lead.

Our next lab meeting, on June 26, will primarily be devoted to planning for our July 22-23 sprint. We look forward to seeing lots of you at both.




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