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Second Round at Lawrence Berkeley

Posted 2013-03-13 by Justin Kitzes in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Last week we finished up our second workshop at Lawrence Berkeley Lab. This time around, we tried a more free-form version of the feedback exercise in which students live-typed their feedback into an Etherpad at the end of each day. This went very well, as it gave us time to gather unique comments, get a rough idea of the amount of support for each comment, and to respond to some of the comments in real time. We asked three questions: what was good, what was bad/confusing, and what we didn't do or talk about that we should have.

The Good

The Bad or Confusing

Things We Didn't Do or Talk About But Should Have

Thanks to Shreyas Cholia and to instructors Matthew Brett, Cindee Madison, and Ariel Rokem and helpers Paul Ivanov and Matt Terry.

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