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Workshop at University of Southern Denmark, Odense

Posted 2014-04-18 by Steven Koenig in Bootcamps.

The workshop at University of Southern Denmark, Odense was my first workshop for Software Carpentry, the same is true for Luis as well. We had taught before, Luis more than me, but it was still exciting for me to see how this workshop would go given that we never taught together before. While I taught bash, regular expressions and Git, Luis taught Python, unit testing and SQL. Initially, make was also on that list, but due to time constraints was kicked out to make room for a second Git lecture.

Around 30 persons attended the course, mostly from SDU and the Max-Planck Odense Center (MaxO). All in all, the workshop was well-received and the attendees as well as the instructors were highly motivated. But there is still lots of room for improvement:

The workshop was held on a Thursday and Friday and it was obvious that people, especially after lunch break on Friday, were mentally quite exhausted already. At that time I noticed just how much information (as measured in the ’unit‘ mind map connections) we conveyed during the two days. And that is what the ’showroom‘ is thought to be for.

Big thanks go to Owen Jones from SDU for organizing, things really worked out great.

PS: Danish pastry is as good as its reputation.

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